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    SATC2 & a Midnight Disney Run

    Work was light on friday because of the upcoming holiday weekend so Joy and I took off work early to catch Sex and the City 2 at downtown disney. Before the movie started we grabbed some food and drinks at the Mexican restaurant, and after a margarita, and modelo we headed out to the movie. I may have been one of the few guys that watched this movie, but i already had too much invested by watching them all on DVD in the past. The movie itself was ok, but lacked more series plots and literally went on a whole new journey for the main characters.

    The movie got out around 11:15pm, and i decided that we might as well get on a few rides at Disneyland since our passes weren’t good for the rest of the weekend. We quickly made it onto the Indiana Jones ride, and Pirate of the Caribbean. It was a totally crazy experience riding on our own boat, with no one on the boats in front or back of us. You could really hear the animitronics, and no screams ahead of you. It was a fun way to start the weekend, even though both Joy and I are working on Monday.

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    May Failure

    I’m not sure how it happened but i ended up failing the 365 days of photo project this month. Not just once, not even twice, but now i’ve realized that i missed three days. I was really good at snapping a random photo, whether it was late at night or just on the drive to work, but some how i had a few brain farts and totally screwed the pooch. Nina encouraged me to continue it, so i will try my best for the next six months. Hopefully i’ll have a find some more interesting photos in the mean time.

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    Last Minute Retraction

    Within the final minute of last night’s Western Conference Finals game 5 Ron Artest went from whipping boy to hero. I have to admit that watching Artest is a crap shoot between brilliant to erratic. At just under the one minute mark he throws up an early three point shot even though at that point in the game he was shooting just 1-8 or 1-9, but at the last second when Kobe threw up an air ball with just 3.4 seconds left in the game, Artest muscles up for the rebound and quickly puts the shot up with fractions of seconds left in the game. At times he’ll be a defensive genius to obviously playing his own game offensively.

    Its a far different feeling from last year when he and Kobe got into it, and this year they’re all hugs and cheers. When he originally signed with the Lakers last offseason i was pretty excited, but i knew that it may have been a year or two late, and if you’ve watched any games when he’s driven to the basket it looks like he’s got ankle weights on his feet when gets off the ground. I’m surprised when ever he actually gets high enough to dunk (which he barely gets too).

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    Aloha Time

    Its no secret that Joy is a fan of Hawaii, but with my sister going there in June, and Joy’s cousin going there in July it really got Joy’s urges uncontrollable. We started looking at flights in September, with plane tickets and hotel packages ranging between $1500-2000. By using the monthly plane price view on the hawaiianair.com website i actually found some tickets for $200 each way in July. So Joy asked her boss this morning for time off, in the afternoon it got approved, and by the time i got home the trip was booked.

    So we’ll be sipping mai tais and getting some sun at the end July. I guess it’ll be a nice treat with Joy’s halfathon just the week before.

    Interestingly enough Hawaiian Air is holding a contest to introduce it’s new airplane for a free trip that ends tonight. https://www.hanewera.com/

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    Malibu Creek Camping

    and were back from camping …

    Its been a few years since the last time i was camping and i don’t know why but i wasn’t really super excited to be going. I was actually pleasantly surprised when we arrived only some 10 miles out of Santa Monica surrounded by mountains, and trees. This was the first time also to go camping with a couple pip-squeaks also. The camp ground had really clean bathrooms, showers, warm running water in the faucets, and plenty of squirrels running around. Pretty plush car-camping amenities.

    Janelle and Thomas picked out a great campsite, and actually borrowed the table from the campsite next to ours to hinder people from staying next to us. We setup camp and Janelle fired up the stove to make some delicious noodles with shrimp and asparagus. Thomas and i had of course had a bit of trouble getting the bonfire going, until we used the paper towel used to wipe off the shrimp grease to ignite the wood. Once we got the fire going we had a good time showing the kids how to make s’mores and throwing back a few before it was time to go to sleep.

    The place looked really familiar and thought it really looked like the the opening scene to M*A*S*H and on the hike there was a sign that said MASH hike, so i was totally right. Too bad it was a little too far to walk with the kids too so i’ll have to come back to check it out. The kids pooped out by the time we got to Century Lake (1 mile in) and the dads had to carry them all the way back to the camp site which was like carrying a 30lb bag of rice.

    The nights were cold, and I didn’t really get too much sleep as i had to switch back and forth between sleeping on my back and sleeping on my side. The new tent was pretty nice and i guess i’ll keep them around in case we decide to go camping again in the summer.Good times for sure, but i’m ready for Hawaii now.

    Sunday we packed up all our gear and went to have brunch at Duke’s and really enjoyed eating inside, with people cleaning up after us, and not having to worry about cooking.

