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    Sunday beaches day

    After a saturday of drafting fantasy baseball teams, and generally just a lazy day as a whole I needed to get out. Since the sun decided to come out this day we headed up for a Santa Monica beach run which we haven’t done since we lived there. The air was a bit dry, and the boardwalk quite crowded, but we managed to get in our planned distance and i wore Joy’s knee brace which made my knee not hurt after the run. We finished our run and we headed to the SM Farmers Market, and for once actually bought some produce. We’ve been there a bazillion times before but…

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    Sports and more sports

    This weekend brought a lot of sports into my life, more than i would have expected. My NCAA bracket got destroyed i assume along with everyone else with Ohio St. getting knocked out of the tournament and the only number one seed left being Duke. Saturday morning i spent drafting my the first fantasy baseball team of the season while drinking a beer which i think helped out my choices, and followed that up by drafting another team this morning, and auto-drafting another team this evening. I think my teams rounded out pretty well, and i actually tried to do some pre-draft strategy by taking in account the winning scores…

  • Fastfood Diary

    Fast Food Junkie

    I am starting a new section on my website dedicated to all that is bad from fast food. Bad as in good to get from these havens of fat and grease. I’ll be covering any place that you have to order at the counter and have the option at eating in or taking it to go as the normal options. I personally believe that if someone is just bringing your food, but not actually taking your food order at the table you can’t really consider it a sit down restaurant. This list is going to cover everything from Arby’s to siZzler and basically point out what’s good there to eat.

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    Wedding album finished

    Tonight i finally finished making our wedding photo album. At least i made it within a year to do it, and coming in under $40 seems like a steal. I used the online store blurb.com and their layout software to create a 34 page hard bound book with sleeve using photos from my photographer in hawaii along with my sister’s and friend esme’s photos. It took me so long because i initially didn’t narrow down the photos i really wanted to use, and ended up being overwhelmed by the 100+ page book i was going to end up with. So this time i around i sorted through most of the…

  • Chef'ing

    Sunday Siesta with pork

    Today i really wanted to be our first Sunday Siesta, where we would go to the beach and do nothing. I even made a huge batch of carnitas to feast on the sand, but the clouds did not want to cooperate so we ended up laying out to a bunch of gloom. At least the carnitas were a success. I had planned to serve around 6-8 people and now after calculating it i could probably have served about 30 well stuffed tacos. I’ll have to keep this recipe under my belt for future use, especially since pork butt generally pretty cheap at Ranch 99. Ingredients: 4lbs of pork butt 4…

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    Bracket Buster

    With the last buzzer of the Kansas vs. Northern Iowa i heard some 40% of brackets have been destroyed. I’m still in 4th place in my league but i have the highest possibilities of points since i have ohio st. defeating Kansas in the elite eight. We’ll see how the weekend finishes off.

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    Cinderella Upsets

    The college basketball season went into full effect today. i filled out my bracket with just pure random picks going mainly with the higher seeds, with just a few upsets in the first round to even things out. There is no real reason how i chose the winners but going with the flow, but at least on the drive home today i got to listen on the radio two of my upsets come to reality. Its always nice to think that you know what you’re doing. As i write this so far Cousin Debbie, and Neighborhood Brian are tied for the league. Its still early, but i’m in third at…

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    Bike Search

    My current bike sounds like i’m crunching on corn flakes because my spokes are loose, and the bike hasn’t been tuned up in two years so its probably not running as smoothly as it could. Due to its age i was thinking that it might be time to look into getting another bike to supplement my 20″ bmx. Originally i was debating about getting a single speed road bike because of the SE Draft Lite which comes in around $250.00, but after doing some research it seems to be a eventual crappy bike. With the possibility of a 6 mile commute i figure it might be worth it to get…

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    Hello sunshine

    Sunday was the beginning of Day Light Saving and so now that the sun is out an extra hour i can really get going with exercising. Winter blues are over with and Joy and I spent the day at Disneyland and California Adventures again. I used the My Tracks app on my phone and tracked our zig-zag around the park which ended up being just around five miles, not counting the un-trackable area inside some of the rides. Joy and I have already started running more after work, and yesterday we were able to run two miles.

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    Norcal Recap

    This year’s snowboard vacation wasn’t as intense as the past few years, but it was twice as relaxing. No morning rush to get up and dressed, or massive hike up some treacherous mountain side. It was just a casual ride down the mountain with some drinking on the side. Joy still had some learning to do, so i spent a lot of time falling on my ass as well. I did get in a few fast torrid trips down with Nina, but overall the two half days were a nice farewell to snow. I’m happy we got to explore a little more too by checking out the Jelly Belly Factory…

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    Packed up and ready to go!

    Tonight we leave to San Francisco and  drive to South Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning. This was the first time i had to pack snowboard gear for two people, and actually have to worry about oversized check-in fees. Before airlines started charging for check-ins we would never worry about such things, but now its a major concern with companies charging between $20-$50 per bag. I originally picked flying Southwest for the non-fees but after going through the site, its going to cost me an additional $50 to bring aboard my snowboard case. Thankfully i was able to stuff two boards, two bindings and most of our bulky clothing into the bag…