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Joy’s out of the house early this Sunday morning to get her hair straighten so i get to spend the morning on the couch eating a ham and egg sandwich, checking on my fantasy team, and watching the New England vs. Baltimore game. It seems like the Yahoo! free GameChannel seems to be running more smoothly than at week 1 when it took ten minutes just to load up. I’ve personally have $30 (which is a lot to me) on a certain league that i’m in with some of my high school friends who i probably see only once a year, and thats only if Shane throws some BBQ sometime throughout the year. So far i’m in 3rd place in the league with a 2-1 record, but thats a pretty lucky record considering i won week 1 by some .2 points. Hopefully i can finally get away from my trend of downward standings, and finally repeat my Year 1 championship.