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    Dodger boos


    The dodgers celebrated their 50th anniversary in Los Angeles, but it was all for nothing because of crowds like these. I scored some free tickets from a co-worker and thought it would be great day for a game, but I sure didn’t know you needed to get there four hours before the game to start because of the $30-60 parking around the Coliseum, and the 35,000+ people trying to catch the shuttle from Dodger Stadium.  The line snaked the parking lot four times, and with a wait time around 2-3 hours. Not to mention that there was a energy drink distributing free drinks, but provided no trash cans, and there were only a few port-o-potties scattered around the parking lot made for some very disgusting situations. Nice try guys, but you blew it.

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    The first of many to come


    Due to certain circumstances the first wedding of Joy’s college friends came upon us quite quickly. The reception was the normal Chinese Restaurant affair at Ocean Star in Monterey Park. Seating was a bit of an issue, and we lost our table to some old Chinese people that seemed to have taken claim to the front row seating. Thankfully there was room on the next table back, and I got to meet more of Joy’s friends from UCR (pictured above) who happened to also live on the westside. We even did some hustling trading the bottle of Hennessey going to waste for another bottle of wine, and drank the night away.

    I do have to say that Paul and Celine won. After the room deafening clinking of glasses they basically started making out with full tongue action right in the middle of the empty dance floor. I did not clink a glass after that.


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    Hollywood 2fer


    Hollywood is only nine miles away from Santa Monica, yet sometimes i feel like i can get there faster driving up from Cerritos. This week Joy made a double take to Hollywood on consecutive nights to hang out with our respective friends. Thursday night we went out to dinner with Roland to a burger bar that i’ve had only my yelp bookmark for quite a while now. We drove out to his place, then walked about four big blocks to the place, and was happily greeted with a 2-1 drink special till 9pm, and some really tasty fries. The burger was good, but the spicy mayo, was a bit overwhelming so it killed a bit of the taste.

    Friday night we actually stayed up long enough to celebrate Joy’s friend’s birthday out at the Cabana Club next to the Arclight. Its nice to know that the club scene is still the same, but i think more people are smoking more then ever. Long lines, even the guest list line, that takes a good 25 minutes just to get into the place, followed up with 11 dollar drinks. The place had a tent over the outdoor area which literally trapped in all the smoke, and basically killed my buzz. We actually saw Dustin Nguyen of 21 Jump Street fame, so that was an interesting surprise.

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    Back in the driver’s seat


    Today concluded my month of not having a car. I do say that it would have been impossible without the support of Joy dropping me off and picking me up from work so to say i cheated a little would be an understatement. Never the less i managed my life with carpooling, and using the little bmx to get around town when i needed to. It made me really think about how things may be if i could ever afford a place of my own in Santa Monica, but in reality i’ll be need an even more fuel efficient vehicle to get to and from places in the future, maybe even Honda’s new fuel cell car?

    In following up with other things slightly broken, my back seems to be responding to the treatment i’m getting. Its pretty interesting the feeling you get when the doctor cracks your spine, and neck in certain places, but it sure does feel good.

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    Venetian weekend


    This past weekend Joy and I took an impromptu trip out to Vegas last this weekend to celebrate our first date since we don’t really have a day of when we got together. I really didn’t want to bother traveling from hotel to hotel so i booked a room at the venetian since thats where i wanted to go eat at Bouchon, and figured we could go to Tao afterwards. The whole trip was pretty fun, and we even won a little money. I wish we had a one more day to play, but really didn’t have the time off to do it all.

    Bouchon was a pretty fun experience, and pretty good food too. We ordered some awesome duck confit, french onion soup, trout and their mussels and fries. Surprisingly the portions were quite generous, and couldn’t even finish our plates. The only complaint was that our server was very knowledgeable of what the specials were, but far from a black mark on the experience.

    The best part was instead of blowing our money on gambling we hit up a few of their outlets, and got a lot of good deals on clothes and accessories. One dollar beanie anyone?

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    Rolling in the benz


    With the car in the shop i was rolling around in this Mercedes e320 for a day. In the advice of James, i will not try to say something ghetto about the car, but just say no thanks. I felt like a little kid sneaking out their parents car for a joy ride. After driving an Integra, and Civic for most of my adult life, driving this sedan felt like driving a boat down the highway. Parking was a mental pain, as i opted to choose places with extra spaces on all sides just to be safe. I did feel a bit like a yuppie, and it felt good when i rolled up in it for basketball and everyone was like “heeeeeey.”

    In reality i borrowed because its for sale, and i took it down to see if my parents wanted to buy it. So if anyone is interested its got 109k miles, for around $10,000.

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    A cut above the ear


    After more than a year i finally chopped the hair for a more aerodynamic look. It was the right timing as my mom just got back into town, and the heat is just starting to roll into town. I took saturday morning to get a cut at Floyd’s Barber, and my stylist said the cut she gave me took out a lot of the volume and said that i can make myself look from dave grohl to emo, and easy enough to not do anything in the morning. I’m still getting used to it, but i think i like it.

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    In the Body Shop


    I dropped off my car last week to get fixed, and went in to see a chiropractor to check out my sore back.  The car is going to be in the shop for about a month, and hopefully thats all i’ll need for the doctor visits three times a week. To go along with the body fix up its time to cut the hair, but i have no idea what i’m going to do. If anyone has a suggestion i’d be glad for the advice. Maybe with the super mo-hawk, emo hair over the eyes, anything but the short spikes of my yesteryear.