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    Training for vegas

    Friday night we went out to Pasadena to celebrate’s Joy’s friend’s birthday with a little food, and a whole lot of alcohol. We picked a place called Brenart to eat where you could buy wine from a specifc store and there wouldn’t be an uncorking fee. The place didn’t really have any “cheap” wine, and carried a few napa brands that we’ve visited. We picked out a red and a white and headed to the restaruant. The place was awefully quiet for a friday night, but i figured it was because of the holiday weekend.

    The rest of our party slowly arrived, and eventually we ordered. The food did take a surprisingly long time to make, but i figured that our party of 10, and another party of 8 got seated at the same time, so they had to whip together some 20 dishes all at the same time. The food was actually delicious, especially the scallops and risotto. The steak was prepared nicely but we didn’t eat it fast enough and by the end it cooked itself to well done.

    We ended up finishing the two bottles that we brought, another bottle that the chef gave to the birthday girl, and were quite toasty. We wanted to have more drinks so we walked next door to do shots of vodka, and a few of us decided to keep the party going a little longer and headed to a friend’s friend’s house. There I ended up having another two beers, and another shot of vodka. Wow, i’m going to be in trouble in a few weeks when i head to vegas. My body just can’t take that sort of abuse anymore.

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    Who’s Game?

    Last weekend Joy and I went to Target to buy her friends some baby gifts since they are due in a few weeks. While shopping i stopped by the electronics section, and to my surprised I actually saw a wii for sale there, and sitting right next to it was Mario Kart too. I was really tempted at buying the wii too, but thought i would let some other kid in need to have a chance to buy it. Mario Kart is one of the harder games to find, and the only one left that i probably need is wii fit.

    The game itself is pretty fun, and a lot more challenging than previous titles. For once tilting the controller while turning really affects how your kart moves! Now only if the next version allows my mouth to be open  which makes the kart go faster, then i’m golden.

  • Annual COC Golf Tournament,  Golf

    Afternoon Tee

    It wasn’t an officially sanctioned COC tournament, but it still needed to be done. After a year layoff the gang (smaller in size) got together for another golf tournament. If i’m still living out on the westside, it’ll probably be the last out to Palm Springs. I had to wake up at 4:30am so that i could get to Roland in Hollywood by 5:00am, so that we could get to Brock in Corona by 6:30am, so that we could get to our 8:40am tee time.

    The course was very well maintained, but noticed that they recently aerated the greens, so they weren’t rolling as true. The course had many landing areas that weren’t completely visible to from the tee box, but that’s part of the fun of different courses. I was actually very happy with how i played for the day, ending up with four pars, but sadly at the end of the day round up in third place even if i led for most of the day. Roland took his first golf tournament so he was pretty happy.

    300 miles of driving, five hours in 100°+ weather, and gallons of water i got back home around 6:00pm. I took a shower got into bed, and woke up 12 hours later.

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    Happy Birthday Dad

    Sunday night we headed to Cerritos to have a Birthday dinner for the pops. I actually got him a present after a few years of not getting him anything. I found a really nice honolua shirt on the way back from Malibu. We went and got some Thai food, and just hung out for the rest of the evening. He’s been having a pretty good time on retirement. Just hanging out with friends, going on road trips to Seattle. You know, stuff you would do if you had the free time.

    Not much going on during the weekends lately. Its actually been pretty relaxing being able to wake up late (past 8:00 am) go for some exercise, eat some nice meals, and go visit friends and family. This weekend was no different. Joy and I took a hike up in Malibu to see some waterfall which by Los Angeles Magazine the easiest to get to. It was a little weird getting to the area because its surrounds by these mansions that have a view to the ocean.

