Month: February 2009

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Happy two nine joy


Joy turned 29 on Monday which was suppose to be her first day at her new job in Cerritos. I was prepared to take her out at night afterwards, but i got a phone call in the morning from Joy that HR screwed up her paperwork so she had the rest of the day off. Jonathan was kind enough to let me take off so that we could take advantage of the free admission to Disneyland + 2fer ticket.

With both parks scheduled to close early for this “dead” time of the year, we went to California Adventures so that we could go to Disneyland on a later date. Too get through the entire park it only took us a little over three hours, and thats with waiting for Dland to fix the Toy Story ride that broke down. It was worth the wait as it was this interactive 3D shooting gallery, similar to the Buzz Light year ride, but with a whole lot more sections.

We ended the day with a double scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone, and parade. For dinner we went to get Pho in Cerritos and finally headed back to Santa Monic.


Mr. and Mrs. Nelfro


Sunday marked the day that the man known as Nel, Nelfro, Nelfunk, added yet another name to his list, married. Nel and Jamia tied the knot at the Crystal Church out in Palos Verdes at sunset, and had their reception at the Reef restaurant in Long Beach.

Weddings on Sunday are a tough game to play, because everyone wants to have a little drink, but with work the next day you can’t go at it 100%. Joy was starting her new job the next day so we had to cut out before all the events were finished. Probably best because we were already worn out from the day before.

We weren’t the only not able to stay the entire time.

One thing for sure, it made me realize that my wedding is coming up real sooooon.


Pre-Bachelor Party


Due to certain time constraints and scheduling conflicts I HAD to have a pre-bachelor party for my old friends from the neighborhood. Roland and Brock setup a night of drink and driving, starting off at Hooters for some wings, and a few pitchers of beers. After everyone was nice and warmed up we headed to the K1 track in Irvine.

Well i’ll tell you that i was seriously drunk during the first race, and kept spinning out every other turn. I still some how to manage the second fastest lap time, but overall time was pretty bad. The second race i was feeling better but the slight breeze into the helmet kept drying out my contacts so at time i couldn’t even see, and fell back 3 positions for the final race. The final race setup Curtis with the Pole position with everyone gunning to take him out, but at the green flag brock and shane knocked each other out while Roland got sling shot through, and i followed what would end up to be a race over before it even started.

We finally ended up at Yard House at the Irvine Spectrum, but sadly a few people couldn’t make it out. Overall it was fun, but i’m looking forward to next weekend’s activities.


The new Lakers

Before the NBA allstar break the Lakers traded Vladamir Radmonovic to the Charlotte Bobcats for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown. Where Morrison is the name the west coast knows (think crying against UCLA) known for his outside shooting, i had a feeling that Shannon Brown would completely overshadow him in the end. I didn’t know anything about him, and all i heard was that he was a good defender, but thats all i needed to know.

Last night the Lakers took on the Atlanta Hawks, and blew them out by the midway point of the third quarter when Phil emptied the bench and let the rest of the starters take the rest of the night off. Morrison came in first and looked really awkward running the floor and finding his spots, and then Shannon Brown came in a few minutes later. After watching him run down a fast break, he fouled the guy but blocked and took the ball out of the air. I’m ready to see him and Ariza run the floor together and just cause havok against the opposing players.


Second weekend of Feb


Saturday Joy was suppose to meet my other cousins from San Jose at Manna for some all you can eat Korean BBQ, but Joy got her hair straightened and wasn’t allowed to wash her for three days. I had to to tell them we had to pass because i wasn’t going to be sleeping next to hair that smelled like galbi for the next few nights. I originally had planned to do some cooking anyways since Saturday was that one night where people pay up the butt for a meal. I cooked up some braised short ribs with some potatoes and spinach.

Sunday Joy finally got to meet my other cousins as we drove all 70 miles down to aliso viejo to have dinner. Billy and Pishya cooked up some tasty sliders, and Ishya fried up some kickin onion rings.

Tonight we had a Lawry’s coupon that was about to expire so we splurged to get some Prime Rib. Also as my sister said

Aw…I miss the Monday-after-Valentine’s Lawry’s Dinner!!! Double-points night?!

I’m full.


