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    1:03:40 race time

    Better than expected, but so much potential left behind.

    My original goal for running the Santa Monica 10k was at 1:10 minute. I blew that number away coming in a good six minutes under that time. Although i’m happy with the time, i wonder what my time would’ve been if my knee decided not to give out at mile 3, and made me take some extended walking breaks to give it a rest. At least midway through mile 5 i sucked up the pain and just started sprinting to catch up with Joy who i made go without me, and a made last 100 yard dash to cross the finish line.

    At least I got another race shirt to add to my collection, and got to try out a few things at the expo. I never would’ve known that i’m ok drinking the myoplex vanilla drink since i typically can’t drink those protein shakes. Of course since they were free i took a few extra home for later use.

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    Pre-Santa Monica

    With the Santa Monica 10k on Sunday, we had to come up to Santa Monica Sports Chalet to pick up our number. For some reason Joy woke up extra early so we drove up to Santa Monica to do the Temescal Canyon 5 mile hike which thankfully felt really easy. Normally we’re huffing and puffing before even hitting the midway point, but we made it to the top, and even ran down part of the trail back to the car.

    After picking up our number we went to Bite Bar in Santa Monica for breakfast using our discount certificate that we bought from fresh guide and had a very nice breakfast of waffles with bacon, and a french toast sandwich. I really thought the waffle was tasty and we ended up buying some treats for Joy’s cousin who we ended up spending the day with in West Hills.