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    To the dentist


    Saturday i did my biennial visit to the dentist. Thankfully this time around i didn’t have ANY cavities, but my gums are shot to hell because i still don’t floss enough. Joy on the other hand, well i’m just not going to go there. After Pish got done with my teeth Joy’s and my uncle’s cleaning we all headed over to South Coast Plaza for lunch. My uncle treated us to some Lawry’s Carvery sandwiches, and creamed corn. The next time we meet we’ll be in Hawaii.

    After lunch we did some browsing at the SCP, the some more browsing at the LAB, and finally finished up our browsing adventure Fashion Island. My mom tried and tried to find a dress to wear at the wedding, and i was still looking if i could find something else for my groomsmen to wear. No luck on either end, and we were all beat after so much walking.

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    Jury Duty part 3


    Tonight i got called in to appear for jury duty. This will be my third appearance to serve my civic duty, but at least it will be nothing like the first time. I had to appear for jury service back in 1999 in Compton when it was still a two week service. I spent a week sitting, and doing nothing in the jury pool. During that service I got called once to the jury box, but i think i looked like i was 14 so i got dismissed. I happened to get a my job at CSULB and I was able to weasel out of the last week of service.

    The second time i was called in for duty was in 2002, but thankfully the service changed to the single day call in. Unforunately for me it was pretty close to my post college vacation to Thailand. It was a small jury pool, and i waited my turn. About half the room emptied as it was called in for court cases, which left around 40-50 people left. The admin got on the loud speaker saying that the next case was an expect 2 week court case with a sequestered pool. I basically started freaking out internally, then said it was a joke, and i almost passed out.

    We’ll see what happens this year.

    Twitter Updates!

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    Money to burn


    Sunday i got to participate in what i remember as my first Chinese New Years celebration. We spent the afternoon in Whittier at Joy’s aunt’s house. They served up a lot of food, and we did some burning offerings to the dead, to hopefully bring us luck in the mortal realm. I did my part by burning hundreds of these $10,000 Hell Bank Note, in hopes that Joy and I will be able to pay off all the wedding bills that will be coming up shortly.

    The kids got into the act too burning gold bars, clothing suits and shoes, and more money. We’ll see if works!

    Happy New Year!

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    Premarital Conference


    Like a perfect storm, Joy had a job fair to attend, Janelle had a lunch date with some friends, and Jamia was at work on Saturday. That meant that Nelson, Jonathan, and I got to spend the day just hanging out in Long Beach. We met up with Nelson at his condo on pine then walked down to the shoreline to get some food and beer at Tequila Jacks. We spent a good three hours there just talking about work, wedding planning, and bachelor parties. After we got done there, we walked over to Mai Tais to have more beer. We ordered a couple pitchers there and just enjoyed the afternoon sun.

    We could’ve had some more beer, but after about 96 ounces of beer are bodies were say enough already. Pretty awesome day if i do say so.

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    Career flashback


    This week i started a new thing where Joy and I would go for a walk anywhere after dinner. The first night we ended up at the Ross in Culver City, and then took a drive down a little south to look at some condos for sale. After that we drove under the freeway to the Howard Hughes Center where we were passing by this Thai restaurant where they were playing this really bad muzak and i basically got this nauseous feeling in my stomach seeing those poor bastards working in a basically empty eatery and this horrible music they must have to endure all day long. It got me sick because i flashed back to when i working in a Chinese restaurant in Irvine right after college. Those boring nights where no one came in, and i was just watching the clock so that i could go home. The horror.

    Yesterday Jonathan asked me to stop by International Rectifier to try to find some old tradeshow artwork on their servers so that we could to bid for a project. So i drove down to El Segundo pulled into the ol’ parking structure took the elevator up and walked back to the area where my old cube was. The place hasn’t changed a bit (except for the massive layoffs) since 3 years ago next month. The same people were smoking outside, the same smells, and my old computer. I logged on to find what i needed, and for the fun of it started scanning the harddrive and actually found photos that i had accidentally left on there of  mine. My trip to New York, my trip to Whistler, and some random office photos. Good thing i could tell that no one, i mean absolutely no one has used that computer.

