Month: July 2009

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Biking Newport Back Bay


Twitter may be the bain to some people’s existance, but i’ve personally have been finding it very useful for finding out what some random friends are doing on some random weekends. I know my old college buddy Aziz and his wife have been doing some biking, and with Joy getting her new bike, i knew that they would be some good people to hit up for a ride.

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We got to their house by 8am so that we could get around the 10 mile loop before it got really hot. Tack on the additional distance from their house to the actual trail it got up to around 12 miles. It was was a nice trail with just a few uphill climbs, and a nice view of the bay the entire route. We ended the ride at Chester Drawers Inn, where we grubbed on some banana nut waffles, and chicken fried steaks and eggs. I love biscuits and gravy, and i cleaned up both of our plates.

I highly suggest both the bike ride, and the breakfast afterwards. Also that i think so of the bikers are pretty weak considering that i took on the whole course with my bmx.

Chapters, Golf

Morning! golf.


This morning i woke up at 5am, brushed my teeth, and headed out the door for a 6am tee time and Long Beach Recreational South Course (lil rec) with Vincent, and his brother in-law Nick. When i walked outside it was warm and humid already and it made me feel like i was on vacation, because really when do you wake up before the sun is up, and its hot and humid.


The sun was still hiding behind some fog when we teed off, and i started my round with a nice fat triple bogey. Things got better as the round progressed, and i lost to Nick who had to sink a putt from off the green after i hit the pin with my approach shot, and made par. We finished our round of 9 holes before the clock hit 8am, and i was actually able to get home, shower before Joy woke up.


It sure it peaceful so early in the morning, but i’m not sure how many more of these i’ll get with Vince as he’s expected his second kid at any time now.


Cool Haus on a hot day


The weekends can get pretty random sometimes and well worth it too. Joy and I dragged my parents and aunt to the LA Zoo to hang out with Noah and the adult Wangs. The zoo was fun, but it made me depressed just seeing all the animals just sitting there in their cells, except for maybe the meerkats who probably have a good life right now not having to worry about eagles eatin’ the kids. Eventually the heat go to me, and noah so we decided to call it a day and head out.


We said goodbye to the Wangs as they went back to their beachy city, and I decided to take the family to check out Americana at Grand in Glendale. It was of course crazy hot there too, but just as luck would have it, the Cool Haus ice cream truck was there parked in front of the Glendale Galleria. For three bucks i got a mint chocochip icecream and gingerbread cookie ice cream sandwich, plus a chocolate meringue on top. Too bad the heat just melted everything and i had to eat it as fast as i could and really couldn’t enjoy it at my own pace. Still if i ever really craved an ice cream sandwich i’d rather just go to Diddy Riese in westwood village.


El Torito for 21


A simple text message from Steve in the afternoon turned into a dinner at El Torito in Cerritos for 21. The old friends got together with all of the kids in tow for a very lively night of us drinking and everyone else talking. Joy and I managed to finish off a pitcher of mango margarita by ourselves while everyone else drank a cerveza. All the kids that attended were so well behaved, and all the grown  ups were the rowdy ones. It gets very difficult to talk to so many people on one long straight table so next time i think we’re going to try find a chinese place with the large circlular tables.


Christina’s daughter Madison has been learning some magic tricks from youtube, and is a pretty good showman, and can even spot it when we’re trying to mess up her trick.


to the north


After spending Friday and Saturday in Orange County, Joy went back home to Santa Monica for another hike up Temescal Canyon. Too bad my fat ass has really gotten out of shape because i could only make it about two thirds of the way up before i had to give up and head back down. On the way to lunch we randomly took a street up through the neighborhood and found this outlook that had a view up the Malibu coast down to Santa Monica.

For lunch we met up with Ben and Tiffany at the French Market in Venice for some soup, sandwiches, and a glass of wine. While conversating Tiffany mentioned something about the cool haus ice cream sandwich yet, and when i checked my twitter they were in the neighborhood so we went out searching for the dessert truck. We unfortunately got there too early, and we already planned to head up to the Camarillo outlet for some shopping. I originally planned to buy some basketball shoes at the Nike outlet, but the logical side of me got the better of me, so i ended up buying some running shoes instead. Joy and I snacked on a really good cheesecake caramel apple from the rocky mtn chocolate factory before going to dinner at Brent’s in Westlake Village.


