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    Surprised at Thirty


    I have to say Thank You to the best wife in the world for throwing me a birthday weekend i could’ve guessed. I thought it was going to be a pretty quiet weekend of some food, and maybe a drink or two. I was truly surprised when i got home from work at Joy had a present for me, the 50mm 1.8f lens that i’ve been looking at for a long while.  Later that night after a quick trip to Disneyland i got home and found that my sister flew down for the weekend to celebrate my big 3-0, and her bigger 3-4.




    Saturday night we had dinner reservations at Josie in Santa Monica. Its small fancy restaraunt that i’ve been wanting to go to ever since i first moved into my SM apartment. We got to the area a little early so we went to Copa di Oro for a quick drink, then ate a nice meal with Ben and Tiffany. We then headed to the Golden Gopher and was just enjoying my time and then got completely surprised as friends and families kept arriving. I was quite drunk by midnight and we finished off the night with another bacon wrapped hotdog. Great night, great friends, and a great family.


    Sunday Nina used a pair of tickets to disneyland that she got while working there 15 years go since our birthdays was actually today (Monday) and she couldn’t the day off. My other cousins with their kids met us there. Rides, Haunted Space Mountain, Spam Musubi and Wine make a memorable 8ish use of our annual pass.

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    Long nights

    Picture 2

    Its been a pretty long week with a major deadline this week at work. I worked till almost ten last night, and tonight i’m still working. After a pretty slow summer hit work, there were thoughts about what may come of work if the economy doesn’t turn around. I have to wonder some times about after three years or so what have i learned. Some days i feel like a genius, and other days i still feel like a newb. I can already feel my technology age starting to creep up on me because i’ve avoided learning Flash AS3, and my database administration is still in its infancy. At this point i should really be separating myself from the production side of work and move towards the administrative side, but ultimately with such a small operation its never going to happen.

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    2009 Annual Golf Tourney


    The annual COC Golf Tourney took place this morning at the Glen Eagle Golf Course in Corona. With the beginning of another heat wave coming around i was sure that the heat would be there, but i had no idea that there was a swamp in Corona as well. The starter told us that the course was going to be wet, but i had no idea that she meant we needed golf boots to play. The course was pretty challenging with a few blind shots, and tee boxes that haven’t been trimmed yet.

    On the 18th hole Brian was already declare the winner, while Brock, Roland, and I battled it out for 2nd place. Brock hit a perfect drive onto the fairway, while i hit a towering drive that ended up in the lake by probably less than a yard. Sadly i couldn’t come back after hitting the ball into the water and ended up in 3rd, right behind Roland, with Brock coming up in 4th. I beat Brock, so at least  i’m allowed to talk sh!t for another year.

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    Early Thirty


    In a little over a week i’ll be turning the new 21 otherwise known as 30. My sister probably wont be sharing it with me this year which is a bummer, but she was kind enough to send me an early gift. Pretty cool shirt, especially if you know how much i used to play with legos, and that i have all of them at my parents house, including a lego train.

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    Chuys not Chevys


    Saturday Joy and I went to Edward’s 29th birthday party at Chevy’s in Burbank. The place reminded me of a Mexican version of Chotchke’s of Office Space. The food was blah, the margaritas were weak, but at least Edward got a free sombrero for his birthday.

    After dinner was did a version of speed shopping through Ikea. We actually went through the entire showroom so that Emily could by a food try and something else. Pretty hilarious actually, but i guess you just had to be there.

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    Rebel Xt reprisal


    I admit that i gave up on photography for the past 2 years. I felt really discouraged as everyone got their own DSLR, and my old Rebel Xt coming up on 4 years old seems so ancient now. It also didn’t help that two years ago while on a trip to Hawaii i was fiddling around with one of the internal pieces that i accidentally popped out, and when i tried to place it back in with a pen, i streaked the entire screen with it.

    I finally got around looking for a replacement and was surprised that it was pretty cheap just going straight to Canon and got my part for like 3 bucks ($6 for shipping). Now with my camera back to working order, i’m going to get re-dedicate myself into the photog artform. I’m thinking of investing in a 50mm 1.8f for next month’s trip to New York. So maybe i’ll finally learn how to really shoot a good photograph.

