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    In search of a Fried Apple Pie


    So now that the McRib is back in town, now i’m in search of the next great hunt, a McDonald’s fried apple pie. Earlier this year i was apple to get a fried banana pie in Maui, and it started my search of the classic fried apple pie. The crisp flaky crust and molten apple is nothing like the soggy baked apple pie of today’s McDonald’s and it still holds a special burning place in my heart. My sister once told me that the mystical pie at the Fox Hills Mall, but after last night’s trip out to the mall sadly my first attempt ended in failure.

    There are websites dedicated to the search and information that KFC now sells the same pie, but alas i’m looking to get one from an actual McDonald’s.

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    Slow roll


    The day after thanksgiving Big Jeff invited me to play golf with the old gang from Cerritos. We played out in Alhambra with seven of us on a real leisurely round of 18. We started around noon, and barely finished by the sun went down at 5pm. t was fun, and I  did shoot three pars in a row, but overall it was a pretty poor round of golf. The last two holes were getting really dark so we ended up using a single club the entire hole, from tee box to green.

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    what’s for dinner?


    For Joy and my first Thanksgiving Dinner we had quite a menu to prepare before our parents came to our home to eat. I was worried about not finishing the Roast before dinner time, but i over planned it and we finished cooking everything about an 30-60 minutes before i thought i should have. We even made some Yorkshire Pudding out of the blue with a recipe that my sister sent me while cooking (also replacing the oil with the roast fat). Thankfully even with the early cook time, everything sat well and the roast stayed medium rare until it was served. My parents brought a small honey baked ham, and Joy’s parents brought apple pie and egg rolls.


    Standing Rib Roast


    Yorkshire Pudding


    Mashed Potatoes


    Finished Plate

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    and its back!


    I heard rumors earlier this month on Twitter that the McRib was coming back, but i’ve heard those rumors before. Then the news reports started to appear, and my hope increased. Finally last weekend i saw the big red signs announcing that the McRib is here. I’ve had hold myself back at least three times this week from just going through the drive through on the way to work or on the way home. I’ve actually only split two McRibs with Joy so far, but i’m sure they’ll be plenty more to come.

    Unfortunately it looks like all the video sharing sites have taken down the homer eating a ribwich scene because of the music, but i’m sure you know what i’m talking about.

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    Time for Thanks


    My four bone standing rib roast is taking its final nap in a dry rub recipe that Robin provided me. Tomorrow Joy and I will be cooking our first Thanksgiving dinner for our parents that will consist of the rib roast, salmon, creamed corn, buttered green beans, mashed potatoes, and crescent rolls. My parents are bringing the honey baked ham, while Joy’s parents are bringing the deserts.

    This year has been a great year, and i have to say a special thanks to my parents who helped me out with the wedding, and again helping out with getting my first home. So thanks mom and dad, you’re the best. A big thanks for Joy for being the best wife while putting up with me, and to all my friends who make the choice to have me in their lives.

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    Still away from Internet


    I still have no Internet so no real good way to blog from home. To make things worse the basic cable that we had running to our TV has seemed to have disappeared so we’re back to using rabbit ears until the cable guy comes on Tuesday. Joy and I actually went to my parents house this weekend to visit them, and use their internet and washing machines. Its a good excuse to spend some times with them, and get some stuff done at the same time.

    At least this weekend the McRib has returned and we spent the rest of our wedding C&B gift cards with a 15% coupon we got in the mail to get every last piece of dinner ware i think i’ll ever need in a lifetime. Thankfully we have plenty of cabinet space to put it all, but i still need to get a microwave before thanksgiving.

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    the Wedding Album


    Since Joy and I went on a budget plan for our we never got a wedding album made. I been thinking of making a book myself but didn’t know if i should go with shutterfly, apple, or some of the other services, but recently i stumbled upon Blurb which i’ve been trying to use their pretty cool software to make a book. Unfortunately the inspiration for page layout isn’t there, and i’ve been working on it for three weeks and haven’t gotten anywhere. Right now if you order before November 24, 2009 you can get 20% off your order plus free shipping. So i’m in a real time crunch to get it going and hopefully have it done before Thanksgiving.

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    unCarpool Carpool


    Today was day two of my new commute to WORK, and again driving by myself. That was until i got a text message from Jonathan asking me to pick him up because he didn’t feel well enough to drive in himself. I got to his place and had breakfast with Noah while he got ready. Back on the road going up Sepulveda we called up Chrissie to see if she had left for work yet, but she hadn’t so we made  another detour. Finally we arrived at work at the very same time as Eric and Roxy did, around 9am. That was the longest carpool ever.