    Check out the rest of the pictures.

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    Zombie on the brains

    This weekend the gang is headed up for a little camping trip in dangerous world of Malibu. In the past i always just borrowed my sister’s gear, but now that she’s up north i had to go out and spend some money buying my own gear (No small task on its own mind you). It doesn’t help that i’ve been re-reading World War Z again, so every time i’m in the store looking at gear i always think if this is going to help me long term if an plagued hits the world and i have start living out in the world on my own. You start thinking to yourself is this light enough, is this strong enough, should i get the one with a hand crank, what if i can’t find any more fuel, and so on and so forth. Its actually a pretty fun game as long as you remember that its all just a fantasy, and most likely you’re not going to need that lantern that also doubles as a cell phone charger, or the shotgun with extra large bullet pouch.

    I ended up purchasing:

    1. REI Camp Dome 2
    2. Colemam Rugged Rechargeable Lantern
    3. Ozark Trail Dual Lock Comfort Chair (which was by far the most comfort for the price ($21).

    We’ll see how the boys (Noah & Christian) like being in the outdoors, but most likely they’re going to love it because they get to sleep with their parents all weekend. As for Joy and I, were going to enjoy the (hopefully) quiet of the outdoors, eat some hotdogs and maybe get in a little reading. I’m hoping that 62° feels a lot warmer that i think it means.

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    1:03:40 race time

    Better than expected, but so much potential left behind.

    My original goal for running the Santa Monica 10k was at 1:10 minute. I blew that number away coming in a good six minutes under that time. Although i’m happy with the time, i wonder what my time would’ve been if my knee decided not to give out at mile 3, and made me take some extended walking breaks to give it a rest. At least midway through mile 5 i sucked up the pain and just started sprinting to catch up with Joy who i made go without me, and a made last 100 yard dash to cross the finish line.

    At least I got another race shirt to add to my collection, and got to try out a few things at the expo. I never would’ve known that i’m ok drinking the myoplex vanilla drink since i typically can’t drink those protein shakes. Of course since they were free i took a few extra home for later use.

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    Pre-Santa Monica

    With the Santa Monica 10k on Sunday, we had to come up to Santa Monica Sports Chalet to pick up our number. For some reason Joy woke up extra early so we drove up to Santa Monica to do the Temescal Canyon 5 mile hike which thankfully felt really easy. Normally we’re huffing and puffing before even hitting the midway point, but we made it to the top, and even ran down part of the trail back to the car.

    After picking up our number we went to Bite Bar in Santa Monica for breakfast using our discount certificate that we bought from fresh guide and had a very nice breakfast of waffles with bacon, and a french toast sandwich. I really thought the waffle was tasty and we ended up buying some treats for Joy’s cousin who we ended up spending the day with in West Hills.

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    Happy Mom Day

    For mother’s day i got advanced noticed that my mom wanted an iPhone for mother’s day, and that i should team up with my sister to get this for her. I figured that something is going to happen this summer with the next generation of iPhones so i’ll hold off until then.

    She also requested some kimchi fried rice so Joy fired up the stove and also made some bulgogi, bought a few banchan, and the mother came over to make the coconut sticky rice in front of us for dessert. We ended up watching GI Joe which i just happened to have on my USB drive to finish off the night. Love you mother.

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    Highschool kid

    Saturday i got to reconnect with some high school friends that i haven’t seen in a few years. Jimmy’s first born Branden’s 1st birthday. This is the first kid i’ve met from any of my high school friends, because as it stands now, most of the guys at least aren’t married yet, and so even fewer have kids today. Joy and I have a running joke that Filipino guys just don’t get married unless for some other reasons. Some of the guys still act like their 20 going to clubs, drinking and traveling as if the night going out of style. I guess I don’t blame them if they want to live it up, but in a few years are their lives just going to be sad?

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    New Addition to the Family

    I haven’t quite happy about the image quality that our last p/s camera was doing, so we decided to get another Canon PowerShot to add to the list of cameras that i’ve owned over the years. From my first Fuji 1.3mp, to the Minolta Xt, Minolta G400 and the last PowerShot that I lost in Hawaii last year. This one shoots at 12.1mp and can shoot video in HD, so i’m pretty excited to get some good stuff with video and sound. I even shot some random video in the office this morning and with a little editing should be Hi-larious.

    I originally want to get the Canon S90 with all its cool manual abilities, but with its price still in the mid $300, i went with the one that cost half the price, plus with an additional battery, case and a free 4gb sd card that comes in under $200. I love amazon and the no tax, no shipping deals, it makes buying things seem like so much of a deal.