Dodger boos


The dodgers celebrated their 50th anniversary in Los Angeles, but it was all for nothing because of crowds like these. I scored some free tickets from a co-worker and thought it would be great day for a game, but I sure didn’t know you needed to get there four hours before the game to start because of the $30-60 parking around the Coliseum, and the 35,000+ people trying to catch the shuttle from Dodger Stadium.  The line snaked the parking lot four times, and with a wait time around 2-3 hours. Not to mention that there was a energy drink distributing free drinks, but provided no trash cans, and there were only a few port-o-potties scattered around the parking lot made for some very disgusting situations. Nice try guys, but you blew it.


  1. should have just gone to downtown disney and watched it from a sports bar.

    wow that was a lot of people.

  2. beakatude

    Dude, baseball is never worth that amount of torture.

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