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    Great expectations


    With so much uncertainty at the end of the year, i’m not quite sure of what to make with the excess of business we have at the moment.  With only a slight push for more business we’ve been inundated with a dozen new leads, as well as a constant flow of our current clients.  The no problem attitude is beginning to bite us in the ass, as most of our clients expect immediate response to all their problems, small or large. Its so bad, that even today a client of a client called and basically yelled at us, asking us why their request hasn’t been done yet.  Its still all new to me, and i know of a couple different way to respond to these people, but i still don’t know which is the right way, for moral sake, and for financial sake.  Lets hope that February will reveal some answers.

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    Wedding Crashers (sort of)


    Saturday night Joy and i headed down to Marina Del Rey to semi-crash Bergt & Wendy’s wedding at the Marriott. It was a big Taiwanese wedding so there wasn’t quite enough room for us, so we showed up after dinner to tag jonathan and janelle out so they could go get Noah, while Joy and I drank up, and danced out the rest of night.  I guess my nickname is quite infectious because when Wendy saw us, she just screamed out “CHIMMMMMMY” while passing by.

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    Its my cake and i’ll eat if i want to


    Happy 1st birthday to Sariah. Another gathering of the neighborhood was a very classic afternoon of bounce house fun, beers, and lots o birthday cake. She’s seem to be pretty advanced walking and talking (baba, juju), and Steve’s trying to get her lungs acclimated to screaming at very high levels already. I doubt that she’ll be able to go louder than Steve, but i don’t think anyone is going to be able to do that. It was also a week of new housing with Roland moving into his new apartment in Hollywood, and Brock finally moving into his newly built house in Corona. To add to that, Joy and i went to downtown Long Beach where we saw two sketchy apartment buildings, that we will not be applying for. Santa Monica, is sure nice.

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    30 Minutes of fame

    New Life, New House

    I got a text message this afternoon from Brock. “Hey yall. Corina and I will be on HGTV tonight at 8 pm. The show is called Design to Sell.”  I had to get my popcorn out for i knew it was going to be good. There’s nothing like seeing a really good friend on cable tv about to get tore up by a TV host about how bad their house was. I love the intro where the host says “buyer beware.” I honestly think this was the first time i’ve ever seen Brock do any sort of work in my life, and i think Corina and Brock did more laughing than actual talking the entire show, but i wouldn’t expect anything less. I do have to commend them for looking very good on camera, and Brock got a little dancing in too.  I’m going to have to find a clip of that somehow.

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    Gone to the Dogs


     Finally after months of bugging, Joy finally allowed me to get my beagle.  She always warned that beagles howl a lot, and they’re a lot of trouble to train, but i think i finally convinced her otherwise.  Now it’ll just be a matter of putting a schedule together for feedings, walkings, and overall care of the dog.  So far he looks pretty comfortable in his new surroundings. Although he’s already got a bad habit of being on the bed.  It was pretty hard to pick because he had so many brothers and sisters, like olaf, and spike, but i think he’s going to be the best of the bunch.

    I also forgot to mention that my sister’s dog has got a blog now, so if you ever wonder what a city dog’s life got going on, on an on going basis check out makakoa.org. Its actually got some really good pictures too.

  • Chef'ing

    Aged to Perfection


    A short list of foods that I’ve grown to appreciate.

    1. Onions (beyond onion rings)
    2. Mustard (i admit to eating rice with ketchup)
    3. Butter (margarine != butter)
    4. Spinach (i always used to choke on it)
    5. Cheese (smoked mozzarella > fake american cheese)
    6. Bacon (instant flavor to any meal)
    7. Sushi (formerly known as fish jello)
    8. Oysters (slimy, yet satisfying)

    A shorter list of foods i still don’t like.

    1. Avocado (that means guacamole too)
    2. Mushrooms (fungi)
    3. Olives (black and green)
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    What do you want to do Sunday?

    Stuck on Highway 18

    How about spend four hours driving down a mountain? Sounds great? Sunday’s drive was like the perfect storm of traffic, if you decided to also throw a earthquake in with it. Imagine three amusement parks closing at the same time, and the only exit out of all the parks has an accident blocking everyone. Beyond the traffic it was a great day for snowboarding.

