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    and we’re back


    So after three years out in the Westside, i’m back in Cerritos. Moving out to LA was totally worth it, but i realized i have no friends in LA, and it’ll be nice to hang out with all my friends again after being away for so long. When i left all my neighbors just got married, and now that i’m back everyone is on to their second kid. People are already starting to make plans with me, and i haven’t even been back for 24 hours.

    Sunday i rented a one way trip u-haul, packed up my stuff and hit the road 34 miles south east. The move out of Santa Monica was in retrospect a pretty simple move considering that the only major pieces of furniture i had to move was my bed, dresser, and a dining table. Everything else was either donated, given to friends, or just thrown away. Ben and Jonathan helped me out in Santa Monica, while Roland and my dad helped me back in Cerritos. Jonathan got mad at me for doing such a crappy job of boxing things up, but i just found it easier to put things in bags, because i hate trying to lug big heavy boxes down the stairway and find it easier just bringing down trash bags of shoes, and other crap. Hopefully i’ll be able to find a place to store all my excessive kitchen supplies, and reading books while I spend the next months trying to find a place nice enough/cheap enough to make me fork over $200k+.

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    Yearly Earth Day Rant

    Ultimate Environmentalist

    via twitter:

    for Earth Day, i declare the new environmental color to be brown, instead of green.

    Its that time for my yearly Earth Day rant. This year i want to declare that i believe corporation should stop using the term “green” to state their environmentalist style of business. The color they should focus on is brown. Brown is the color of crap, and thats what companies are churning out of their mass production plants. I don’t blame anyone for doing so, everyone is just trying to make a buck, but thats the same thinking that eventually sunk the world economy.

    Its amazing when everything that we buy is basically disposable, from our mobile phone, tvs, and even cars now. When did the world start thinking that something that costs $30,000 is something you just replace in three years. Most if not all, “environmental” companies don’t care about the forrest, or the ocean, the only thing that really matters is still the money you’re spending on their products. So remember don’t buy a prius, buy a used geo metro or better yet, just buy a hummer.

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    Shedding the winter coat

    hardsmilejonathan said to smile hard.

    Now with all the wedding stuff done and over with, and lots of packing and moving to come up i finally decided to cut my shag hair. It didn’t come soon enough with this heat wave that Los Angeles is feeling, even in Santa Monica where it was still 85° at 9pm last night! I love seeing people’s reaction after have long hair for the past 7 months, especially my mom who never likes what my hair looks like. Ok there was one time she liked my hair but i don’t even remember what style that was. So its back to the faux-hawk for the summer months. I’ll probably start growing it out again some time in July so that the hair is nice and long for next winter’s snowboard trips.

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    Nuggets two ways


    The McNugget is a combination of chicken that if you knew what it was for real, you wouldn’t probably eat it. Sweetbreads have been described to me by chef’s and books i’ve read as the best chicken nugget you’ll ever eat. Sweet breads are basically something you wouldn’t normally eat, deep fried. Actually, both are pretty similar but at two completely different price points.

    I actually ate both today, for lunch and dinner. The McNuggets were as they were when i had them 20 years ago as a kid. Round for dark meat, and boot shaped for white meat. The sweetbreads were served at AOC for dinner, and were served with a sunchoke puree, with truffle butter.

    If i’m to be honest with myself, i hope one day to appreciate sweet breads more, but i still love my chicken McNuggets.

    GhettoLuxo Challange Round 2 – Nuggets








    French Fries

    Sweet & Sour





    Truffle butter


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    Mobsters n’ Molls


    Its been a while since i’ve got out on a Monday night, but when it comes to free drinks and food i’ll make a trek out for the night. I attended my second yelp elite event that took place at Cole’s in downtown LA, that was mobster themed. Joy found a perfect dress amazingly at H&M and i just wore my pin striped suit. We got to snack on a bunch of different (beef, pork, and turkey) french dip sandwiches, some tasty bacon potato salad, and free cosmos for the night.

    They had a costume contest, a live band playing and there was even a pie eating contest that made me sick just by watching them shove the pie down their throat. I was thinking about work too much to do any mingling, but still enjoyed myself for a Monday night.

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    Weekend Workout


    Today it hurts to laugh, walk, and sit down. I put my body through some things that it hasn’t done for months. Saturday afternoon after a morning of cleaning i headed down to Manhattan Beach to hang out with Jon and Nel. Nelson works for Cleveland Golf now, so he has a loaner set from work which i wanted to try out, to see if i wanted to try out his 50% discount. We all had some beers then headed to El Segundo golf course and we took some huge swings with Nelson’s huge club. It made the loudest sound i’ve ever heard a club make before, so much it hurt my ears when i hit it. Swinging for the fences left my stomach, rib cage, and upper back sore the next day.

    View Temescal Canyon in a larger map

    Sunday morning Joy and I took another hike up Temescal Canyon for a good 5 mile trail. With my handy G1 i was able to keep track of our progress with its built in GPS unit, and Google Maps integration. It will also upload all the trail data onto Google docs too. So now i can really keep track of how long we’re out for, how long we stop, elevation, and graphs everything out so nicely.

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    Last goodbyes to Santa Monica


    So our time in Santa Monica is coming to a close. Joy and I have decided that to save for our future we are going to move back to Cerritos so that we can save up for a condo of our own. It’ll be a sad move, but necessary.

    We’ve got about another three weeks left, and just a few of the things that we’ve done already or are planning to do while we’re still out here.

    1. Sunday run from the pier to the farmer’s market
    2. After dinner walk at 3rd st. promenade
    3. Hiking at Temescal Canyon
    4. Drive up the coast to Neptune’s Net
    5. Layout on the beach
    6. Walk to Air Conditioned for a drink
    7. Restaurants! (fritto misto, nook, etc … )

    Things i’m looking forward to moving back to Cerritos

    1. Saving money
    2. Cheap asian food
    3. Closer to my Orange County friends
    4. Parking … free … everywhere
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    End of the Beginning

    Courtesy of beakatude.com
    photo courtesy of beakatude.com
    photo courtesy of amillionmoths.com
    photo courtesy of amillionmoths.com

    Today marks the one month anniversary of my marriage with Joy and you can say that we celebrated with another party. This time it was for some close friends and family at the Cerritos Library mostly who couldn’t make it out to Hawaii. We were prepping and buying stuff the moment we landed from our honeymoon in Maui to get everything ready for Saturday’s festivities. In the end there were a few minor hiccups, but everything basically went according to plan, and everyone had a great time.

    I’m so thankful that we have such great friends that helped setup, and breakdown the party. The food from which i was told was awesome, and i was stoked that i could offer some foods that people didnt’ know about, or how it was suppose to taste like. Half the food was prepared by people at the reception or bought from people they knew.

    Yes the party was a little ghetto as in i was writing out the agenda for the DJ and MC in the middle of dinner service because i forgot to print it out beforehand, but i don’t think too many people figured that out. By the end of it, we had our “first dance” which i’m still embarrassed about, had a bouquet and garter toss, and more imporatantly finished off three bottles of costco vodka, jack daniels, but surprisingly not very much beer.

    We didn’t have an official photographer, but i learned from hawaii that i really didn’t need one, so i’ll be posting pictures from all the friends that did take photos.