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    Painting (non)Party

    Saturday started out in the south bay, and was suppose to end up in Marina Del Rey, but that didn’t happen. I took Joy out of Santa Monica, for a change of scenery for our weekend run by taking her down to Manhattan/Hermosa Beach. We enjoyed similar but different views of the ocean, and the general public, and she actually got mad at me for not taking her down sooner. Hey a guys got to keep a few things up his sleeve right? We ran from one pier to the other and back for about 5 miles, and finally had brunch at Uncle BIll’s Pancake House for some cornbeef hash, and pancakes.

    We headed back home and stopped by Home Depot to pick out a new color for our bedroom because we came to realize that our original green was probably a bit too intense for our old eyes. We picked out a “teepee” brown, to hopefully calm down our nerves. I guess i got a little too ambitious and painted right through the evening festivities at Crystal’s place. I guess it might have been for the better as they drank all night long, and probably with not so pleasant results. We even got a new quilt cover and lamp to go with our new coloured walls.

    The guys seem to be enjoying it.

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    mmmm, fishie

    There used to be a Japanese festival that my family would visit when i was kid. My memories are pretty hazy, but i do remember a certain carnival game of tossing ping pong balls into glass bowls to win gold fish. I’m very happy that there’s another Japanese center in West LA that throws the same Oban Festival once a year. They’ve got a bunch of food booths, a kirin beer booth, and also the golf fish game. We paid our dollars and tossed the balls away. Sadly one by one each richocheted and bounced away. Thankfully one of the older men there called us back as we walked away and handed us a golf fish anyway. He must of felt bad that we really wanted one, but didn’t win it. We call him Fishie, and Penguin is already trying to be friends.

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    Finally after two years my phone contract is up, and it looks like i’ve decided to get an iPhone. I think the iPhone 3G has finally added enough features to make it worth while to get one, and it’ll be a far departure from my gen 1 Razr. I figured that there would be a huge line for the first week or so, but i stopped by the Santa Monica Apple store to find a store twenty minutes before the advertised opening. Soon i realized that they were open since 8:00am, and there was a line about 30 deep already, and also that the wait time was only 3.5 hours. It basically breaks down to 15 minutes a person to purchase and activate, two workers doing it, so a grand total of 8 phones sold an hour. Thats the most idiotic thing i’ve ever heard of. The only phone they didn’t have was the 16gb black one, but they said they had plenty of the rest. Greedy AT&T.

    Needless to say i decided to skip it, and went to get a corn dog instead.

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    The Dark Knig

    158 Million dollars on opening weekend, and i was 10 dollars of that. Sadly i should’ve only given 8, since the movie cut out with about 20 minutes left of the film.  It was really late, and the AC seemed to be turned off so I decided that i didn’t want to sit and wait for them to fix the film. Therefor now i’m stuck with not wanting to sit through two hours of the movie to catch the last part of the movie.

    I did think the movie was absolutely great, but i really can’t stand being in a theater for that long. So now what do i do? Go watch another movie and try to sneak into another batman screening, or do i just “get” a copy and watch it at home? I just don’t know what to do.

    Heath Ledger for MVP. Serious i really couldn’t see him behind the makeup, and he did an extraordinary job playing the demented antagonist. Unfortunately for Bale, there was no way he could upstage him by playing the very dull Batman. Go see it, its worth it.

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    Vacation recap

    The vacation is over and everything is back to normal with life, work, and planning. The California roadtrip was a pretty fun, and interesting visiting new places, and eating at some awesome spots. With a little advice from friends, consulting yelp, and just following my sister we ended up visiting seven cities, bought two bottles of wine, ate at six great spots, and put on over 1000 miles on Joy’s corolla.

    We saw the fishies at the Monterey Aquarium, ate some oysters at Tomales Bay, tasted a few cheap wines Solvang, and a couple expensive wines at Pride in Napa. Had some tasty brazillian ceviche, and fried smelt at Bossa Nova. Enjoyed the best lamb ever and learned that Absinthe is completelly disgusting at 25° Brix. We visted the storied 18th hole at Pebble beach, and ate an ice cream sandwich just off the green. So much food and wine that i’m actually glad that they’re mostly up north so i wouldn’t be tempted to eat there more often.

    Nothing too exciting happened, but i think it was the vacation that my mind and body needed after a few hectic months at work.

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    Back to the bay

    Normally July represents fireworks, bbq’s, and the beach, but this year all it meant was vacation. After a few weeks of manning the fort as Jonathan and Chrissie took off for their vacation, i took a few days to take a drive up the coast to see the fishies in Monterey, the grapes in Napa, and the oysters further up north. Oh and the sister in the bay.

    I’ll have more about the trip when i’m back tomorrow.

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    Meeting Gloomy Bear

    Fourth of July couldn’t come fast enough this year with the Anime Expo coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center. I can’t say that i can recognize many of the current hits, but was able to recognize most of the people dressed up at the convention since most of them stuck with the Final Fantasy series, and other modern day role playing games. The show apart from the cosplay people was a bit disappointing because it was more like every anime store came to sell their goods, and less of the actual artists or companies were there. We did see a few interesting booths, mostly selling costumes, and other unique items, but most were just selling the same gundam models, manga, or movies.

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    Baron Davis comes home

    Monday night i was on ESPN.com just catching up with the current events when i saw the latest headline saying the Baron Davis opted out of the final year of his current contract. At that moment, i said he was coming back to LA to play for the Clippers. Last night my prediction became true as he signed a 5 year, $65 million dollar contract to play for the Clips. Once Brand re-ups for another 4-5 years the Clippers are going to have a team to compete for the attention of LA. This got me just as excited when the Lakers signed Pau Gasol. With a team of probably Davis, Mobley, Thorton, Brand, and Kaman, and a few good bench players, they sure do like a strong team to compete with again.

    Time to plan to watch a few more basketball games this coming year.

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    Most depressing funniest movie

    Wall-E may come down as the most insightful, funny, yet depressing movie of all time. Trying not to spoil too much of the movie, it basically its about a robot all by himself cleaning up the over consumption of man kind aided by the huge corporation Buy N Large. I’m not sure if they were planning on the timing or what but they sure did pick the right year to have this movie come to theaters, with all the green/world saving talk going around in the country and the world. I still can’t say if i liked the movie or not, because it made me laugh, but i still left with some sort of depressed feelings about it.

    The movie does point out one more life lesson, cockroaches will still be there in the end.