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    On the job shooting

    The big day for Andy and Jen arrived, and perhaps an even bigger day for me. I knew that i’ve shot thousands of photos before but none as moment specific as this. After the day was over my batteries were dead, my laptop was full, and my body felt like it just ran a marathon. I hope that my sister did well with her wedding, because i even had Joy shooting with me, and still felt like we were all over the place, i couldn’t imagine doing it solo. I learned a lot, and still have a ton to learn for future photography, but i don’t know if i’m willing to do another wedding.

    I haven’t totaled up how many i shot, but it was 12 gigs worth of jpg, and raw files. Joy helped out tremendously, and got her fair of great shots. Its going to take me a while to sort through all of them, but hopefully i can finish them by next week.

    Finally we were feeling achy all over so we went down to Alhambra to get a foot massage, which ended up being a full body massage. Good stuff, but i think it made my body even more hurty today.