• Disneyland

    Captain EO Tribute

    We Are Here To Change The World

    Since the death of Michael Jackson i’ve been waiting for Disneyland to re-release Captain EO because what money minding corporate entity would let this golden opportunity slip by? On Tuesday Disneyland finally opened Captain EO back in its original glory plus a little extra. The 80s were in full effect, and i really felt like i need to go buy a T&C t-shirt and maybe some LA Gear sneakers.

    Last night i drove down to Cerritos after work because my mother wanted to take Joy out for her birthday and since it was the only night it wasn’t suppose to rain we thought it would be just good timing to go to the park. We got there about an hour and a half before closing (8pm) and were the one of the first to get seated to what was almost a completely packed house. People cheered when the lights went down, chuckled when MJ tried to sound tough, and i got a little teary eyed when the music started to go.

    Michael Jacksons’s talking voice still king of gives me the creeps as it did when i was kid, but man his singing voice and dance moves really brought back memories. The funniest part of watching it now that i’m older is that how crazy the animation sequences and and the special effects were made back then, but how much i appreciate it more now.

    Thanks to the 15 minute 3D experience i wont be seeing any of the new movies in 3D because i had such a hard time focusing with the glasses, and i think if i went to see Avatar in 3D i would be puking by the end of it.

  • Chef'ing

    234 and loved every bit of it.

    Home made Rad Na

    Since i turned 30 i figured that i should go see the doctors to get a physical and see where i stand in life. I initially thought that i would try to fake the funk and eat healthy for the two weeks leading up to the exam but at the last minute i went all out with a bit of a bacon fest the weekend before so that i could get a real time status of my health.

    Overall the doctor said i was fine, but probably could use some more exercise and just to watch what i eat. Well after the blood work came back looks like i’m just like the rest of my family with the dreaded high cholesterol (not surprising). I really don’t think i eat THAT bad at a constant rate, but i guess its possible that the concentration of the fat that i ingest at times could be dangerously high. Something about cooking with bacon fat had to be the end of me. As bad as it may stand, i don’t have any regrets and i enjoyed every bite of it.

    Now we’ve got plenty of frozen salmon and vegis in the refrigerator, but plenty of other foods that still need to be cooked up.  I’ll be expecting plenty of brown rice and greenies from now on, and thank goodness for Trader Joe’s microwavable brown rice, or else i would never eat it. Any other helpful suggestions would be gladly accepted.

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    Dessert Course

    The final surprise that i had for Joy’s birthday was a RSVP at Hatfields who recently took over the Red Pearl Kitchen location. Earlier this month i got word from twitter that they had just opened so i just on opentable.com and made rsvp for two.

    They kept the big window into the kitchen, and we had front row seats to watch what all the chefs were up to.  Sometimes you forget of how much of an experience eating like this, because each course is presented so nicely, and even with just four courses (plus an amuse bouche, and extra chocolate at the end) takes two hours to finish. By the time we were done we were both pretty sleepy.

    We each got the prix fixe menu so that we could sample all the choices that they were offering on their seasonal menu. Everything tasted great but the highlights of the night were the:

    Pan Roasted Sea Scallops

    Charred Japanese Mackerel

    Horseradish Dusted Short Ribs

    Keylime Pie

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    Last of the 20s

    Joy’s 30 @Boulevard3 02.20.2010

    Joy is creeping up on the three decade mark this week and so we celebrated with her friends on Saturday night in Hollywood. Joy and no faith in my abilities to plan her party, but i pulled in through behind her back. After a few days of checking on where to go, i booked bottle service at Boulveard3  and it turned out great. We had a big space next to the dance floor and the hosts were very attentive except for the time when i was going to buy another bottle, but ended up not getting it because they weren’t to be found. The host even said that if Joy needed to use the restroom that he would escort her if it was busy.

    The place is nice and wide open and felt like a nice vegas club, and the best thing was that they served tacos for free, and had a chocolate fruit dipping table too. Nothing like being able to snack on something while getting hammers. An interesting point was that they had some go-go dancers as with most clubs, but they actually had guys dancing on stage too which i thought was actually nice because it brought a little more to the place. I didn’t know who the guy was but i guess one of the judges to “so you think can dance” also did a little diddy up on stage too.

    Tuesday i have Joy’s last surprise with a dinner location to kick off her thirties.

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    NBA Trade Machine

    The NBA trade deadline finally passes with a flurry of deals that ends up making the rich richer, the poor with more cap space and some surprising moves for some secondary teams. This time of year is the funnest during the regular season because it gives hopes and lets people dream of the possibility of the ultimate since Batman and Superman. I know around the office there was constant fervor about what the Lakers were going to do (trading bynum, sasha, even kobe) and what the lesser teams were going to do to clear cap space to get ready for this summer’s free agent list of LaBron, Wade, Bosh, Boozer, Amare, and plenty of other all stars hitting the open market. You have to get excited for what can be.

    From Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33)

    Official LBJ Sweepstakes: Cavs, Bulls, NYK (favs); Mavs, Clips (sleepers); NJ, Mia, Hou, LAL(longshots). And so it begins.

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    My cousin Billy came down for San Jose to do some work for his company, and invited Joy and I out for dinner last night. He was staying across the street from the Fox Hills mall so we had to take to Manna to eat massive amounts of korean bbq. I guess i’ll have to start today on lowering my cholesterol as i got my physical and blood work done on Monday, and everything came back slightly high. Not to the danger level, but probably after last night’s gluttony i’ll have to stick with oatmeal and fish for the next few weeks. At least until our trip to Utah in March.

