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    The king of the pride

    I know its a bit of old news now, but with Roland giving me Tiger Woods 2010 for Christmas i figured it would be a good time to refresh the news of the Tiger Woods drama. With more than a dozen girls coming out of the wood works there’s some things that should be made into law, like not being able to get married after you make a few hundred million dollars.  There would be no drama if Tiger lived his life like George Clooney or Colin Farrell no one would even give it a second thought. Those two guys date all sorts of girls and even knock some up and no even bats an eye. At least the Thai community will take the golden son back, as my dad says its pretty typical in Thailand for the rich to have a mistress.

    At least someone can make something funny of an awkward situation. Thanks to Kevin & Bean.


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    Warmed and honored

    Saturday was the main event of the weekend, and Joy and i worked all day and night to get everything right for our official house warming. We started the night before cooking the rice, and prepping for all the dished we had planned out to serve the next day. I was in charge of making the spam and mushroom musubi with a cool little rice molder i got from marukai, pear and onion pizza, while joy baked purple (ran out of red food coloring) velvet cupcakes, spinach and artichoke dip, and a delicious pork belly buns, reminiscent of the ones i had at momofuku, NY.

    Friends and family filled the condo to near capacity, and flowed in and out all night. There were kids watching movies, parents hanging out, and friends enjoying the eats and drinks. Everyone with kids eventually left by 9 while the rest stayed and played with the wii and found out how fat (or obese) they were on our wii fit, and then spent the rest of the night figuring out how to cheat on the balance board games. Now all our stats are thrown off due to the unsportsmanlike conduct. Eventually i had to kick the rest out because i was going to pull my classic move of just falling asleep in the middle of everything.

    There is no greater feeling of being around close friends and family doing nothing but spending time with each other. Thanks again to all that were able to make it out and spending some quality time with us.

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    Christmas with the natives

    Nothing says Christmas than a gluttony and gambling. Considering that my family Buddhist there’s nothing better than going out for an all-you-can-eat fest of shrimp, crab, crab, lobster, steak, lamb, and countless types of desserts, and finishing it all off with a pull of the slots. I’ve seafood’d myself out for at least the rest of this year, and should be put on a strict diet of water, and breadsticks until i’m able to walk up the stairs home without panting at the end. Joy also walked away with a cool $20 profit, while i walked away with a crisp $5 bill out of the ticket redemption machine. Don’t ask me how, but someone managed to leave five bucks just sitting in the tray. Merry Xmas to me!

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    Kids rock out

    The Wangs hosted a Christmas Eve dinner with Joy and I, and Thomas and Christian. We feasted on some roasted pork, duck, green beans, soup, and some really stinky cheese.

    Noah and Christian got some quality time together to hang out like the two trouble makers that they are. Just 15 years from now who knows what king of mischief these two are going to get into. My bets are on them having to pick up their dads from the bar in the middle of their study session.

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    Pre-Christmas Activies

    This weekend we ventured out into the crowds and actually went to South Coast Plaza, and Disneyland/California Adventure on Saturday. Surprisingly South Coast wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be and had an actual easy time finding parking, and making it into the crowds.Joy and I took my parents for lunch at Lawry’s Cutlery and i finally figured out that i could just tell them what my Lawry’s VIP number was, and got my points for the meal. Which incidentally pushed me over the 250 point mark so that i will be getting my $25 gift certificate in the mail sometime soon.

    At night Joy and I went to California Adventure to go on a few rides and i learned i still do not like Ferris wheels, especially the one at Disneyland because of the tilting factor that makes me feel like i’m just going to be launched into the air. I just don’t have it in me anymore to do stuff like that. Disneyland was super crowded, and had people walk backstage when the parade was over so that main street wasn’t super crowded, and i got to show Joy where wardrobe was, the break room, and the In Between cast member restaurant. It brought back many memories.

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    Holiday Party Season


    December means its time to stop working out, veggie’ing out, and nights of gatherings. Tuesday night Yelp had a holiday party at Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach (thankfully). The free drinks, snacks and of course the cupcakes were awesome.

    I really can’t stand most of the Yelp elites, they’re as self-centered, and bitchy as you can expect from people who get off on either RAVING, or completely trashing places of business. Although there were a few cool people i’ve meant, but nothing worth mentioning.


    A few weeks ago one of our clients invited us to their company holiday party that was pretty fancy from what we originally thought in our heads. We were expecting maybe 20-30 people and some snacks, but it ended up being maybe around 50 people, that was completely catered by a restaurant, with a bartender, and even live music. They even held a toy drive for some of the local schools around the area. I guess we know what to plan when we’re a grownd up company and have some extra cash.

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    Fantasy Failure


    So with high hopes entering the Fantasy Football Playoffs in Toan’s league, it all came to a screeching halt in the first round. Leading up to the playoffs my team started to really come together making it to the top of the of standings but my team took a inopportune time to feel like they didn’t need to score any touchdowns. It was just an unfortunate week for all the top seeds except for Chris to fail making it out of the first round. The silver lining was that i did finish first in the regular season, but that in no way makes up for losing out on the big pot of money at the end of the season.

    Next year i’ll be better prepared!

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    Crabby Holiday


    Saturday night i got the dads together with the boys for some cajun cooking at Boiling Crab in Garden Grove. Noah and Christian got to hang out while Jonathan and Thomas got to compare notes on raising their boys. Its pretty interesting for me to study on how these two kids are growing up as their only a few months different in age, but so much different in personality. Noah sure does love his soda, while Christian ate up all his corn.


    Joy and i enjoyed a pound of the whole sha-bang shrimp and fried catfish while the others got some gumbo, sausage, crabs, and corn. What was left in the end was a bunch of empty shells, and tails in a big pile on the table. After dinner we went back to Jonathan’s house to have some beers and just reflect on the year and the future year.

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    I’ll see your tree and raise you one


    Since everyone and their mother (not my mother) bought their christmas tree this weekend, Joy and i went out last night to Home Depot to pick up a mini tree of our own. This was a far cry different experience compared to last year in Marina Del Rey where i felt like i had to fight against a crowd of people to find a half way decent tree. We casual walked into the lot and found the 3-5 feet douglas fir section and had plenty to choose from. We took our time and picked a great smelling, full looking tree and paid all of $19.99 for it. Its now all set up in our living room making the home smell great.

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    Holiday Back-up

    While doing all the moving i found a few disks of backups from years ago, and noticed that the disks were beginning to discolor. Also knowing that i have about 60gb of photos on one of my external HDs my sister bought me a flickr pro account and i’ve been backing up all weekend and haven’t even made a dent. I’ve got photos all the way from 2002, and just wouldn’t want to lose anyone them, even if they are like 800x600px, but i still wouldn’t want to lose them.

    I also found some old backups of my old CSULB website ~jchiemba, and will add my college postings to this website once i get around to it.