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    SF Warm Up

    As the original plan for our trip up to SF was for Joy to run the SF Marathon, i took the opportunity to play a round of golf with my favorite uncle. He promptly picked me up at my sister’s house at 10am and got to Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo with plenty of time to hit hit some balls at the range and grab a snack. The course was challenging yet fun, with lots of varying terrain and elevation changes. My uncle’s game is very consistent with drives that hit the fairway, and a good recovery skills around the green. He was beating me by two strokes after the front nine, but i was able to make up the difference and take the lead on the final two holes with a par and birdie to finish off the day recording a 92. I hit one drive some 275 yards with the help of the slope and had only one three putt so i was pretty happy with how my game is progressing leading up to the COC Golf Tournament happening next month.

    As for my time in SF I got to eat a nice Italian restaurant, Peruvian, dim sum, and some candied ginger ice cream. Joy did a good job with her half marathon finishing under 2.5 hours.

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    Taking my game to the bay

    Harvard’s Lin signs with Warriors

    This weekend i’m heading up north to take my game up to play in the bay. Not quite close to the bay, and not quite basketball, but rather for a round of golf with my uncle at Hiddenbrook in Vallejo. Joy is running the SF marathon with my sister, and since my knees are pretty much shot from running my past marathons i’m finally going to get a chance to play golf with my uncle, but too bad my cousin-in-law is going to be out of town or else he would’ve joined us too.

    If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, basically he’s as american born asian from the bay who went to Harvard to play basketball. Coming out of college all the NBA teams thought he was a good story, but not actually good enough to make a team. He at least got a chance to play on the Dallas Maverick’s summer league team, and got the opportunity to show that he does actually have some skills, and made it known that he’s just not another smart kid who can’t play the game. Check out the video of him against the number 1 draft pick from this year, John Wall.

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    Like they know we’re coming.

    Unbeknownst to me there was some Hawaiian festival happening at the park right next to my house this weekend. Joy and I walked on over there to a bigger gathering that i saw from the street. There were lots of food vendors and shopping vendors and a huge stage setup for some hula and native dancing. The sun was bright and hot and everyone seemed be enjoying some shaved ice. This was a painful sight because we already agreed that we weren’t going to have any hawaiian food until our trip at the end of the month. But since we were there already we succumbed when we saw fresh malasads being fried, and got some somen, poke and of course some fruit punch for lunch. There were a lot of pacific islanders there, smells of the lilikoi, and the sweet sound of the ukulele so now i really can’t wait to get onto that plane and fly to the middle of the ocean.

  • Fantasy Sports

    Miami Cheats

    If you just got back into town, don’t watch tv, don’t listen to sports talk radio i’ll just let you know that LeBron James decided to take his skills to South Beach. I’m not quite sure that counts as Miami, but i guess it is the closest team to South Beach. To me it would have been as if he said i’m taking my skills to Hermosa Beach, sure its in LA County, but not quite saying Los Angeles. LeBron joins Wade and Bosh who a day earlier announced that they were joining the Heat to form the new Big 3, Larry Moe and Curly, Snap Crackle and Pop super team of the NBA, but really isn’t a full team with only 4 players signed. As the week continued veteran players start to sign for less than what they’re worth but team up for a chance to take on the Lakers next year for a championship.

    Poor coach Erik Spoelstra (the Rob Schneider of the NBA, half philipino/american) must be saving every dollar and getting as many letters of recommendations from his players as he bides his time before Pat Riley pulls another forced family emergency on him like he did with Stan Van Gundy a few years ago when he.

    Of course i get all my information from all over the Internet and the Bill Simmons podcast which is a real treat to listen to if you’re into bias sports talk but talked in a very knowledgeable angle.

    The big news of course is the stats that they’re going to put up next year are going to be watered down now that they’re going to have the share the ball around. I expect a drop of about 20% for James, Wade, Bosh in points, while all of their assist numbers are going to go up its pretty hard to think that they’ll be better than last year when they were the top player for their own teams. There’s plenty of talk of James averaging a triple double, but i highly doubt that’s going to happen unless its a Jason Kidd line of 16, 13, 10. Can’t wait for next season to start.

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    up and down the 405

    This weekend i spent the entire time driving up and down the 405 between Gardena and Irvine. Saturday while Joy was out to her bridal shower, i headed down to Irvine for Christian’s 3rd birthday party at Pump it up a warehouse just filled with an assortment of bounce houses. All the kids were super excited about the place, but the adults seemed to have a good enough time going down the slide and running through the obstacle course. Afterwards pizza and caked were served up, and the pizza was the type you used to sell in high school during lunch. It brought back plenty of memories of really cheap pizza in the court yard.

    In the evening Thomas, Jonathan, Joy and I headed back down to Long Beach to watch the new Predators movie. I actually liked it, especially after the last two Aliens vs. Predators movies were just so-so. This movie was pretty much an homage to the original Govenator version just thrown on a different planet and a new cast of ethnic specific warriors. It was a very safe movie script and should appease hardcore fans and the casual movie goers. After the movie we went to Belmont shores to get a late drink at acapulco inn an old college dive bar which seems to be expanding.

    Sunday morning Joy and I slept in a bit longer than expected and had to rush to brunch with Thomas and Nancy in Newport Beach for some big breakfast burritos and the finals to the World Cup. They serve up some customizable burritos and bloody mary’s, but we passed on the alcohol this time. It was a very nice time hanging out in Orange County, especially its not very often we actually head that way anymore.

  • Disneyland

    Wonderful World of Disney

    Disney’s California Adventure’s World of Color opened to the public last month and with all the hoops and ladders you have to go through to get a good seat at the show it was pretty difficult to actually think about going. Friday night joy and i took a shot in the dark to see it after eating AYCE KBBQ in garden grove. We entered the park as the first showing let out and mazed our way towards the lake. We noticed huge pig pens of people waiting for the next show. We had no idea that there were so many different fast passes and prix fixe menus that also allowed seating to the show. We circled the park looking for a viewing area, and eventually went all the way around and had a nice viewing just to the right of all the reserved seating/standing room. All i can say about the show is that its very Bellagio-esque with a huge touch of Disney. The show was alright but it didn’t give me the chills as Fantasmic still does.

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    Free Agency

    My co-workers and I talk a lot about Basketball in the office, and there’s nothing more interesting than speculating on where all the 2010 NBA Free Agents are going to end up next season. With so many big name players out in the market it was only right to come up with a simple spreadsheet game to see how well we could predict where the big name, and level 2 free agents would eventually end up. Its crazy to think about what kind of team you could put together if you didn’t have a salary cap, but since there is one the possibility of creating a super team is really unlikely. Even so i thought it would be amazing  if you could imagine a team of everyone available but this would probably be my dream combo.

    PG: Dwayne Wade (pretty light on FA PGs so i’m putting him here)

    SG: Ray Allen (even going 0’fer i still worry about him shooting)

    SF: LeBron James (duh)

    PF: Dirk Nowitzki (sweet outside shot, with the ability to play inside)

    C: Brad Miller (old yes, but would compliment all the other shooters)

    6th: Raja Bell (D-Fence)

    B: Kyle Korver (Secondary 3pt shooter)

    B: Drew Gooden (Rebounding & Mid-range game)

    B: Travis Outlaw (Hustle)

    B: Shannon Brown (Highlight Reel)

    Why no Joe Johnson, Amaré, Bosh? Lets just say that i wouldn’t trust any of those guys in a pressure situation when you needed to play as a team, or needed a last minute shot, or could reasonably expect them to play off the bench.