If you just got back into town, don’t watch tv, don’t listen to sports talk radio i’ll just let you know that LeBron James decided to take his skills to South Beach. I’m not quite sure that counts as Miami, but i guess it is the closest team to South Beach. To me it would have been as if he said i’m taking my skills to Hermosa Beach, sure its in LA County, but not quite saying Los Angeles. LeBron joins Wade and Bosh who a day earlier announced that they were joining the Heat to form the new Big 3, Larry Moe and Curly, Snap Crackle and Pop super team of the NBA, but really isn’t a full team with only 4 players signed. As the week continued veteran players start to sign for less than what they’re worth but team up for a chance to take on the Lakers next year for a championship.

Poor coach Erik Spoelstra (the Rob Schneider of the NBA, half philipino/american) must be saving every dollar and getting as many letters of recommendations from his players as he bides his time before Pat Riley pulls another forced family emergency on him like he did with Stan Van Gundy a few years ago when he.

Of course i get all my information from all over the Internet and the Bill Simmons podcast which is a real treat to listen to if you’re into bias sports talk but talked in a very knowledgeable angle.

The big news of course is the stats that they’re going to put up next year are going to be watered down now that they’re going to have the share the ball around. I expect a drop of about 20% for James, Wade, Bosh in points, while all of their assist numbers are going to go up its pretty hard to think that they’ll be better than last year when they were the top player for their own teams. There’s plenty of talk of James averaging a triple double, but i highly doubt that’s going to happen unless its a Jason Kidd line of 16, 13, 10. Can’t wait for next season to start.