    When we got into the meat of the hike it got a little creepy with no one else around, and high brush all around. I think i’ve been listening to the news about mountain lion attacks too much, because i had to pick up a rock just in case. Luckily we saw some older lady jogging back towards us with out a care in the world, and another lady catching up with us with dog in tow. When we finally reached the waterfall it was pretty unspectacular. I’m sure in the spring its a much better sight, but it was just stinky

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    i am 8 bit

    Last night was the opening of the 8 bit art show in hollywood. So Joy, Roland, and I headed out of feet to the heart of hollywood, but i already knew we were never getting in. LA is all about nostalgia from the 80s, and the crowd around the store proved me right. The line circled down about a block just to get inside. Thankfully the glass windows showed a glimpse of whats inside with the huge piranha plant at the window sill. The art show runs until september, and if you’re not lucky enough to see it in person, flickr has got a ton of pictures of the event already.

    So instead we decided to to greed it out by eating at Lucky Devils for a very surprising, tasty, and surprisingly expensive dinner. We started off with a few beers, and decided to split all our dishes and ordered the Kobe beef fire burger, the bbq beef sandwich and a full rack of ribs. All the food was quite tasty and we managed almost to eat it all (a homeless guy enjoyed the rest) and we all left stuffed to the end. Overall we spent $90 for all three of us. Little more than i would expect to spend of some burgers and ribs, but i guess its what you get when you land on the high rent district.

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    un-unfinished business

    Friday night Joy and I used the tickets that we got from the shortened viewing of the Dark Knight, and went to watch The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. After the show we sneaked into a showing of Batman that was inline with our movie and caught the last 20 minutes of what we missed. Yes it was a little anticlimactic, especially with what happened the previous 120 minutes of the movie, but i thought it was a pretty good movie.

    I can’t say the same about the Mummy. Overall it was a terrible movie, with a bad story line, bad cast (beyond fraser and john hannah), and uninteresting special effects. Although if it ever came on TV at any time of the day i would totally sit and watch the whole thing. The movie had a good basis of a plot in the beginning until it oddly turned into a mixture of the plot of the first two mummy movies, a little indiana jones, hong kong kung fu jet li movie, and a unbelievable relationship movie. Too bad Rachel Weisz wasn’t in the movie, and they didn’t cast a younger actor to play their son. Well that and came up with an actual original storyline, oh and maybe didn’t include the Dragon, what the hell was the point for that?

    I’ll just pretend that it was a made for TV series based on the Mummy movies. Something like the Clueless TV show.

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    In another life

    In another life i once wanted to have the job of Adam Moran. Travel the world, hang out with some friends, ride some unbeilable mountains, and of course take pictures as a career. I guess i’m still trying to live that dream with my yearly trips out of state in the winter, but the experiences aren’t probably as intense. Every trip i learn a little about how to shoot, what to shoot, and of course just trying to enjoy the moment than worry about getting the shot.

    Think i still have a future in it?

    2002 Brekenridge

    From Breckinridge

    2005 Whistler

    From Whistler, Can…

    2006 Whister

    From Whister, Cana…

    2007 Vail

    From Vail, Colorado

    2008 Jackson Hole

    From Jackson Hole, Wy
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    Afternoon away from work

    Our youngest one at WORK finally turned 21 for the first time this week. As with all big occasions we took the afternoon off for some pizza and beer at Mozza. We ordered a few apps, three pizzas, and some 23 beers. Some were buzzed, some were drunk, and i was just sleepy.

    Afterwards we headed to the Staples center where we thought we were going to get special treatment also, but we ordered the wrong passes and we were stuck back up in the nose bleed section. It was ok, at least i got to see the press room, which was interesting.

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    Last night Roland invited me out to Little Temple to check out someone he calls the Hip Hop Violinist. We charged head first getting there and getting down a couple vodka tonics. There were DJs mixing songs that i knew so i happy enough to just hang out and have a drink. I was really interested in seeing what this guy could do. We waited and waited, and waited, but couldn’t make it past midnight, and decided to go home. Now after seeing clips of the guy i’m very disappointed of my old age and lack of staying up late.

    On a better note Joy and I went to a pretty awesome ice cream shop called Scoops over by LACC who serves all sorts of interesting flavors, and a menu that changes daily, and sometimes hourly if something sells out.
    Pretty hippy theme with vegan stuff and with a Bicycle Kitchen next door.