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    The Jarrah Wedding


    I thought that the amount of weddings that i had to go to were dying down, but i forget that i do have some friends younger than me, not many but a few. My old pal Aziz celebrated his marriage to Jacky with his family and invited me out to Porter Ranch for the festival, Persian style. I got word from his brother to 1, show up two hours pass the posted time, and to dress up. He was right as dinner wasn’t served until 9:30pm, and everyone was dressed to the nines.

    There was quite a scene with tons of food from kabobs, to fried fish on a stick. Drinks flowed, and there were dancing and music. I was already beat by the time we got there from a day out with Joy’s mom, so we couldn’t very late, but had a good time for the time we were there.

    Congrats man, hope you have a great life with Jacky, and Chuck.

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    Library Standard


    Friday Joy had planned to go out for drinks with some of her friend at the Standard in Downtown LA. Somehow we were the first to and i had some time to get some food across the street at the Library Bar. Last time we were there people wanted to get food, but the kitchen was for some reason closed, but i was in luck this time. We ordered the pork belly skewers, and fries along with some pre-drinks to start off the night. The pork was nicely crisped and served with a slightly sweet sauce which i liked. The fries looked like they were dripping with oil, but were really not so bad.

    The Standard’s roof top bar which i’ve heard raves about costed $20 bucks for guys AND girls (like getting kicked in the balls with a twist). There’s only one elevator to get up there, and when you get up there you’re greeted with couches strewed across the roof top. I would say that the view was sub-spectacular as its only like twenty stories high while all the offices around it is like 60 stories high. Each drink were around 10 bucks each as expected but overall it was an ok expereience as the company was good.

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    Disney Spygame


    Last weekend Joy and I used our 2fer ticket to visit Disneyland again. We’ve been there too many times, and basically just walk around and people watch now. I played a little game of spygame with the cast members (employees) to try to catch them off guard. I got a couple interesting shots, and really like the ones that just the cast member is in focus, and the black and white makes it look more CIA’ish.

    You might have noticed that my pictures on my blog are a little better than the past few months, because i recently decided to start using the old Canon Rebel Xt again. We got into an argument when the Nikon D300 entered the office, but we’ve made amends and i’ll be taking out the old friend more often hopefully.

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    Noah grows up and moves out


    Sunday the Wangs packed up the last of their belongings and headed south to their new home in Manhattan Beach. I helped out the move by bringing some chips and dip, and by drinking beer.

    Their new old house is pretty awesome in style and location, because its right across the street from the mall and just about a mile down to the beach. The house still needs some work done to it, but its got everything you look for in a house, an awesome front area, two bathrooms, a garage, and even a backyard for bbq’ing.

    Jonathan has already reserved a sleeping spot for me for when I get drunk and pass out.

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    Downtown Morning


    Saturday morning Joy and I woke up bright and early to go to the flower district in Downtown LA to look for flowers for the Cerritos reception in two weeks. We weren’t really sure what we were walking into but found a just basically a big swap meet of Mexican and Korean flower vendors with buckets and buckets of colorful flowers. We did find a flower to use for our center pieces and realized how much more we’re paying for flowers at Trader Joe’s or the Farmers market.



    After a morning of smelling the roses we headed a few blocks north to go have breakfast at the Nickel Diner on main and 5th. They’re known for their maple bacon donut, but i wasn’t feeling so adventurous and just went with spicy pulled pork hash. Joy got a stack of pancakes, and a couple coffees and were given two red velvet donut holes filled with cream cheese icing. Man those things were delicious, and made the rest of the mediocre meal worth it. The pork hash topped with two poached eggs tasted good, but the potatoes needed to be crispier to contrast with the tenderness of the pork. If you would’ve put it in between two pieces of toast it would’ve been a great dish.

    The really sucky part of the meal was the parking situation blows though, as street parking is $3.00 and hour, and the cheapest parking we found was $4.00 that was 4 blocks away so we settled paying $5.00 across the street.

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    Friday Splurge


    After months of saving and being really frugal with everything for the wedding Friday night Joy and I went to dinner with Ben and Tiff at Fraîche in Culver City. It was really nice to get back out into the city for a nice dinner with friends, and not really worry about trying to save every penny for Hawaii.

    The food was good, but not completely great. I really enjoyed the risotto with shrimp, oysters, and baby beat salad but for now on duck confit is an appetizer only, and their lamb dish tasted like short ribs. Overall it was a fun experience but an up and down tasty meal.

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    Lakers do over


    I was very disappointed that the first Lakers game that i went to, they lost. I was worried that i was a jinx, because i’m superstitious like that when it comes to my LA teams. The true test came only two days later as Ben scored me some tickets from his work place for the Thursday night game against the Warriors.

    These seats were even better than we had the game before, and the kids we were sitting next to were completely in the game too. The entire game we were all screaming DeeeeeeFense! The guys even got DJ Mbenga to look over as they screamed every Laker’s name. The Lakers really got me worried as the minutes ticked off in the 4th quarter, but thankfully they pulled it off, and i’ll allow myself to attend future games.

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    New mug


    On a normal morning if i’m in a rush to get out the door my portion of the coffee pot sits there until i get home from work. Not anymore now that Joy bought me my own coffee mug to transport my morning brew for my long travel to work.

    Jonathan says that it looks a little feminine, but it doesn’t matter anymore, i’m married. Greatest excuse ever.

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    The Lakers celebrate our two year


    Joy’s cousins gave us an extra wedding gifts, two Lakers ticket that happened to fall on the day of our first date which we coined as our “anniversary date”. It was exciting to not have to go up and up the escalators to get to the 300 sections, and instead were able to go down stairs to get to our seats in section 108. We even had some time before the game started and picked up a Kobe jersey for Joy at 30% off.

    During the game Joy whispered in my ear that we were the only ones yelling at the team, and i mentioned that we belong up there, not down here. No one in our section got excited until two minutes left in the game. Everyone got up for Kobe’s last shot, but was all for not with Andre Iguodala hitting the game winning shot.

    Although the Lakers lost the game, it was by far the best game i’ve ever been to at the Staples Center.

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    I <3 Maui


    Stepping off the plane at the Kahului airport, i got a very strong feeling that i was going to like Maui. It might have been because we had just spent three straight days of running around Oahu,  in days of cloudy weather and  when we landed we were greeted with a bright sun, and humid air of Maui.

    This honeymoon was the first time i got to do a few luxo things, and got to stay at such a nice tropical resort. The new wife and I arrived and were kindly greeted upon arrival at the Westin Maui, got upgraded to a bigger room that looked out towards Blackrock, and were given a free bottle of champagne. The first morning we ordered some room service breakfast, and ate out on the balcony. We charged our room with everything we ordered around the hotel, and at other Starwood locations. It was a nice life to only have to carry around a room key, and nothing else.

    The life on Maui is much more peaceful with plenty of localized businesses, and is less industrialized as Oahu, but still maintains a level of modern comforts as Costco, McDonalds, and plenty of malls. The beaches are just awesome, and there’s actually quite a bit of scenery changes from one side of the island to the other. Joy and I basically started to plan on how to stay on the island once we got there. Anyone hotel in need of a valet?