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    Boxes of fun


    Slowly but surely we’ve been moving stuff from my parents house to the new place. Last night we moved all of our wedding presents from the attic to the new place and unpacked all of it. Thanks again for everyone that gave us presents to for our wedding as it was the first time that we actually saw what we got exactly. We even realized that we accidentally bought stuff that we were given, because we couldn’t remember what we kept and what we returned. So now we have to go back to Crate & Barrel to exchange it for other stuff. We seriously have a ton of kitchen stuff which makes up probably more than half of what we actually have to move.

    While we’ve moved most of the small stuff, this weekend i’ll be depending on my friends to help me move our few large items. Not looking forward to that part, but then we’ll be all moved in and ready to have people over. Except for our couch which is possibly another week away.

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    A guide to filling a home.


    Joy and I got rid of a TON of stuff when we moved out of the Santa Monica apartment, so we’ve had to go out and purchase a lot of things that we tossed, and being the cheapskate i did a lot of comparison shopping. Here is my list of places to get stuff at.

    1. Ross – Check here first for random household items that you need, like bathroom floor mats, yoga mats, table place mats, door mats, nose hair trimmers, and shower curtains.
    2. Bed Bath & Beyond – 20% off or $10 off of $30ish coupons for most name brand stuff. We picked up a new dual shower head that was priced at $29.99 and they let us use the $10 off of $30 coupon without hesitation.
    3. IKEA – Rugs and Frames. Still the only place where you can get large frames for under $20 each, and large rugs for under $100.
    4. Amazon.com – For your big ticket items, like electronics and cooking machines, there’s nothing better than getting it tax free with free shipping and usually for a slight discounted price. You do need patience and maybe some free time for deliveries.
    5. Walmart – I’m personally a bigger fan of Target, but when you need to penny pinch, Walmart tends to be slightly cheaper. i.e. Glade Candle $2.23 vs. $2.50.
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    A home to call my own.


    54 days after our initial offer, Joy and I have purchased our first home to call our own. We will soon be proud residence of a two bedroom one bath condo in the city of Gardena. It wasn’t exactly the first place we went looking for a home, but after failing in Cerritos, and checking out a few places in Long Beach we expanded our search further west. Gardena was the spot that happened to be within our price range, and was close enough to the beach and a few friends that made the place an acceptable place to take up residence. It also works out for both of us as its exactly in the middle between both our work places and now i should only have a 45 minute drive instead of 1.5 hours.

    This weekend was all about cleaning and getting rid of the old carpet and replacing it with some fake wood floors. The plan is to move in this weekend, as long as the couch we ordered comes in sometime this week.

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    Follow the White Rabbit


    Halloween is here, and Jonathan requested that we all go to Vegas to celebrate. Joy and I ended up driving there because we really don’t have any spare cash at the moment, but actually had a pretty good time driving there and having a car in the city for once. I really always liked the Alice in Wonderland outfit, and Joy enjoyed putting on the blond wig making the entire costume. I of course had to match up and went as my version of the White Rabbit in my ghetto style of course.


    Unfortunately Jonathan also decided to bring along his sickness with him for the trip. He was a trooper the first night going out with everyone to Tao and then going out after that to Lavo to hang out with a few other friends. The next day he paid the price and was out of commission for the rest of Saturday.

    Saturday i wasn’t feeling the greatest either, and after checking Facebook i found out the rest of the office is sick too. I still made it out to have brunch at Bouchon for their Chicken & Waffles, French Toast, and mini donuts with nutella. The rest of the group went out shopping, and i stayed in to rest. For dinner we drove miles and miles south to the M Hotel for their Buffet Dinner of Prime Rib, Crab Legs, blah blah … and FREE wine and beer! All of this for only $25.00, and they were serving Coors Light.


    Everyone was pretty bummed that Jonathan was staying in for the night, especially the people who arrived Saturday but we made the most of it as most of us went back to Tao. It was a real struggle for me to get pass midnight as we started drinking at 9:00pm, but made it all the way til 2:00am.


    Ben & Tiffany weren’t allowed into the club with their costumes so they went out to TI, and got Second Place in their costume contest and won $700! If you can’t figure out what they are, check this out.