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    RE: Lakers win the NBA Championship

    Thursday night the Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship to win back-to-back rings.

    I was a little nervous all day today waiting for tonight’s last game, game 7, and against the Boston Celtics. I wasn’t completely confident that the Lakers were going to win it because all series long was a back and forth boxing match with no one really carrying any sort of momentum into the next game, and some questionable officiating by the refs.

    The game really made my stomach turn from the very tipoff as the Lakers were crashing the boards but couldn’t get the ball in the basket. Their outside shots were full of adrenaline and kept banging off the back of the rim. Through three quarters they played out of sync and just couldn’t get any flow going. They were really lucky in the fourth quarter to get the Celtics into foul trouble sending them to the free throw line with plenty of minutes on the clock.  Kobe was cold all game, but at least put in the effort to pull down double digit rebounds, and plenty of free throws with minutes left to play. Pau played great and took a beating down low without complaining. Ron Artest made big plays, with steals, defensive stops, and of course a huge 3 pointers at the end of the game. He played so great tonight that it’ll make people forget about how slow he is, how bad he dribbles, and the lack of knowledge of triangle still.

    Time to put the Lakers shirt away for another summer, and look for a back-to-back shirt in stores soon.

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    Top Chef Season 7 : DC

    The new season of Top Chef aired last night, and thanks to my DVR I didn’t have to wait to watch it when i got home from my run. I’ve never really thought about Washington DC of being a foodie city because i don’t remember any contestants coming from the area, and i’m not familiar of any famous restaurants in the city.

    There seems to be a lot less punk rock chefs this season, and a lot more serious “i’m not here to have fun” chefs from all all around the US. If i recall from the chef’s bio, there aren’t even any from California, or Las Vegas. After the first episode you can already see who the strongest players are, who are some dark horses, and who are just filler hoping to get some publicity. Angelo Sosa seems to be off to a hot start by winning both the quickfire challenge as well as the elimination challenge with one surprising omission if you didn’t catch it, no immunity from winning the quickfire. I’m not sure if its just a first episode thing or if it’ll be that way for the rest of the season but it looks like the crowd is full of really straight face players and cry babies. I hope someone turns out to be funny or quirky to keep the season fun to watch.