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    Finally after two years my phone contract is up, and it looks like i’ve decided to get an iPhone. I think the iPhone 3G has finally added enough features to make it worth while to get one, and it’ll be a far departure from my gen 1 Razr. I figured that there would be a huge line for the first week or so, but i stopped by the Santa Monica Apple store to find a store twenty minutes before the advertised opening. Soon i realized that they were open since 8:00am, and there was a line about 30 deep already, and also that the wait time was only 3.5 hours. It basically breaks down to 15 minutes a person to purchase and activate, two workers doing it, so a grand total of 8 phones sold an hour. Thats the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard of. The only phone they didn’t have was the 16gb black one, but they said they had plenty of the rest. Greedy AT&T.

    Needless to say i decided to skip it, and went to get a corn dog instead.