The Lakers celebrate our two year


Joy’s cousins gave us an extra wedding gifts, two Lakers ticket that happened to fall on the day of our first date which we coined as our “anniversary date”. It was exciting to not have to go up and up the escalators to get to the 300 sections, and instead were able to go down stairs to get to our seats in section 108. We even had some time before the game started and picked up a Kobe jersey for Joy at 30% off.

During the game Joy whispered in my ear that we were the only ones yelling at the team, and i mentioned that we belong up there, not down here. No one in our section got excited until two minutes left in the game. Everyone got up for Kobe’s last shot, but was all for not with Andre Iguodala hitting the game winning shot.

Although the Lakers lost the game, it was by far the best game i’ve ever been to at the Staples Center.

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