I now know what Jewish people must feel like on Christmas eve, as i think we were the only non jewish people eating there. We grubbed on some tasty Pastrami, Cornbeef sandwiches, pickles, and potato pancakes. I only ate half of my sandwich and a handful of fries and i was stuffed. I’m still not toally sure about all the other fish dishes, but those Jews do know how to make a mean beef sandwich, and i actually enjoed the pickles.  I seriously did not help the cause with my diet.


Weekendry fun


Just like old times again. There’s nothing like getting to sleep in on a saturday morning and then wake up to cook some bacon …  pancakes and eggs. After breakfast we went to Target to buy Joy’s parents a DTV box, and went to have lunch in Alhambra for some Vietnamese food. For the afternoon we headed south to Huntington Beach to meet her cousins for some sun and sushi for dinner. Just like the old times, lots of driving, and lots of eating.


Wine Time

Picture 1

Happy times are back again, now that Joy is back on a normal monday-friday work schedule. Now that she’s back on it, we’re ready to make the most of our weekends together again. I just booked my trip to San Francisico to visit the sister, and do some wine tasting (more like wine drinking) in Napa, and enjoying some good eats in SF. Now that we’ve been there a half dozen times, i don’t know what to explore this time around. I still feel like i’m missing some great attraction in SF, but have no idea what it is. Any suggestions?

I decided to book the flights through Jet Blue even its slightly more expensive, but the Long Beach airport is closer, and if need be the parking is cheaper and faster to get to. The funny thing is typically the emergency rows have a bit more leg room, and normally are the first to go so i was surprised to see that they were still open. I picked my seats and this large alert box informed me about the blah blahs about sitting in that specific row, but i almost didn’t noticed that they also now charge you an extra $10 for the extra room. Four more inches for another $10? I don’t think so!


$4 million dollar day

I pose the question to you.

If the City of Los Angeles had $4,000,000.00 to spend on your memorial, where, who, what would you want done for your last day above ground?

I’m personally thinking Santa Monica pier, with a little Foo Fighters, the Roots, maybe with Mila Kunis giving the eulogy. That would be pretty sweet.

I’m amazed that there hasn’t been an complete public unrest with the city of LA forking over $4 million for a funeral when so many people complained about the Lakers parade. The city should’ve just charge admission to get into the staples center, especially with all the lay offs, like  LAUSD laying off teachers.


a forth and a forth


By all accounts there were about 5 different events that i was invited to for the 4th of July festivities. I had to pick and choose where i went. I started off by heading to Ben’s parent’s house where he cooked up some food filipino style, i guess It was just a metal pan surrounded by some bricks and a grill on top. It was pretty difficult to deal with the food while squating, but Ben managed to cook up some pesto burgers with fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes. Ben and I hung out with his nephews lighting some smoke bombs, and ground bloom flowers, and i actually felt i had to be the responible one and not take out the drill to make some modification on the fireworks. I did my best and bit my tongue trying not to explain exactly how you make a ground bloom flower into a “skyrocket flower.”


Next up i headed out to Manhattan Beach for some more food and beers at the Wangs. Beer after beer, we hung out and talked and tried to create our own bonfire in the the backyard. Bryant created a nice little firepit in the dirt with a pile of bricks. We stacked up some wood, and got it burning but alas our efforts were a complete failure as the food seemed to be too moist to actually keep burning on its own. We spent a whole can of lighter fluid, and sulked our heads as he eventually had to put the water hose to the whole thing.


Chinatown Whiskey


Friday night with Joy off to Vegas for her friend’s bachlorette party, so i headed out to Hollywood to hang out with Roland. We picked up a few of his friends, and went to Mountain Bar out in Chinatown. We got there, but there weren’t that many people there yet, but we had some pretty tasty Black Cherry Whiskey sours, and had a few conversations. After a couple drinks the whole place was packed, and we headed outside for some air.  When we got outside there were a ton of people waiting inline to get in, and a bunch more just hanging out smoking. I swear that the crowd outside was bigger than the one inside, but thankfully you could hear the music outside. He hung out to sometime after midnight and ended the night with a bacon wrapped hotdog which i found out the next morning burnt my tongue. I spent the night at Roland’s so i didn’t have to drive home.