    As for today, work has slowed down of course, but we’re hopefully looking forward an extremely busy February. I’m hoping that the wedding and honeymoon will be at the end of a very busy work schedule.

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    Post Bush world


    The next four years will show the true colors of the country. A lot of expectations are placed upon a single man, for an entire country, race, and possibly the future of the entire world.

    My predictions for events to happen during Perez Obama’s presidential term

    1. A flat Internet tax will be imposed
    2. California will impose a statewide recycling program that will rival Germany’s because of money and not the environment
    3. Three very bad economic years will lead to one (and more) very successful debt reducing year
    4. Two major American car companies will fold, and one Japanese car company will fail
    5. An upstart company will rival Apple to create a must have personal digital device.
    6. A state (other than California) will legalize gay marriage
    7. Simpsons, American Idol, and most all other reality shows will end

    Like them hate them, what are your thoughts?

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    Words on the go


    I downloaded a new wordpress app for my G1 and giving it a go for the first time.

    Headed out to the beach for a morning run today, and I think I burnt my face! Using another handy G1 app I tracked my run at 1.5 miles in 14.30 minutes. Not too bad considering how little exercise I get beyond the wii fit.

    Going to be out and about all day today doing more wedding stuff, going to Brock’s house warming in Corona, and probably back to LA for drinks with Joy’s friends.

    See you on the road.

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    Straight to torrrrent

    I love the Street Fighter culture, from the games, anime, art, to the cosplay, and even spoofs. The only thing that it fails on are its live action movies. Jean Claude Van Damme? Really? This next installment Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li stars the ever lovable Kristen Kreuk, but seriouly i don’t think the movie will ever go beyond just another download on my computer. I hope the best for it, but after seeing the scene where she’s jumping from a building about to explode, it lost me.

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    Top Chef Revisited


    Took a few episodes off from blogging about Top Chef, but to get caught up, Eugene got kicked off on the double elimination challenge, but deservedly so because his lack of taste eventually caught up with him. The thing  that strikes me most about this season’s cast is that most of them are pretty arrogant, and aren’t afraid to say it. The biggest “villains” of the show (Stefan and Jamie) seem to be battling each every episode, but i do find it hilarious as Stefan keeps pushing Jamie’s buttons, and loves every minute of it.

    If i had to pick another person to cheer for, i’ll have to say Jeff only for the fact that he doesn’t seem so uppity about everything.

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    No love for the Clippers


    Joy got four free tickets to see the Clippers take on the Atlanta Hawks, but you couldn’t imagine how hard it was to get somebody to take the other two tickets. I know the Clippers aren’t the hottest ticket in town but hey, its still its free, and its probably more interesting than what you normally do on a Wednesday night. Finally i had to call up my old college buddy Aziz who lives all the way in Costa Mesa to come up to catch the game. Its been 3.5 years since we last met up and it was nice meeting his new wife.. Its good to know that another fellow ACS’er is doing well post China, (Computer Lab)  and has a happy future in front of him.

    As for the Clippers, better luck next time. Hopefully they’ll find their identity sooner than later. Al Thorton will have a bright future in front of him, as long as he doesn’t suffer the Clippers curse, a la Elton Brand, Danny Ferry, and Darius Miles.

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    Out with the old


    I had one of those moments this weekend where i just had to do it. The couch that i’ve been using for the past few years originally owned by Jesse’s parents that i inherited down the line. The cushions have eventually been squished beyond sit-ability, and the fabric has started to disintegrate into sandy substance. I had the urge to go Lucy on it, and took a knife to the cushion to open the sucker up. I didn’t stop there and pulled away all the fabric and even took some of the wood off too. I just had to get rid of it, as it was basically just a sad excuse for a couch.