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    Drinks at the Library

    Saturday night Joy and I met up with friends at the Library Bar for drinks. I really am getting excited about the downtown scene with so many interesting bars opening up, and Library Bar is a pretty cool one. They’ve got of course a Library area, and a very interesting menu from their burger to pork belly. The drinks aren’t extra expensive, and the jukebox was played some Smashing Pumpkins so that was cool.

    Ben was expecting there to be food there, but the kitchen was closed by the time we got there, and i was determined to get him drunk. I sure did my job, feeding him whiskey sour and whiskey sour, and by midnight he couldn’t get out of there without holding onto Tiff’s shoulder. We finally got him some food at Swingers in Santa Monica, but by then i think we all knew he was going to wake up with a hang over.

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    Dim sum with friends

    After two days worth of Thanksgiving type food, i really wanted to get something else to eat for Saturday. Joy and I met up with Ben, Jonathan and Noah over at CBS in Chinatown. After lunch we all went to visit Bryant and Kim and they were very excited to show us what they learned from Cesar Milan the dog whisperer, with Kim’s sister’s dog Teddy. They also showed us all the tricks he knew from sit, play dead, roll over, and spin. I think Noah, and Joy were both looking forward to getting a dog.

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    Turkey, Ham AND Prime Rib

    Thanksgiving got here faster than i could’ve imagined. It feels like Halloween was only last weekend, and my birthday a week before that. This year I went to Joy’s cousin’s house, and even though i’ve spent many a dinners there before, this year they invited my parents over for one big thai gathering.

    Joy’s cousin Pat spent the day cooking a nice little 12 lb turkey, and a HUGE Prime Rib. I cooked up some fried chicken wings, and Joy made some cresent roll wrapped lil smokies. My mom even made a Thai dessert which was quite the crowd pleaser, so much that they made sure that i left it when i was getting ready to go home.

    After all the little ones got ready for bed, we brought out the poker chips, and the gambling gene seemed to come out from everyone. I was the first one knocked in the first game, but won out the second game so i was up $10.00 by the end of the night. It was a very nice night of food, family, and future family. Pictures here.

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    Pre Thanks Dinner

    Thanksgiving Eve is normally one of my favorite nights of the year because usually everyone is back into town and its the only time when friends have anytime before they’re stuck with family before the rest of the weekend.

    This year we made the trek out to Hollywood to meet up with Roland for dinner at uWink the ” Social Entertainment Restaurant.” Basically every table has monitors built in where you can order drinks, food, and play games together, but i found that the system actually hinders any sort of conversation around the table. Imagine eating dinner with a laptop in front of everyone’s face. Pretty much useless in my opinion, especially if you have two hungry people sharing the same monitor trying to figure out what to eat. At least the food was decent, and the the hamburger stuffed with shortribs, fries, and onion strings were pretty good.

    Afterward we went to Jimmy’s Lounge for drinks with Emily and Andrew. I was already dead tired at this point, but enjoyed a few vodka tonics before we called it a night. It was nice to get out of the westside after not really leaving for about a month.

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    Local Tourist

    Saturday night my orginal plan was to head down to Cerritos to for an early Thanksgiving dinner that my high school friend Toan invited me to. That was the plan at least, but after a morning hike at Temescal canyon, and a walk around Melrose to check out the Burton flagship store, and a few other fun stores down the street the thought of driving down to Cerritos tired my mind out.

    Instead we picked up Ben and went to watch 007 Quantum of Solace. Review after the break. We got out of the movie around 8:30pm and still plenty of time to grab a late dinner. After listing a few places around the area, Ben tempted us to go to Killer Shrimp which sells one single dish, a bread dipping shrimp broth. Sadly when we drove there it was closed, and our appetites had been set. The only possible solution that would have it was Bubba Gump’s. Joy and I have been avoiding most touristy places in Santa Monica, but there was no choice that night.

    We ordered it up since it will probably be the only time we visit the place even though we pass by it every week when we go running. We satisfied our craving by ordering the dippin’ broth, some clam chowder, hush puppies, seafood basket, and of course some beer. I went ahead and got the 22oz that came with a take home glass. We chowed down on the slightly underseasoned food, finished our drinks and enjoyed all the 80s early 90s music before we finished the night.

