Best Breakfast Sandwich

Sunday morning i decided to make a modified best breakfast sandwich ever.

First Start off by frying up some sliced potatoes to make hash browns. In another pan cook up some cubed spam, and onions.  After their done cooking scramble up some eggs with the spam and onions and finally some tomatoes and cheese.  Finally lay them on upon some toasted bread, lettuce and a little ketchup and mayo. There you have the best sandwich in the world.


  1. OMG gross!
    how on earth does your stomach handle you anymore?

  2. very well, thank you.

  3. Debbie

    I think that looks good. You can’t go wrong if there is spam in there! I like how most of your posts are about food. 🙂 When are you cooking for us???

  4. beakatude

    Tasty tasty tasty…my tummy is growling now.

  5. Joy

    I was so hung over still from Friday that my stomach couldn’t handle all of it.

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