UYE Basketball

UYE (Unofficial Yelp Event) Basketball. One of the thing that i’ve never really taken apart of were UYE events that every yelp members throw together for a group outing somewhere. I’ve always been a little hesitant about meeting up with the eating events, but when a basketball meet up was arranged i was all about it. Nothing like driving through east LA amidst the aging homes of a densely populate Mexican town to meet up at some gym i’ve never heard with a group of people that i’ve never talked to before. I was honestly more worried about having a heart attack on the court than anything else that the surrounding area had to offer.

The guys that i eventually met up with were from all parts of southern california, even though i only found out one guy came out from Newport Beach. There were maybe 10 people who eventually showed up, including a few girls and everyone was really friendly and played basketball the right way. I think in the four games that i ended up playing in, i called the only foul when someone swiped at my wrists to get the ball away from me. My calves have a nice burning feeling in them now, and the next day i went out and bought some new basketball shoes to play in. The next scheduled get together is in June, and next time around Joy said she wanted to play too.