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    Slow Cooking

    We’ve been trying out recipes using our crock pot for the up coming holiday season. Two weeks ago we made yummy pot roast, and last weekend slow cooking some pork butt and making a weeks worth of bbq pulled pork. We invited the Wangs over for Sunday dinner, and we ate pulled pork sandwiches watched Pineapple Express,and finished it off with some green tea mochi. We had to keep a watchful eye on noah as he’s starting to climb up everything and just pulling out everything he can get his mitts on. We’ll need to baby proof the living room for future gatherings.We had enough left over to make more pork sandwiches, pork salads, and a pork pizza for the rest of the week’s meals.

    There a few more recipes that we want to try out, but it really is a weekend thing only because we can be letting food cook on its own for 6-8 hours, but i guess we can take the risk and try.

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    One big ostrich egg

    Episode 2 saw Fabio winning one for the yelpers and Jill getting eliminated not so much for her food but most likely for her unability to defend her self to stay in the competition in the elimination jury. This season just doesn’t seem as interesting yet without a villian to jeer at and a particular contestant to cheer for, but i think i secretly root for Gene the ghetto guy from Hawaii, although i am torn for rooting for Fabio since he does have a restaurant in Los Angeles. I always a local fan in any sport.

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    One week later

    So its been a little over a week now with the G1 so i figured i would give another recap of my experiences with the Google Phone. To start off i found out that the weakest part of the phone is definately the camera. In low lights, there’s no way that the camera can take a real image, and even in full daylight sometime is struggles to snap right away. Even if can get a good shot, the color is totally blue. Sure i can fix it in photoshop, but who wants to do that for every photo they take. The next part which i could’ve guess now that i’m using more of the phone’s functions (GPS, more apps) the battery will barely last me the whole day without a recharge. I got a little spoiled with my minimal functionality razr that would last for a week, so i don’t take this completely negatively.

    For the good, i’ve had really good reception with Internet connectevity whether its the G3, or Edge network. I’ve been getting some really good usage out of the GPS whether its for google maps, or playing some GPS based games. The phone has of course kept me on top of my game with emails, calendar events, and of course sports scores. I also figured out that i can just drag and drop music files, and movie files onto the microSD card and play them directly from the phone. Pretty nice feature that i don’t need a third party software to update the phone.

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    re: Top Cheffing

    My Bad.

    My sister informed me that my last post was incorrect. I actually blogged about what i was thinking in my head while the judges were in deliberation. Both newbies did get eliminated from competition.

    I blame it on that i’ve been waking up at 7am everyday, and I’m starting to pass out on the couch by 10pm, and i don’t remember what i was watching the night before.

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    Top Cheffing

    My highly anticipated TV show Top Chef Season 5 (New York) started this past week. The season started with a twist with the First Quick Fire elimination of the show’s history. Pretty sad moment when it came down to two chefs that knew each other, and amazingly the youngest/student chef made it past the quick fire elimination and even the Real Challenge of cooking ethnic foods based on different parts of New York.

    Amazingly the newbie made some teriyaki noodle dish and passed it off as Chinese food and made it through to the next round. I smell some producers getting their hands on the elimination choice. Its Bravo TV so of course they’re Yah! for Gay. Hopefully the next rounds will prove more believable of eliminations.

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    Signs of Winter

    Joy had to remind me that my theme was old, so with the opening of Mammoth Mountain i had to also get to updating my website.

    Lost Winter 2009 is meaning that this winter is pretty much a lost because i don’t plan on seeing much snow this year, and also because we were pretty much lost in the back country of Jackson Hole last year. Seriously we were asking people which way was out, but sadly no one gave us an answer. Assholes.

    If you guys are planning on hitting the slopes this year, i can at least provide you some helpful links.

    Ski Dazzle – December 4-7

    Los Angeles Convention Center http://skidazzle.com/

    Sierra Snowboards

    50% off snowboard equipment and gear.


    Flight to Mammoth

    Announcement of Flights beginning December 18, 2008