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    Happy Two Eight


    Joy celebrated her 28th birthday all day Saturday.  It started with a pazooki at midnight after i got out of the hospital on Friday, then a trip to the temple with her mom in the morning, and a brand new hair cut and color in the afternoon. The time at the salon took a little longer than expected, so we had to rush home so that she could put on her dress and put on her makeup, but thanks to good planning everybody got there on time, with us being on a few minutes late to dinner at Roy’s. Afterwards a few of us ended up at Broadway Bar because Edison Bar had a crazy line down the street and had a few drinks, and finally the night was over. Happy Birthday Joy.

    Oh except for Sunday where we went to her cousins house where she had two more birthday cakes.

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    I hate taxis.


    Imagine my surprise when i was driving home on friday night when a taxi decided to make a U-turn from the right lane directly in front of me in the middle of the road. Not so surprising i run right into him. You know i hate driving around LAX when i have to pick somebody, or how they constantly drive recklessly on the streets like there’s a monster chasing them, but this takes the cake. Its not reassuring when i told the claims lady what happened, and she laughed and said the same thing happened to her or when the cops on the scene rolled their eyes as if it happens all the time!

    Not to worry, i’m not seriously hurt except for a sore lower back, and i went to cedar sinai for a check up with a prescription for some 600mg ibprofen and even some percocet if i really need it.  Not looking for how long its going to take to get my car fixed, but thankfully the AAA has already waived my deductible even before i drop it off Monday morning.

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    Brokeback Boarding


     The countdown to the annual snowboard trip has hit 7 days. This year was a toss up between going back to Whistler and Heading back east to the home of Brokeback Mountain. Jackson Hole, Wyoming that is, and if you couldn’t guess we’ll be heading to the latter.  They’ve got some crazy back country, and honestly i’m either thinking of getting an avalanche beacon, or a guide but i haven’t decided which would be better. This year’s group is on the small size of five guys, including stalwarts Shane, Bubba, Ben, me, and this year including Shane’s roommate John. This will be the first time out in a city out in the middle of no where, and no real village i think.  I’ll probably have to pack up the wii so that i’ll have something to do when the sun goes down, or else you know what might happen.

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    Hitched in stripes


    What started out to be a simple surprise and propose story got extended by a couple extra hours due to bad weather. Andy gave me a call late last week asking if i could help him out and take pictures of his proposal of his long time girl friend at the airport as she arrived back from a business trip. I hope its not a bad omen, but Jen almost didn’t make it out of Texas due to tornadoes and storms. After a change of plans we had to change airports and meet her at the Ontario airport.

    We all arrived on time, Andy dressed in his rented zoot suit, and all of us hiding out of view. I think everyone loves proposals because all the other people in the terminal were getting quite excited as well. The plane arrived and finally she came down the escalator and eventually spotted Andy waiting for her. Lots of tears, lots of camera captured the entire event, even though i almost blew it, and shane almost missed it. She said yes, so congrats guys even though he should’ve done it in Whistler.

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    Out of body experience


    Not in the metaphysical way, but in the i don’t have any energy to help move around the office. I’ve been sleeping in a bit the past couple days, and today i just didn’t have it in me to really do anything.  Literally my mind is getting a little worn out from all the project scheduling, and dealing with so many new clients.  Don’t ask us how, but we’ve already had more prospective clients in the past month than we did all last year. I guess we’ve finally been listed on Google, and people are finding us there so give us a few more clicks for luck. I’m going to need this weekend to recuperate.

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    Worst holiday ever created


    Reasons why Valentines Day is the worse day ever.

    If you’re single, it only emphasizes that YOU are SINGLE.

    If you’re coupled up, you’re “forced” to do something special, on the same day as everyone else meaning …

    1. Flowers sold at a minimum 100% premium
    2. Restaurants create bad menus, charge extra, and are already overbooked
    3. Instant comparison to other couples activity
    4. More stupid stuffed bears that sing old love songs
    5. Thousands of greeting cards with stupid love announcements. (Unless you send one of these)
    6. Traffic jammed up the wazoo for people trying to make dinner reservations
    7. Pink hearts everywhere, even at the donut shop
    8. Bad infomercials selling stars in the name of love

    Honestly, even you do get everything right, there’s a high chance of failure. I’m just saying.

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    Boobs er… Review of the Day


    Sorry I didn’t hear what you said, i couldn’t hear you over your boobs. The review i read was …

    Eggs Etc.

    I’m not a big breakfast food(boobs) person. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m not much of a morning person. But after a night of slight drunken good times and a morning spent discussing (boobs) breakfast food,€¦

    For the rest of the post.

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    Kazu Kibuishi

    I’ve been thinking that the apartment has been looking a little boring so Joy and I stopped by  Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra to pick up some prints.  We happened to pick two prints “Ninja in the Snow” and “Ghost Bus.” I’m not sure, but i guess you can consider this my first pieces of art that i’ve actually paid for. Simple yet cute is all i can say.  I had no idea who Kazu Kibuishi, but i’m pretty glad i stumbled upon it, because his comics are pretty funny. Its those little hidden gems you find by just looking a little deeper. Like when we happened to pick up Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown at last summer’s San Diego Comic-con.

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    Stone Temple Pilots Live!


    The end of Jonathan’s week o’freedom of child rearing while Janelle went to visit her family in seattle concluded last night at the Wiltern. It just happened to be the right timing for Velvet Revolver to be playing in Los Angeles. Who knew that Korean food went so well before a real rock concert.  Jonathan and I ended up at Soju Town to wait for Nelson. We ordered some bbq pork, and stir-fried kimchi and tofu, and were pleasantly surprised to find bacon in it! We downed a couple hites and a bottle of soju, and we were ready to rock out.

    The concert said it started at 8 but we figured that after a couple opening acts the show would get started around 9, but when we got there they were on stage and had already been performing for 45 minutes.  We did end up getting to hear about 7 songs from guns and roses, stone temple pilots, and even velvet revolver. Those guys truly do have great stage presence, and Jonathan was literally mesmerized by Slash the entire show. It was a bad ass way to get to see three decades of rock bands in one show, and way better than Audioslave, since scott weiland is a better singer than axl rose.

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    Nice work Mitch

    Pau Gasol

    After a career of questionable trades, i.e. Shaq for Odom, Caron Butler, and Brian Grant, and Caron Butler for Kwame Brown, or pretty crappy signings i.e. Smush Parker, this year has redeemed himself.  His earlier trading of Brian Cook and Maurice Evans for Trevor Ariza, i applauded, but with the recent transaction to get Pau Gasol for Kwame, Javaris Crittenton, two first-round draft, and Aaron Mckie who lucked out most (more after the jump).

    With an eventual lineup of Derek Fisher(pg), Kobe Bryant(sg), Lamar Odom(sf), Pau Gasol(pf), and Andrew Bynum(c), and a bench of Ronny Turiaf, Luke Walton, Sasha Vujuchic, Jordan Farmar, and Chris Mihm you’ve got to be excited.  One you add another true low post threat in Gasol with decent outside shooting ability, you push Lamar out of the limelight and back into small forward you set him up to exactly what he likes, playing in the shadows of greater players.  You move basically two former starters to the bench (Luke, Mihm), and finally have a outside shooter of Sasha, who’s finally busted out of the awesome “practice” player finally.

    To put it lightly, i’m excited.