Picture 2 11-47-06

The baseball season has finally ended, and the Dodgers won the National League, and the Angles won the AL West. The best thing of all on the last day of the regular season is that i gained three points in my Fantasy Baseball League, and tied for 3rd place and into the money. I was down below the cut line for most of the past two months, but slowly started creeping back up, and to dome clutch play of a few of my players i gained three points in the standing and tied my old intern friend for the final place. The season was a complete disaster with my keepers Jose Reyes basically out for the entire season, and Manny being suspended for a third of the season, but the rest of my team kept my team in first place for a few months, but finally started to give it away week by week.  So instead of splitting the $10 3rd place prize, we’re going to rollover the winnings for a side bet just between us two for next season.