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    Year in Review 2008

    Best Movie: The Dark Knight This year i did see my fair share of movies, more than the past few years combined. There were a few movies that stood out in my mind, but in the end i would have to say would still have to be The Dark Knight. The movie actually lived up to the hype, and the plot was intense enought to keep you guess on what was going to happen next. Still there were so many good movies this year i had to make a list. So more after the break. Best TV Show: NBA Playoffs The most riveting NBA season in a long while, but…

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    Frozen bike rides, alcohol, and Korean taco truck

    Post Christmas shopping was a mad house and I didn’t want to deal with it. Joy tried to take her mom out to the Arcadia mall in the afternoon, but she couldn’t even find a parking spot. We did manage to do a little shopping by bundling up, and heading out to 3rd street via our bikes. With Janelle out in Hong Kong, Jonathan tagged along with us for the fun of it. After we got back and decided to have a sleep over at Jonathan’s so we bought a pizza, and a bottle of Jack at Costco. We played some Xbox 360 Lego Indiana Jones, watched Deathrace, got drunk…

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    Traditional Christmas Lobster

    Merry Xmas +1 everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday part 2. It was a very different Christmas than i’ve had before. The morning started by meeting in Cerritos with the parents, joy’s parents and my sister for Traditional Christmas dim sum at Happy House. They put us in the corner of a restaurant, where they kept supplies, but it was ok, Jesse got the worse of it. Afterwards we gave out the gifts that Joy bought for everyone, lots of sweaters and purses. Then we said bye to Nina and headed out to the desert for some traditional Christmas gambling at Casino Morongo. Joy and I spent most of…

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    Size 9

    You wouldn’t know that there was a recession going on by the shopping going on this weekend. LCD tv’s were being hauled out of costco as if they were being given away, the shelves at Toys ‘R us were getting pretty bare, and everyone else seemed to be at Target filling their carts with whatever else was in the store. I treated myself to a present of my own, a brand new beanie. I’ve been looking for a new beanie that i can wear up in the mountains and in town. Its taken me about two years to find one that was my style. More amazingly i bought it at…

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    aXmas Tree

    Tonight Joy and I finally braved the cold weather, and went down to Home Depot to pick up a xmas tree of the year. Its just a little guy, but the tree still put up a fight when i had to bust out my axe to trim some the branches off the bottom, and didn’t want to sit up straight because the trunk was so skinny the tree stand had a tough time holding the skinny tree up. Snoopy and Penguin also wanted to get into the holiday spirit and to say Happy Holidays, and have a safe New Years!

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    Secret desires Christmas party

    The 5th Annual Hermosa Beach party was this Saturday with the theme Secret Desires. The desires ranged from 32oz Miller High Life, to Island’s Cheese Fries. The alcohol flowed freely throughout the night, and food was munched on. This year’s white elephant gift exchange was a little dull on the gifts, and only two gifts were stolen the entire time. Stir of echos reered its ugly head again nicely framed for the new recipient’s wall. Its amazing how a simple gift can pass so many hands, and come back every year bigger and better. Eventually we’re going to have to get it actually signed by Kevin Bacon, that would be…

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    Water stain fun

    There’s been a water stain on the staircase leading up to my apartment. Everytime i looked at it i thought it looked like a bunny, so i took a picture of it. I brought it into the office and jonathan said it looked like Snoopy. So I did a little photoshopping and i’m torn. I still think it looks more like a bunny. What do you think?

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    Wedding Diet

    With only a few months left before the wedding day Joy and I are doing our best at getting into shape, but its not helping that Joy’s been making some really good food. This week she made some Khao Kha Moo, basically translated into rice with pig leg. Its another crock pot meal that should feed us for the rest of the week, where originally we were going with the Healthy Choice frozen dinner diet. Also we signed up for Bally’s again so that we can at least burn a little sweat in the winter cold. I’m back to being a weakling, and i can barely bench the bar again.…

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    World on discount

    Black friday may be a week by, but the whole world seems to be calling it quits and closing their doors. Joy had some business out in Burbank this afternoon and i of course tagged along to give her company. While we were out there in TV land we stopped by a mass of store closings. First stop was Linens N things which i thought all closed already, but i guess there were a few still left standing. This time around i picked up some cooling racks for baking, and some more towels. In addition to Linens N things closing a shoe pavillion was basically closed right next door, and…

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    I’m a winner!

    Free stuff is always nice, but winning stuff is even better! At the vinyl toy convention in Pasadena there was a $5 admission fee, but you were entered into a raffle, and once I walked in they called my number! I won a poster, and I wasn’t the only winner for the day either as Joy also won a vinyl toy. I originally did’t think I was going leave with anything, but my arms were full by the time I left. I always thought vinyl toys were interesting but merely dust collectors. I never knew what the obsession was about these vinyl toys until I read somewhere that its considered…

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    Back to Cerritos

    Thursday night I had to drive back down to good’ol Cerritos for a birthday dinner at Sushi Gallery. The drive thankfully was unpainful with taking the carpool lane basically all the same from el segundo to cerritos, which got us there in about 40 minutes. I don’t even want to guess how long it would’ve taken if i was driving solo. We even had enough time to stop by Walmart to check out the LCD tvs, and some other supplies. As for the food, i was guess if it was Japanese owned or Korean owned, and when it was sanwiched between 3 Korean restaurants i was kind of worried but…