    <— addendum —>

    Aziz shared with me a few things as well.

    Flickr 50mm 1.8f Group

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    40 inches to freedom


    Just in time for the first game of the 2009 NFL season our new TV arrived in the mail. Joy and I have  been looking at TVs at least since last Christmas but the deals just didn’t seem good enough. Finally last week we actually went to Best Buy to look at all the different brands and models of LCDTVs and we came to the conclusion to getting a 6 series Samsung LCD HDTV. I checked out the prices on amazon.com and found a great deal for a 40″ Samsung plus a Blu-ray player all for $860 with free shipping. In addition to the TV i bought a few hdmi cables also on amazon.com for $0.06 each.

    This morning the TV arrived and got setup in about a total of five minutes. Football in HD is the best thing ever. You’ll know where to find me Sunday mornings for the next four months.

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    Laborist Day


    9 am wakeup, 5 hours of cooking, 1 hour of clean up, and i’m drunk as hell. I walked into a wall and hurt my toes.

    I have finally recovered after a crazy day of cooking, entertaining, drinking, and cleaning. The day started off with a bang, as i was by myself for the morning, with Joy joining me in the kitchen in the afternoon after she got off work. I felt like i was on an episode of Dinner Impossible having to feed approximately 25 adults and 5 kids, with a possible 15 extra guests who replied to the evite as a maybe. I had to write down all the things that needed to be made, and what time i was going to prep it. At one point i had potatoes boiling, cornbread baking, ribs in a parboil, and my hands wrist deep in ground beef. Everything that needed to be done got done, and by the time the guests arrive food was on the grill and the apps were on the table.

    It was good to hang out with all the friends and get progressively drunker. So many kids in tow, and thankfully plenty of wives to watch over the kids … and the husbands. Everybody left by 7:30pm, and i was able to clean up, wash up, and get to sleep before 11.

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    LA Tourist


    The morning after crashing at Roland’s apartment, Joy and I already planned out our morning brunch at Grub just down the street on Seward. The restaurant is owned by Betty a contestant on Top Chef Season 2, and the place is nice, but nothing special. I really liked that they gave you a bowl of mixed cereal as a snack as you waited for your food, and i think that was the first time i’ve ever had cocopuffs.

    The weather was scorching hot already by the time we finished up eating that we decided to head to Santa Monica to enjoy a 20° drop in temperature, but only made it half way there before we both needed a bathroom stop at the Beverly Center. I happened upon a store called Heritage and for some reason right when i saw it, i knew it was an offshoot of a Forever 21 brand. I have to say that i really like the place, because its just as cheap as H&M and the clothes don’t look like they’re for the hipsters of the world. I picked up a corduroy jacket and a l/s shirt for $40, and $25 respectively.

    Instead of continuing our journey to Santa Monica we cut straight to Manhattan Beach because we were going to head to Long Beach with Jonathan and family for the funk fest happening on pine st. The Long Beach funkfest was fun, because we got to listen to some random bands while we had ate at a vietnamese restaurant and drank some beers. We made it back to Jonathan’s house to have some sausage, cheese and bread, and almost fell alseep at another person’s house, but made it out before i was unconscious.

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    Roland’s Birfday.

    Friday night Roland celebrated his 29th birthday at J Lounge in downtown LA. We all met up at his place at 10, then carpooled it over to the restaurant/club. The Cerritos Allstars were spinning on the dance floor and kept the good music playing. Lots of 90’s, and classic sance songs.

    We drank and hung out until the place club closed down, basically until they kicked us out. We followed up all the drinking with bacon wrapped, then headed back to Roland’s apartment.

    When we got there I sat on the couch and almost was asleep when more people came with Chinese food for 20 people it seemed like. So I had to wake up for my portion of walnut shrimp and noodles. I finished up, sat back on the couch and warned everyone that I was going to pass out and not to be alarmed when I start to snore. I think I was out in 5 minutes. Fun times indeed.