The Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Chiem-pornsakul
Mr. and Mrs. Chiem-pornsakul

Finally after a week after the wedding i finally have some time to sit down and recap the whirlwind event known as my wedding. 6 months of planning came down to a 7 days in Hawaii, 36 guests staying in seven different hotels arriving on 5 different days, finally meeting with 5 random event staff (hotel, reception, photog, hair/makeup, coordinator), and a whole lot of hope and praying, that led to one spectacular wedding day.

Mai Tai Bar Hawaii
Mai Tai Bar Hawaii

Wednesday March 4, 2009 I arrive to Hawaii with Joy, my parents and her parents, and i basically just starting running. I had planned it so that i could take care of 90% of every pre-wedding things on a single day so that i could spend Thursday showing the parents and future parents around the island. This meant that once we landed i had to pick up the rental car, check-in to the hotel, do a wedding rehearsal, meet the photog, pick up my tux, drop off shirts to be pressed, and take joy to see the hair/makeup person. Getting everything done relieved a lot of the stress that i landed on the island with, and i truly needed a drink at night to relax.

Jonathan and Roland had other ideas for my relaxing, and by the time i took the picture above i had drank 6 vodka tonics, and finished off 3 pints of beer. The next morning was not pleasant.

Tide coming in
Tide coming in

Thursday March 5, 2009 i had to recover from a minor hang over, but got over it with a bowl of ramen, emergen-c, and a few advils to get the day started. The most important task of the day was heading to the Department of Health to get or marriage certificate, with that taken care of the rest of the day was being a tour guide. We raced up the H2 to meet up with a lot of people at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck for some garlicy, and spicy shrimp scampi.

On the drive back to Waikiki we spotted Shane and Roland at the beach, so we stopped by to check out the surf. Too bad my mom didn’t quite check it out so well, and as you can see in the picture, the water was coming in big and fast. My poor mother got knocked down, and everyone started yelling at me.

For dinner we gathered everyone that made it to Hawaii at Todai’s for Joy’s and I final meal being single. We passed out our gifts, and learned about Roland’s new found love of Hawaiian Fruit Punch. I was too exhausted from the events leading up to that point and went to be at 10pm.

waiting and more waiting.
waiting and more waiting.

Sunday March 7, 2009, i woke up at 5am unable to sleep anymore from the anxiety, and with both of my parents taking turns snoring. I got up took a shower and headed down to the street to find some coffee. As i awaited the sun to rise I spent my time trying to figure out what i was going to say for my vows, but in the end just left it up to fate to see what i said. Around 7am i walked over to the guys’ room to get them up and dressed, and i was getting more nervous by the minute. The days leading up to Friday the weather hadn’t been spectacular with mostly a light drizzle, and dark clouds passing on by. Jonathan was my savior as he ran a half mile from his hotel room, picked up a bottle of jack, shot glasses and made it up right before we were going to head down stairs. With a shot of jack calming my nerves i headed across the street to the Moana Surfrider.

All my prayers were answered as the weather stayed calm and fair and from that point on the wedding was a blur. Before i knew it the musician started playing her ukulele and the wedding commenced. When Joy stepped out of the hotel it was the first time i saw her in her wedding dress and did she look great. I had to hold back the tears, and tried to take in everything that was happening, realizing this was a moment that will never happen again. The ceremony last what some people tell me was nine minutes long, and so we spent the other 51 minutes taking photos. At 10am everyone was ushered into the restaurant for a breakfast buffet, while the photog took us around the hotel for our own photo session.

The new wife and I finished up our photo taking at the beach, and inside the hotel and met back to finally get our grub on, while my sister gave a speech that finally made me drop a tear, and Joy’s cousin gave her speech. Thats the story of Joy and my wedding in Hawaii.

Not including the fact that i lost my ring in the ocean, but that was four hours later.

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    you both look great! may you both have many good years together.

  2. Joy

    Are there bad years too? Hehe…hopefully not! Jk!

  3. esme

    ahhhhhhhhhhh! gorgeous. absolutely gorgeous. congrats, guys 🙂

  4. MangoandStickyRice

    Congrats John and Joy! You both look so happy in the pictures… now, what about the food?

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