Uncomfortable gas


I now know why babies cry when they have gas. Last week what started off as just a little annoyance, went to full blown pain in the stomach. I’m not sure what i ate to make my digestive tract off track but i hope i don’t make the same mistake. For almost 5 days i had a pain in my stomach area that felt like i had fart, but nothing would come out and it was just sitting there taunting me. I even got the chills one night, and so cold i kept asking joy if she was cold, but she was fine. The company just got new health insurance, but wouldn’t kick in until the beginning in May, so i decided to try my own methods.

I started off by eating tums four at a time, a little ease but didn’t get deep down inside. Then i moved on to prune juice in the hopes that it would clear out the lower section. Finally i took the final steps of buying a laxative. Watching all those movies in the past like American Pie, or Van Wilder with the explosive diarrhea made me not look forward to what lied ahead. I had to prepare myself by making sure i didn’t have any plans, and had plenty of reading material and toilet paper. I finally took the pills and waited. An hour in my tummy started to gurgle, and i thought ok its coming. Another hour passed and a little more gurgling but nothing yet. It actually got late so i risked it by going to bed, knowing that i may have to jump out of bed. Morning came and ding, the timer went off, so i made my way to the bathroom did my business, and amazingly it wasn’t bad at all. The stomach pains had disappated, and finally felt good enough to do go out.


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