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    Two Nine

    Only one year left until i hit the three oh! mark. I can’t believe that its getting there, but i can’t complain since beting 28 treated me well. I celebrated the new age by heading out to K-town with a few friends, for some beer, ok lots of beer, and soju. We went to this place called Crazy Hook, in what i could describe as the TGIF of Korea, The place is decked out in Pirate theme, and serves beer by the CCs out of beer towers up to three feet tall. In all we finished off three 5000cc’s of budweiser and a Patron bottle of peach soju. I was a little worried when i was double fisting a glass of soju along with a glass of beer. Fun times, but i totally forgot to take a picture with the pirates at the front of the restaurant.

    Afterwards the guys from the office said that we should head out to Little Temple for a night cap, but mainly so that they could actually have girls that they could hit on. Korean girls are probably a little too strong for their taste. The bar ended up being a sausage fest, and 100° inside so we didn’t stay too long, but for my final birthday prize we ordered up some bacon wrapped hotdogs for dessert, with all the fix’ins. Joy got me home nice and safe, and i have to say i love K-town.

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    Me: 10 Nina:19

    Saturday we continued our pre-birthday fun by going to Dland. We picked up some birthday pins at city hall, and headed out into the park. The employees are told generally to “Make every guest feel special” and one of the easier ones to do is say Happy Birthday to a pin wearer. Throughout the day we kept count, and Nina handily beat me 10-19. I’ll let her have this win, but i’ll win the “how many shots did you take” contest.

    Just by coincidence just as the fireworks were going to go off, we found out a pair of Joy’s friends were there too, just happening to be standing right next to us in the middle of main street.

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    Pre-Birthday Dinner

    Nothing like being able to celebrate my birthday along side with the sister. Especially more now since she now lives on the other side of California. Dinner wasn’t exactly planned this way, but it was bound to happen in this family. I had some gift certificates to Lawry’s that were going to expire so we gathered up the family for some prime rib and creamed corn.

    I’m not sure if its we just don’t care anymore, or that we’re just that much of a regular now, but we seriously dress like crap when we go there now, especially rolling up in the family van. Dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops is the only way to roll in where people are dressed in suits and dresses for a nice sit down dinner. I love it, and would not have it any other way.

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    Delayed reaction hangover

    I was able to hand three days straight of drinking, staying up late and otherwise painting the town green, without a tinge of pain. I even went through Saturday and Sunday without any real sleep, and i had no problem getting through the day. What can i say, i don’t like to sleep when the sun is up. I thought i was in the clear until Monday morning hit me like a boomerang. I had difficulty getting out of bed, but finally did since i was parked on the street sweeping side of the street. I made it to work, and i thought i was going to be alright, but my brain just wasn’t kicking in. I popped a couple advils, and did as much work as i could, and finally had to call it a day, and head home to sleep it off.

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    Bryant’s Bachelor Dinner

    Bryant celebrated his last remaining days as a bachelor by having his friends fly out to vegas to eat. We spent 3 wholes days there, just to eat one meal, because thats all you do for a bachelor party of course. We had Reservations at Carnevino in the Palazzo, another Mario Batelli restaurant so of course, the star treatment was administered. The dinner started at 8pm, and didn’t finish until a bit past midnight. Four hours is a long amount of time to eat one meal, but when you’re served over 18 dishes, and grill 4 60 ounce steaks, it can take some time to prepare.

    We were treated to basically our own room, and personal service from what seemed like their entire staff. We started with a complimentary bottle of champaign to get us started, and from there we started one amazing meal. I don’t even remember what we received, but basically we got a tasting of over half the menu in one seating. In one meal i had my first taste of sweet breads, beef tartar, beef carpaccio, and lardo.

    After the appetizers I was ready for the main course of a rib eye to share for 2. Lo and behold 5 orders of pasta came to the table, compliments of the chef of course. The best out of all of them was the Ravioli Di Stracotto (duck livers), and i normally don’t like liver, but this was damn good.

    Finally the main course arrived, and we were in awe and in shock of the size of steak that we were ill-prepared to feast upon. They cut the steak table side, along with some of the best green beans ever. Some suffered more than other, but it was delicious, and i actually almost finished my share of the steak.

    As the finisher we were served some Prickly Pear Sorbet, hand picked from the desert of Nevada, and 4 other desserts, and finally an entire bottle of what someone called a digestivo. To me it was basically just taking six ounce shots of hard liquor considering it was like 60 proof.

    I was ready to die afterwards, but we had other things to do that night. Like, … uh … drink, ya … drink.

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    Back to full strength

    Last night I kind of had to force myself to stay up as Roland’s friend’s were running a bit late. We started by having a few predrinks to start the night, then a few more. Finally we arrived to Fais Do-Do in midcity for what else, more drinks. It sure was a strange scene, as there was the most short, non-dwarfism, people i’ve been around, a group of gay guys, another group of lesbians. They had a pretty cool band that was composed of a dj, a couple horn instruments, keyboardists, and 3 singers/rappers. The music was really flowing, and they sung about the strangest topics, including being lactoce intolerant.

    Finally we decided to leave, and as i headed out the door i felt a rumbling in the tummy, and out came some foam, and some liquids right after. We went back to the westside for some pastrami and fries to soak some alcohol up, and off to dream land i went. Thankfully i woke up without a tinge in the head. Good enough to take a five mile run in the afternoon.

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    Best Breakfast Sandwich

    Sunday morning i decided to make a modified best breakfast sandwich ever.

    First Start off by frying up some sliced potatoes to make hash browns. In another pan cook up some cubed spam, and onions.  After their done cooking scramble up some eggs with the spam and onions and finally some tomatoes and cheese.  Finally lay them on upon some toasted bread, lettuce and a little ketchup and mayo. There you have the best sandwich in the world.

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    More bounce to the house

    Labor day weekend ended at the Costa Mesa, with Shane and the gang throwing a little bbq, along with a bounce house. They cooked up a good amount of meat, from beef ribs, pork ribs, corn, and carne asada. Joy and I baked some cream puffs in the morning, and plenty of other deserts also arrived.

    The bounce house was fun, until i started getting motion sickness from all the food and beer in the stomach.
    John and his buddies found another way to enjoy the bounce house, by jumping off the roof of the house onto the roof and columns of the poor thing. I wasn’t having anything to do with it, so for most of the day we rocked out to rock band.

    It was also pretty cool seeing a few people i haven’t seen for some 6-8 years, namely mr. Peter Chabay. The guy used to pick up me up in the morning to drive me to school before i turned 16. I picked up quite a bit of music from him ranging from Metallica, to Joe Satriani. I may not listen to them, but at least i know who, and what they sing.