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    Deathly wish and Tasty delight

    Saturday while skipping out on snowboarding Joy and I headed to Monterey Park for some Xiao Long Bao which i’ve been craving since reading Serve the People: A Stir-Fried Journey Through China.  I realized there is another item on my do not eat list. I don’t know what it is about these soup dumplings but it just makes my mouth feel funny after eating one. I thought it was an aberration when i tried at a typical dim sum place and got the same feeling, but once again its failed me. So is there any connection between peanuts and sesame balls and xioa long bao?

    At least before we went home we took a 15 mile detour to Beverly Hills to try out some fancy french macaroons from Paulette. We tried out the vanilla, coconut, lemon, earl gray, raspberry, caramel, and each one was very delicious in their own special way.

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    On the slopes

    With all the storms this past week, it was inevitable that the mountains got completely dumped on. A few friends invited me out to the mountains on Saturday, but i had a bad feeling about the day so i decided not to go, even though i know that the day would be epic. I was right on both ends, as Ben informed me that Mt. High was spectacular, and Emily got turned around after four hours of driving up to Snow Valley.

    So i got the itch and packed up the car last night, and headed out to Mt. High at six in the morning. The drive was quick to the 15, but the drive from the freeway to the resort was actually a killer 2 hours, with some crazy bumper to bumper as it just seemed to be a slow process to get everyone into the parking lot.

    It was a real test in patience as i’m not the best teach out there, but eventually i got Joy away from the falling leaf and doing some S-turns, even it was at a really slow pace. We both figured out it was just best for me to get off my board and just guide her down the trail on foot. She took a few practice tries holding hands but soon got off the leash and made it down the trail with only a few falls.

    Too bad the drive back matched the drive up, and it took another three hours to get home and nurse our wounds.

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    Rain comes crashing down

    The rain has really coming down this week. I don’t even remember the rain coming down this hard during the El Niño storms back in the 90s. Thankfully the condo has been holding its own and so far we haven’t had any problems. Can’t say the same about the office as we’ve developed five or six leaks coming from the roof. We had to rearrange our seating to help avoid getting our equipment destroyed.

    With the rain comes the snow and the mountain must be littered with the white stuff and as much as i want to get out to the slopes the price seems just so high now. I mean if Mammoth is $87 a day, is it even worth it anymore? I’d rather spend that much and at least get out of the state. Its been over two years since the last time so i would really like to get a warm up session in before any bigger trips come up.

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    Snoopy’s 2 year bday

    Since the condo HOA doesn’t allow dogs, we’re still stuck with the Snoopy we got 2 years ago today. At least we have a pretty good imagination, and we still go to Target remembering to pickup dog food or treats. At least he doesn’t need to be walked, or have his poop picked up, he just needs a toss into the laundry machine ever so often to fluff him up to size.

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    Guys night out

    Its been a long while since i went out with the guys without Joy around, but the the night actually happened Saturday night. The night started off with dinner at Honda-Ya in Little Tokyo, with a nice hour wait for a table.  We feasted on a bunch of yakitori, soba, and pitchers of beer.

    The next step in the itinerary was to go have some whiskey at seven grand, but the line out the door was super long, as was the line as the Library Bar just down the street, so we ended up just hanging outside at the Standard’s courtyard having a few more drinks. I took the steps to sober up and eventually got back home around 3:30am.

    The plan is hopefully to do this once a month, but if we could get together like this once a quarter i’ll be pretty impressed.

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    Happy for the weekend, but not

    This past week has been a pretty rough one for me, due to my own negligence and the stress from a few projects at work. I thought all was well, until i had to check my e-mail on my phone last night, when i got a message from a client saying that they need me to check on the status of a particular database. Although i warned them about all the problems that would come up if they rushed the project through, and now i’m the one who has to suffer because all the loop holes that weren’t thought out thoroughly.

    Hopefully i’ll be able to get some rest, and fun before i have to worry about stupid projects again. I’m looking forward to getting together with the friends tonight in downtown LA for some whiskey at seven grand, and hopefully get a little hiking in to get the blood pumping tomorrow.

