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    Uncomfortable gas


    I now know why babies cry when they have gas. Last week what started off as just a little annoyance, went to full blown pain in the stomach. I’m not sure what i ate to make my digestive tract off track but i hope i don’t make the same mistake. For almost 5 days i had a pain in my stomach area that felt like i had fart, but nothing would come out and it was just sitting there taunting me. I even got the chills one night, and so cold i kept asking joy if she was cold, but she was fine. The company just got new health insurance, but wouldn’t kick in until the beginning in May, so i decided to try my own methods.

    I started off by eating tums four at a time, a little ease but didn’t get deep down inside. Then i moved on to prune juice in the hopes that it would clear out the lower section. Finally i took the final steps of buying a laxative. Watching all those movies in the past like American Pie, or Van Wilder with the explosive diarrhea made me not look forward to what lied ahead. I had to prepare myself by making sure i didn’t have any plans, and had plenty of reading material and toilet paper. I finally took the pills and waited. An hour in my tummy started to gurgle, and i thought ok its coming. Another hour passed and a little more gurgling but nothing yet. It actually got late so i risked it by going to bed, knowing that i may have to jump out of bed. Morning came and ding, the timer went off, so i made my way to the bathroom did my business, and amazingly it wasn’t bad at all. The stomach pains had disappated, and finally felt good enough to do go out.

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    Family San Francisco


    My parents have been wanting to see Koa so we decided to take road trip up to visit him. I vowed back in college never to drive back up north, but i have to admit it wasn’t as bad as i remembered. I shared driving duties with my dad, with a bunch of food marinating on the drive up, and arrived in SF around 1pm on Saturday. We spent the afternoon grilling, and frying, and ended up with a feast that we shared with some of Nina’s friends. The rest of the trip was spent taking Koa out to Fort Funston Beach, walking around the city, and of course eating.

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    Lakers best in the west

    Pau Gasol

    I’d like to say thanks to my Lakers for clinching the top seed in the west for first time since 2000. You guys have all done a great job, especially the guys on the bench who never gave up, and always kept motivated. I give my props to Mitch for the entire season from dumping brian cook and maurice evan to bring on defensive minded trevor and of course of the coup of trading for pau, and of course of not giving in and trading mr. kb24. Last night you put together a good effort considering that you blew it a few weeks ago to the same team, and you had to wait till the final game to get home court advantage throughout the conference tournament. I’d like to see the same effort given through the playoffs, and you’ve earned the day off today, but tomorrow we start the second season.

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    Tengo amigos en San Francisco


    Saturday night Joy and I headed out to 944‘s offices on sunset to say see you in San Fran to Kabir and Jessica. Jessica became director of the SF office of 944, so off to the city by the bay they are going. The get together was small but still fun with all the toys that Shane bought for them from Target including another pig light.

    I have to say that for a company based around selling ads, they are doing quite well with the setup they have in hollywood. A wet bar filled with alcohol, a dj booth, disco lights, plasma tvs, and a prime spot on Sunset Blvd. I hope that i’ll be invited to a real office party one of these days.

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    Huntington Beach revisit


    Friday night we took the long venture out to Huntington Beach to go celebrate Joy’s good friend Alyssa’s birthday. It feels like another lifetime when I used to hang out on main street, and drink it up at the likes of Hurricanes, or Fred’s where many memorable moments happened. There was the time Brock was called sexual chocolate by some dudge, or the time Roland totally blew it with the cute bartender.

    This night we were actually off main street and some dive bar called Tumbleweeds. There was a live band with a filipino guy singing covers from Franz, to Journey. Plenty of white girls doing their thing on the dance floor, and all the white guys drinking it up at the bar, and thankfully i know how to totally fit in. Just yell out “shots!” when you get there, and everyone likes you. The night was fun, but the drive back up to SM was a long one.

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    Comida es Muy Bueno


     Some how this week at home became Mexican Dinner themed. On Tuesday we had some fish tacos, and last night we used up the rest of the corn tortillas. Joy busted out some yummy enchiladas, with some guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo. I used the rest of the tortillas to make some turkey taquitos also known as rolled tacos.  Everything came out quite well, and i’m happy to report that i’m not lactose intolerant.

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    Just a friendly grope


    The old anaheim crew got back together to celebrate Robin’s 30th birthday brunch at Foxfire near my old job of Shaxon. Plenty of good laughs, and stories from the past three years of being apart. Everybody is off at their new job, and living an entirely different life than we did when we worked together, and i guess that also include some of us growing some man tits.

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    Manly Purchase


    I was shopping at Target yesterday looking for a small gift for mr. robin’s 30th birthday, but ended up buying my first tool kit. I initially bought it to fix a couple bikes that joy got from her cousins, but  totally put it all to use when finally putting up my two Kazu prints that have just been sitting around on my table looking sad. Busted out the measuring tape, hammer, and level to get everything just right.

    I feel like a caveman with a fresh kill.

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    Flashback 90’s


    I was going through some old photos and stumbled upon a photo, and i’m going to blog about it as if it was 1997.

    This weekend the some of the guys decided to try out snowboarding for the first time, well except for bubba. Shane borrowed his mom’s buick station wagon, and met at his house early in the morning. I didn’t know what to wear except i needed something water proof so i wore my nautica jacket, and two water resistant running pants, but it sure wasn’t the right thing to wear, everything was frozen by the end of the day.

    Anyways as we go to the mountain we had to put on the tire chains at about 3000ft.  We did our best, and thankfully there were some road crews helping us tightening them right. We slowly drove up and the snow really started coming down. Shane was pretty careful just following the car in front of him, and we finally made it to the top in another two hours.

    We made it to Snow Summit, and bubba showed us how to strap in, and we slid over to the lift, and was that an adventure. I think we all fell when we got off. I thought bubba was going to teach us a few things, but he took off after he finished strapping in. Toan, Mike, Shane, and I just looked at each other and went gung ho down the mountain. I eventually made it down the mountain, but not very pretty like.

    At the end of the day, i felt pretty confident and went up to the top of the mountain even though i could barely see anything in front of me because of the snow. I seriously thought i was going to fall off the mountain  at one point. Overall i think i got the hang of it.

    As we were heading out of parking lot our car started to slide and made a 180. That basically freaked us out, on top of the snow was coming down even harder and it was getting darker. The traffic down was bumper to bumper as we caravaned down the mountain.

    It was a pretty fun trip with the guys, and i think we’ll try again soon, well except for toan.