Elite Benefits


Last night i got to attend the exclusive yelp elite Mi Amor event at Casa Sanchez for some free drinks, tequila tastings, and hors d’oeuvres. I’m not normally one for these public gathering of strangers, but i did my best to at least talk to some people. Most of the interaction i have with strangers normally amount to potential clients and they’re the ones usually initializing the conversation because they have an idea that needs to be executed. Small talk is definitely not my game, but its something i’m working on. Usually if a conversation doesn’t involve a subject matter of work, sports, or food i’m at a complete lost. Thankfully i got to know two people there, and i left buzzed, and accomplished.

The main thing i keep thinking is to step away from the wall and actually do something fail or succeed. I can’t wait for the next event, i’m going to get up on stage and dance next time, no not really.


Lobg night


These are the only pictures we have from our weekend in Vegas for Nelson’s bachelor party. This was sunday morning at 7am after eating breakfast and Kimchi after leaving Spearmint Rhino at 6am. Overall it was a good trip, not as crazy as Bryant’s bachelor party but still a good one.

The first night we went to Prive at the Planet Hollywood where it was just packed with douches wearing aqua di gio. The only thing about the clubs, made me remember why i don’t go to clubs without a girl on my arm already, we always just end up standing around drinking, and staring at girls. I was just itching to get to a strip club where girls come to me, … all night long.

The second night we went to XS at Encore, and got bottle service so that a group of 12 guys could get in without waiting in line. XS was actually a really nice looking club, and there were a ton of people there. Jonathan needed to go for a run after 2am and so we took off from the club and headed out to Spearmint Rhino.

All i know, i know Joy had a great time at her bachelor party, and there are stories that they’re keeping secret about.


When i grow up …

After this was marked and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note:

Dear Ms. Davis,

I want to be very clear on my child’s illustration. It is NOT of me on a dance pole on a stage in a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter how much money we made in the recent snowstorm. This drawing is of me…. selling a shovel.

Mrs. Harrington

I’m heading to Home Depot in Vegas this weekend.


GhettoLuxo Restaurant Challenge


This will hopefully the first of many new challenges pitting everyday restaurants vs. higher end restaurants. I’m going to see (post wedding) if i can eat the same type of food from two restaurants from opposite ends of the foodie scale. Just out of circumstance this idea came to me, sitting on my couch after flipping through some photos on my G1 and seeing the two steaks that were eaten for lunch this week. I admit i wasn’t the one who originally ordered the Norm’s steak, but i did sample some of it that wasn’t finished.

Luckily considering my post yesterday, I had a client meeting today, and they suggested CommeÇa, and i was happy to oblige.

GhettoLuxo Challange Round 1 – Steak








Eggs, Hashbrowns, and Pancakes






Herb Butter


Seriously this was a very tough decision when you factor in everything.

The steak was amazing at CommeÇa cooked to a perfect red medium rare that melted in your mouth while the Norms steak was chewy, and actually looked purple (CommeÇa +1).

Norms served up pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns that would a meal on itself, while the fries were fried well, and cut nice and thin, lacked salt to finish them off, and the table side salt was too course too actually stick to the fries (Norms +1).

Jonathan had to ask the table next to us for some steak sauce to add any sort of flavor to the sirloin, while a pad of herb butter just layed their on top of the steak like the fatty it is. I kept pushing it aside while i ate, but i think i still finished it all off at the end. (CommeÇa +1).

There is nothing to compare with price, you could order two steaks at Norms just to see if they could make it right one out of two times. (Norms +1).

The final verdict, who am i kidding the freaking steak at CommeÇa was just amazing. period.


Financial Diet


The hardest thing about trying to stay on budget with the wedding is basically going on the ramen diet, well without the ramen. Joy has been trying to makes meals on the weekend that will last the entire week for lunch and dinner so that we don’t go out to eat. Last week Joy made another pot of pork leg stew, and this week we’ve been eating ba mee, and Waldorf salad towards the end of the week.

We’ve been doing it for more than a month now, and we really miss eating out. Beyond the occasional burger we haven’t gone anywhere interesting to eat, and my yelp is suffering because of it. Its especially hard with DineLA going on right now, with the three course pre fixe meals at a range of prices. LAist has been going through the courses and some look really tempting. To go along with DineLA, there have been a half dozen restaurants that i’ve been meaning to go to, but mainly its not in the budget. Only a few more months until all the wedding stuff is done with and we can go back to being little fatties.

The List.

  1. Fraiche – Culver City
  2. Josie – Santa Monica
  3. Bistro 31 – Santa Monica
  4. Hatfields – Los Angeles
  5. Grace – Los Angeles
  6. Wood Spoon – Los Angeles
  7. Gjelina – Venice