On Exhibit



Janelle and Jonathan invited Joy and I to the MOCA for the Murakami exhibit. Murakami as i learned it is an artist from Japan who’s was licensed by Louis Vuitton, and has pieces of art all around the world. Pretty interesting stuff, but i don’t think i would have it up in my home. The artwork is all pretty cartoon’y, but really quite anime and manga with a few pieces being very adult oriented. As i learned that day Murakami has been doing this time of work for some 30 years, and even has a Ph.d in fine arts from Japan. Some of the stuff is pretty psychedelic, and a little scary with the thousand eyes. For dinner we met up with Jonathan’s parent’s for some Japanese food, and some red bean pancakes for dessert.


  1. Dude, I’m am totally moving to LA so I never have to miss out on another outing again! So jealous.

  2. aziz

    i went last night it was cool.

    haha lonesome cowboy!

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