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    Was something happening this weekend?

    Sure it seemed that it was a big weekend for everyone, well except for Joy and I. Compared to everyone else’s weekend you would’ve thought that we stayed in bed for two days straight, but really we just did our normal thing. Saturday we went back to the scene of the crime, meaning the first place Joy and went on our first “hang out” three years ago at Temescal Canyon. After a few weeks of gloom and rain the sun came out and brought everyone out of their slumber. I didn’t think we had a chance to make it all way around the loop, but somehow we managed to get up to the top, and came around the front side to see the waterfall actually falling water.

    Sunday was just another random day where we spent the day cleaning out Joy’s closet at her mom’s house packing up some 100 pairs of old jeans and pants and i picked up a classic Aiwa stereo that they had lying around the house. For dinner Jon and Janelle invited us out for some seafood on the Redondo Beach Pier. This whole time i never knew that the pier was an entire boardwalk with arcade and seafood shacks, where as i always thought it was just a few restaurants on the pier. The place was super crowded and we ended up at Pacific Fish due to the fact they had no reviews of food poisoning like most of the other places there. We had crab, clam soup, fried dish and some clam chowder and washed down with Soju and Beer.

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    Food Trucking It

    The office has been on a Food Truck hunt for the past two days for lunch. I’ve stumbled upon a few trucks in the wild but this is the first time we actively searched out for the craze of 2009. If you don’t know what its all about it started off with a Korean chef getting a typical Roach Coach and hitting the road with his own version of Korean Tacos. They get the word out of their locations by word of mouth and by 2009’s other biggest trend twitter. Now besides Korean tacos you can get sushi, cupcakes, frozen lemonade, grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, and even buttermilk biscuits.

    Yesterday the office headed out to get the tacos that started it all Kogi. The line was about 15 deep by the time we got there, but finally the office got their tofu/kimchi burritos and korean short rib tacos. I passed on the food as i’ve been there done that already. I really should’ve stopped at the NomNom truck for a banh mi sandwich, but being on a financial diet stopped me from ruining my turkey sandwich waiting for me in the office.

    Today I wasn’t so strong with holding out for my Dorritos because the IndiaJones truck was in the area and i’m always in the mood for some Indian food. I was super excited when i saw the menu and saw that they had roti hand rolls of lamb, chicken, or cheese. It was pretty tasty and i knew i had to bring Joy some home for her to eat too.

    You would always think that the food coming out of these trucks would be cheap but in reality not so much. Each roll was $3.50, while other trucks sell a single taco for $2.00. You would really expect to be paying a buck per meal, but these guys are real tricky.

    If you’re interested in checking a bunch of food trucks in one location there’s an event this weekend in Downtown LA where you can check them out here.

    2/18/10 – Be thankful if you missed out on the event because as expected it was totally unorganized and waits lasted up to three hours! (I personally didn’t go because i knew this would happen)

    If you’re looking for an adventure and want to catch one in the wild my favorite list that was made by a previous yelp community organizer. The LA Food Truck List.

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    Past Life, past dead

    I’m not one for catching many shows on tv now that my DVR is filled up with The Office and Futurama, but tonight the tv just so happened to be on American Idol that lead into Fox’s new mystery show Past Life. I’m not one really to get into dramas, but if i happen to watch one from the beginning i’ll stick it out to the end to see where they go with it. So i gave Past Life a chance with its déjà vú/reincarnation plot line, but in the end it really did just feel like déjà vú. The characters seemed so cliché and the plot in the end came together oh so nicely it should have been wrapped in a red bow and the character’s own dark past be revealed without having to be dragged on through eight more episodes.

    Maybe they could’ve made the “ethnic” guy play the lead male role versus playing the “scientist” role, and had the white girl with the texas accent be the skeptic sidekick there to help solve the mysteries. Wait, they already had a show like that called Monk. This must be why i’m just watching reruns of Avatar, and MASH.

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    Super Bowl of chicken curry and rice

    Sunday morning we met up with the Wang’s for dim sum at Sea Empress in Gardena. This used to be an old lunch spot for me at IR and Joy had her doubts of dim sum so southwest of the San Gabriel area, but she was surprised how good it actually was.

    We didn’t really have any super bowl plans that we just spent the rest of the day roaming around the Century City mall, and grabbing a cream puff at Beard Papa’s on Sawtelle. We came back down to Gardena to hit some golf balls with Ben. Eventually we made it back home and cooked up some chicken curry for dinner. I did end up catching the last quarter of the game, and is actually happy that Drew Brees and the Saints won the game.

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    All out Saturday

    Robin’s daughter Katelyn celebrated her first year on earth on Saturday. There were plenty of kids roaming around and even more costco food on the table to eat. Katelyn got her first taste of sugar/frosting/cupcake and she loved it so much to wiped it all over her face. Joy and I got plenty of sweets and dino-buddies in our stomach then headed out to Disneyland.

    I was hoping that it would be raining, but it happened to be a completely clear night out. They did announce that due to the “bad weather” the park was going to close early. It didn’t really matter because the park was so empty we were able to basically walk onto any ride without a wait. I forgot how cool of a ride Peter Pan was, because there’s always a long line for that ride, but i also remember being much longer of a ride.

    On the way home from disneyland we stopped by the Gardena Bowl for some late night Hawaiiann Food. We shared an awesome plate called the Hawaiian Royal that is char siu pork, Portuguese sausage, scrambled in egg, all topped with some teriyaki sauce. That some great hang over food, or non-hang over food too.