    Ben, Tiffany, Joy and I spent the night at Tiffany’s cabin in Arrowhead, and Snow Summit in the morning. The snow was still pretty good from last weekend’s snow storm, with lots of coverage all over the mountain. Afterwards, my body was already feeling the burn and thankfully picked up burger before heading down the mountain. Thank goodness because the traffic was a complete burn. We left at 2:30pm, and finally made it home by 8:00pm, and feasted on soon dubu, and pork bulgogi. Yummy.

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    Arrrrrr you ready to play?

    Pirates Pocketmodel Game

     Raise the main sails! Batten down the hatches! Prepare to Fire! and roll the dice …

    I picked up a pack of cards at Target just because i’ve been wanting a pack since comic-con this summer, but just never got around to it.  I still haven’t figured out how to play yet, but just wanted to open it up and build the cool little ships.  This is just the beginning, but soon i will have my armada to sail the seven seas!

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    Supermarket Sweep


    I do my fare share of grocery shopping, and i don’t limit myself to just one store, considering there’s about 7 within a 1 mile radius of my apartment. There’s two Ralphs’, a Trader Joe’s, Smart and Final, Whole Foods, Albertsons, and a couple mini markets along the street. Just within these past couple days i went to four different ones, because i don’t like to plan out my meals for an entire week. These are some random observation of markets around Santa Monica.

    1.) Trader Joe’s – I do have to say is my favorite of the bunch, but the Santa Monica one is a tiny store, and that was true when i went there a few days ago. The produce section was cleaned out of bagged salad, and was running low on other green things. If i didn’t know any better there were was some natural disaster coming and everyone but me was preparing for it. I talked to the register guy, and he said they must have just misjudged this week’s order. Good thing i went only to buy wine, and pepper, and they’ve got cheap butter, and cheap olive oil so i’ll keep coming back, but i still can’t wrap my taste buds around some of their branded sauces and food items.

    2.) Ralph’s is where you’ll find all the lonely people in Santa Monica. Last night i went to exchange my coins at the coinstar machine and proceeded to buy some vegetables since TJ’s produce section even on a normal day can be pretty scarce. I casually walked around and saw one guy maybe in his late 20’s-mid 30’s just with a shopping cart filled with lean cuisine, while on the soup aisle i saw a woman in the same age range shoveling ramen into her cart. Even when i was poor or too lazy to cook would i have ever resorted to that sort of diet. I always made sure i had an onion or tomato so that i didn’t look like a complete idiot in the kitchen.

    3.) Whole Foods – the organic food capital of the world. Seriously with all this “green” happening this year, i would suggest everyone buying huge amounts of shares in the company because its going to make a killing this year. Especially with the costco of all Whole Foods opening up in Hermosa Beach, and one in Orange County its going to drive all those wanna be hippies in droves there. I do have to admit that there ready to bake pizza is damn good, light, and crispy, its a high end mama celeste pizza. I probably wouldn’t care so much, but seriously it all some how creeps me out, especially the people that shop there.

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    What the blind?


    I’ve seriously got like super sight now that i finally went in to get my eyes checked at the Costco Optometrist. I had a pretty difficult time focusing on things in low light situations, and after getting my new contacts i feel like the world has opened up to once again. I knew that my eyes probably got a little worse, but i had no idea how bad it was.  My original prescription was 2.5 from about two years ago,  but that shot up all the way to 3.25! I guess its my fault since i ran out of my normal contacts a few months ago and have been living off an even older prescription of a weaker power.  I had to leave my glasses for two weeks to get the lenses replaced, so its back to wearing contacts for the time being.

    Who knows what possibilities this clears up, from driving at night, to playing basketball. Maybe i’ll actually be able to see how far the basketball hoop actually is!

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    Nice to meat you


     The new year has started off with a bang, or lack there of.  I helped Joy drive out to vegas with her family so that they could get their gamble on, but it was just a big tease for me.  I got kind of stuck as tour guide as we had to take them up and down the strip, but trying to please adults and a kid at the same time is a pretty difficult task in vegas. Overall the trip just makes we want to go back and party it up.  Also the breakfast buffet is the only meal thats probably worth it for me to go to.  I don’t think personally that i pull my weight for lunch or dinner.