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    Rock Stars in the making


    Last week at my Holiday Party Shane kept raving on and on about Rock Band, and so i had to make a trip down to my old home of Costa Mesa to try it out.  My sister didn’t want to watch Jesse play WoW so she tagged along with Joy and I to rock out.  The mic is pretty intimidating at first but once you yell out that first wail it all just comes flying out pretty easily.  By the third song my voice was already failing me, but it was pretty fun.  Everyone had their chance on each instruments, but it can get pretty distracting if anyone is out of tune, or off track.  Shane and Martin each joined in for their own ballads, but i don’t think any real bands have a fear of us breaking into the business.  The biggest winner is drums, everyone loves pounding away at those.

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    So Fresh, So Clean


    So after two years after IR i finally went in to see my cousin for a good old fashion teeth cleaning. My parents have been bugging me since i don’t currently have a dental plan (don’t worry pish, im looking into it), but the only problem is that he’s way out in Tustin, and its a pretty tough place to get to during the week from Santa Monica. Thankfully he opened up his office on a Sunday for the whole family to come in for a cleaning, including my sister, jesse, and jason. I do have to recommend him and his staff to anyone that does need to see a dentist out in orange county, because he is pretty slick at what he does.

    I was initially quite embarrassed to see family about my teeth because first, i never really liked seeing the dentist, and second, i know i don’t floss as much as i need to. Its hard to hate the dentist when its family. Thankfully i can now just blame my genes since my sister had a cavity the same day, and also my parents don’t have a spotless record either.

    Smile Solutions Dentistry
    17542 Irvine Blvd, Suite D
    Tustin, CA 92780|

    Tell him Johnny sent you.