Aged to Perfection


A short list of foods that I’ve grown to appreciate.

  1. Onions (beyond onion rings)
  2. Mustard (i admit to eating rice with ketchup)
  3. Butter (margarine != butter)
  4. Spinach (i always used to choke on it)
  5. Cheese (smoked mozzarella > fake american cheese)
  6. Bacon (instant flavor to any meal)
  7. Sushi (formerly known as fish jello)
  8. Oysters (slimy, yet satisfying)

A shorter list of foods i still don’t like.

  1. Avocado (that means guacamole too)
  2. Mushrooms (fungi)
  3. Olives (black and green)


  1. No guac? How are we friends?

  2. many people ask me that same question.

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