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    National Basketball Association 08-09

    October 28, 2008 – Lakers begin the 2008-2009 NBA season by soundly beating the young run and gun Portland Trailblazers 96-76. The hype built up with the hopes lying on both teams young big men. It started off with Andrew Bynum jumping it off against Greg Oden, but in the end none of the young-ins looked as impressive as the veterans. Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Bynum or any of the guys under 25 made a significant impact on the game, where as Pau Gasol had full control of the 1st half, and of course Kobe took care of the second half after getting fired up by being bumped…

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    BK Wedding

    Saturday Joy and I attended the dinner reception for Bryant and Kim. It took a bit of time to get all 300 people organized and seated to get dinner started. The menu was large ordeal with the usual ten courses but it just couldn’t keep up with the alcohol. By the time the 5th or 6th dish came out we were already out of beer, and running low on the hard alcohol really fast. Everything was really well done from the slide show, to the tribute to Kim’s late father. I hope my events go through smoothly, and it was nice to see Kim loosen up for her big day.

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    an Announcement and an Apology

    I’m engaged. I proposed to Joy back on June 22, 2008. I never wrote about it before because i felt it was too impersonable to have people find out about it via email, text message or blog posting, but i failed to be able to tell everybody in the time since we decided to move up our wedding date from originally the beginning of September 2009 to the beginning of March 2009. I realized this with a posting i got from a good friend in New York that i meant to call, but through my inert unability to just pick of the phone to call, and the hustle of my…

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    Pipe Dream

    A few months ago i went to take some pictures for a client at work for their copper re-piping business. I was planning to use them all over their site, but for some reason they didn’t like any of them. With all these pictures lying around i uploaded them to iStockphoto just to see i could make a few bucks. Now those few bucks are paying off big time. I guess it makes sense since i normally go there to look for stock photos but couldn’t find any that i needed and therefor had to shoot my own. Eight pictures have yielded 68 downloads for $79.44 in four months. In…

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    I-totally-injured-myself soreness

    Sunday we woke up at the butt crack of dawn (i guess even before dawn since the sun wasn’t even up yet) to head to Union Square to support Joy on her Nike Women’s Marathon. I figured that it wasn’t going to be a problem to run it since i already ran one last year, but this was a completely different race. There were hills and hills after hills. The views were much better and the weather overcast the whole time, and i didn’t take off my running jacket the whole time. By mile 6 of 13.1 i started to feel a twinge in my hip, and i had to…

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    Out and about in SF

    This weekend there was a bazillion things going on around the city. After sleeping in Joy and I headed down to Chinatown for breakfast, and afterwards headed down to the Fisherman’s Wharf to meet up with Ben who also happened to be in the city. We stumbled upon a part of the wharf that i’ve never seen before, full of souvenir shops, and cheesey restaurants. We stumbled upon a trolley pulling contest, but there was also a soap box race going on, and a ski jump contest near the stadium. Figured that since so many people were in the city for the Nike Women’s marathon, so thats why so many…

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    Mozza Finale

    So our dear chef Kobe has decided to take the next culinary step and is leaving his position as Chef De Cuisine of Mozza Pizzeria. Hopefully in the next few years i’ll be writing about the opening of his very own restaurant. For a last meal as you may, I met up some of the guys from B’s bachelor party for one final meal of gluttony, and celebration. If you look closely on the table there are seven pizza pies ranging from clams, meat lovers, truffle cheese, anchovies, to a broccoli pizza. Strange? yes, delightful?, some of them. We finished off two bottles of wine, a glass of prosecco each,…

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    Sunday Relaxo

    Joy planned a day of shopping with her cousins which left me to my own devices. Meaning lots of football, fantasy sports, and of course bad sci-fi movies. Today’s selection was Starship Troopers 3 – Marauder. I’ve been a huge fan of the first movie, and watch it everytime it comes on TV. I watched about half of the second movie, but it was such a low budget movie i couldn’t finish it. I didn’t have much of an idea of what the thrid one was going to have, but i have to say i enjoyed it, up until the end. They even brought back the original actor who played…

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    Hanging out with Hannah Montana

    Spent saturday studying the habits of a seven year old. I had to count backwards to figure out what grade you’re in when you’re seven. Then i had to remember what i was interested in when i was 2nd grade, and man i was still into all the Transformers or what ever cartoon was on TV at the time. So Hannah Montana was the name of the game. Plenty of pink and cake to go around for everyone. I still don’t have quite the attention span to take on four kids at a constant pace. I obviously don’t have the energy that i thought i did to keep up with…

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    This past weekend was another busy one. Friday night i felt like going out to eat somewhere a little nicer than sizzler so i took Joy out to Literati2, but we ate so much that we didn’t get to enjoy the churros. It was a nice dinner before the start of the weekend. Saturday i gave Joy a chance to get some studying done by heading out to Burbank to play golf with Roland and his brother Jeff. It was a good time, even with a light drizzle throughout the afternoon. Luckily i kept enough shots straight enough to overcome Roland’s last victory in Palm Springs. On the way back…