Anti iPhone

Finally after waiting and waiting for the iPhone, i gave up and went with the new T-mobile HTC G1. I don’t normally like to be an early adopter of new technology, but i really needed a new phone and it automoatically integrates with my work mail, and i don’t feel like every other “designer” for carrying around an iPhone. I still have a slight geek inside, and its definately fits the bill for me and the more openess of the software.

So far the phone has been to expectations with the app store’s offering not as robust as the iPhone’s but the barcode scanner is pretty damn useful, especially for me because i always believe that you can find something cheaper online, and now i can access that information with a click of the camera. The interface is pretty slick, even without the pinching web browser, and the external keyboard is a lot faster to use than the touch screen pad of the iPhone. So far the g3 network has been ok, i did lose connect while in the target of Culver City, but had good connectivity in the basement of the Sport Chalet in Marina Del Rey.

Probably the weakest aspect of the phone has been the camera which takes forever for the camera to eventually take the picture, but other than that i’ve been pretty happy with it for the 24 hours that i’ve had it.


  1. pish

    I checked it out at the store the other day. The keyboard is nice but why the bend in the body? This site is a good one if you have problems:

  2. thanks, i’m trying to see if i can tether it with my laptop.

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