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    Fraiche take on food

    Twitter not only keeps me update to the minute with the latest sporting news, celebrity gossip, even adult entertainer goings on, but the number of food related twits is quite up there, and that’s not even counting all the taco trucks on the road now. Its introduced me to a few new food blogs to go along with it as well.

    The one thing that makes these sites a little more interesting than the content heavy foodnetwork.com or epicurious.com is that its just more focused on single recipes, and the photography can be quite nice. It makes the cooking at home so much more precise and makes the presentation that much more important.




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    I have the power!

    Saturday night Joy and I headed out to Hollywood for Aziz’s 30th birthday. We drove out a little early to make sure we made it on time, but found ourselves there way too early. It so happened that the dinner location was close to an art gallery that was showcasing a hundred artists tribute to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Its definitely exactly what i thought it was going to be, with many different styles of art portraying all of the characters in various forms, poses, and mediums. The show runs until the end of the month and is something  to check out if you’re in the area before 6pm.

    For more information visit Gallery 1988.

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    First Goal – 365 Pictures

    So the sister proposed a friendly competition of shooting a photo a day for  year. So far so good with day 5 of the year, and thankfully with the loose rules of being able to use your camera phone, it makes accomplishing the first goal of the year so much easier. We’ve made a friendly bet of an item from photojojo.com for the “winner” judged by our mother.

    You can keep check of my progress here, my sister here, and Jonathan decided to join the fun here.

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    New Year’s Buzz

    With no real plans for new years, I ended up hanging out with Ben and Tiffany for the 3rd out of the last four years. Tiffany cooked up some tasty risotto, and we baked up a couple dozen cookies. I ended up taking a nap for about an hour, and thankfully i wasn’t the only one who ended up closing their eyes for a few minutes. Joy woke me up about 30 minutes beforehand and we gave a real uninspiring hoorah, and promptly left to go home.

    New Years day was spent doing laundry and going out for dinner with the parents.

    Saturday the sun really decided to come out, and blistered some 83° heat, and the water looked really tempting for the second of the year. I really felt the itch to go out, so Jonathan, Joy, and I went out to Hollywood to meet up with Roland  and we actually stayed out past midnight. We started out by having dinner at the Bowery, a gastropub that really reminds me of a New York eatery. For drinks we went to Burgundy Lounge (previously Jimmy’s Lounge) where Jonathan kept complaining about the lack of pretty girls out, and Joy had fun remembering her old moves on the playground twirling around the pole setup outside. I really over did it that night, and lets just say that my bacon wrapped didn’t stay down for long.

    Sunday i realized that the Happiest Place on the Earth isn’t the best place for a hangover. With all the lights, sounds and noise of the crowds really went straight to the temple of my brain. We made it a short day to do the grocery shopping for the week, and rest up for the upcoming work week. I really enjoyed my days off but its time to get back to work, and make some money.

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    Year in Review 2009

    Just as predicted this year was one for the ages, but much less about pop culture, and so much more about personal benchmarks. Sure there were a few high points in the media, with the Lakers coming back to championship form, and a few movies that i really enjoyed, but in all there isn’t really that much to talk about. Music seemed to take a nose dive, i seem to be falling back to all my old TV shows, and all the vampire books and movies made me realize i’m so much more of a zombie person.

    As for my personal life, things got rolling quickly and just kept on rolling until the very end of the year. With just a few quick months to confirm everything, the wedding went off perfectly. The honeymoon in Maui reminded me of how peaceful life can be if you really just enjoy what you can. Then three quick weeks afterwards we celebrated with the rest of our friends and family in Cerritos.

    In the summer we did our normal trip up to SanFran to hang out with Nina to drink some wine. In November finally got to show Joy around Gotham City. I think it makes watching shows that takes place in New York. Five days were a lot, but probably not enough to still get everything done.

    To end the year off Joy and I purchased our very first home to start off our lives together. With our house warming happening just a few weeks ago its nice to have a location where we can host get togethers, and cook and make a mess of our very own.

    This coming year is a complete mystery as so many things happened last year that my mind has gone completely blank. All i can think of is that i need to make some goals, some lists, and of course keep a record of everything that happens.