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    SATC2 & a Midnight Disney Run

    Work was light on friday because of the upcoming holiday weekend so Joy and I took off work early to catch Sex and the City 2 at downtown disney. Before the movie started we grabbed some food and drinks at the Mexican restaurant, and after a margarita, and modelo we headed out to the movie. I may have been one of the few guys that watched this movie, but i already had too much invested by watching them all on DVD in the past. The movie itself was ok, but lacked more series plots and literally went on a whole new journey for the main characters. The movie got out…

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    May Failure

    I’m not sure how it happened but i ended up failing the 365 days of photo project this month. Not just once, not even twice, but now i’ve realized that i missed three days. I was really good at snapping a random photo, whether it was late at night or just on the drive to work, but some how i had a few brain farts and totally screwed the pooch. Nina encouraged me to continue it, so i will try my best for the next six months. Hopefully i’ll have a find some more interesting photos in the mean time.