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    Year in Review 2007


    Best Movie: Transformers
    Slightly cheesy, and a little racists but man was it cool Black Out landed on the army base and then started to transform. The sounds(Peter Cullen), the visuals (Megan Fox), and of course the robots.

    Runner ups: Ratatouille, Knocked Up

    Best TV show : Top Chef
    Amazingly this is still my top show, considering that i didn’t start watching any new show religiously this year so i’ll just repeat myself from last year.

    This is one of those shows that i have no idea why i like it so much. I literally can watch reruns of the show over and over and over again. I guess its the different challenges that make the chefs cook everything from cheetos to foie gras, and the secret desire that i have to be able to cook.

    Runner ups: Heroes, Avatar: The Last Air Bender

    Best Album: Mark Ronson – Version
    I’m a sucker for remixed music, but its even better when its done in collaboration with the actual artists. Its another happy music album.

    Runner ups: Radiohead – In Rainbows, Lily Allen – Alright, still

    Best Concert: Groove Armada
    This is a default answer since it was the only concert i went to this year, but honestly it was only so-so.
    Runner ups:

    Best Book – Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as Kitchen Slave, Line Cook, Pasta-Maker, and Apprentice to a Dante-Quoting Butcher in Tuscany
    Food the other life. Follow the trail that Mario Batali took to make it as a top chef.

    Runners Ups: Waiting, The Reluctant Metrosexual

    Best Trip – Oahu, Hawaii
    How can you ever compete with Hawaii. The sun, the beach, the relaxation, and the great company made for a very excellent trip to the far west. The food there had a few hits, and a few misses, and the shopping was only ok, but the beaches were fantastic, and the views were awesome.

    Runner Ups: San Francisco/Napa, Sequoia

    Best Party – Seoung and Janette’s Wedding
    Open bar, free slippers, and everybody together is always signs of a good time.

    Runner ups: Curtis’ and Jocelyn’s Wedding, Robin and Teresa’s Wedding

    Best Place to Eat – Chapeau!
    A fun little place in San Francisco that serves some pretty impressive construction of food. It better be good considering how much you pay for it, but the atmosphere and the staff (including how the chef comes out to greet you).

    Runner Ups: Sam Choy’s Diamond Head, A.O.C.

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    On Exhibit



    Janelle and Jonathan invited Joy and I to the MOCA for the Murakami exhibit. Murakami as i learned it is an artist from Japan who’s was licensed by Louis Vuitton, and has pieces of art all around the world. Pretty interesting stuff, but i don’t think i would have it up in my home. The artwork is all pretty cartoon’y, but really quite anime and manga with a few pieces being very adult oriented. As i learned that day Murakami has been doing this time of work for some 30 years, and even has a Ph.d in fine arts from Japan. Some of the stuff is pretty psychedelic, and a little scary with the thousand eyes. For dinner we met up with Jonathan’s parent’s for some Japanese food, and some red bean pancakes for dessert.

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    Early Returns


    My parents are the slickest, and un-slickest ever.  So for the past couple weeks my mom kept calling me to ask me what i wanted for christmas, but i didn’t really ask for anything, and just last week my dad called me while shopping asking me if i had gotten a replacement for the Minolta G400 that broke a few years ago.  I didn’t put it all together until they gave me my present which ended up being a Canon SD750.  I was almost too embarrassed to take it, but of course i did because its nice to have a camera that actually fits in my pants pocket again. Also since my parents trying are always looking out for me, my dad also found a replacement on craigs list for Joy’s camera that i broke a few weeks ago.  Thanks dad.

    To round out the gifts my sister bought me a Edge Brownie pan and ordered a fresh batch of brownies for the Christmas dinner.  “Two delicious, chewy edges on every individual serving,” perfect for all those tasty edges that we fight over all the time. So i have to say that it looks delicious, but i’ll wait till dinner to see how tasty they came out.

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    Rock Stars in the making


    Last week at my Holiday Party Shane kept raving on and on about Rock Band, and so i had to make a trip down to my old home of Costa Mesa to try it out.  My sister didn’t want to watch Jesse play WoW so she tagged along with Joy and I to rock out.  The mic is pretty intimidating at first but once you yell out that first wail it all just comes flying out pretty easily.  By the third song my voice was already failing me, but it was pretty fun.  Everyone had their chance on each instruments, but it can get pretty distracting if anyone is out of tune, or off track.  Shane and Martin each joined in for their own ballads, but i don’t think any real bands have a fear of us breaking into the business.  The biggest winner is drums, everyone loves pounding away at those.

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    So Fresh, So Clean


    So after two years after IR i finally went in to see my cousin for a good old fashion teeth cleaning. My parents have been bugging me since i don’t currently have a dental plan (don’t worry pish, im looking into it), but the only problem is that he’s way out in Tustin, and its a pretty tough place to get to during the week from Santa Monica. Thankfully he opened up his office on a Sunday for the whole family to come in for a cleaning, including my sister, jesse, and jason. I do have to recommend him and his staff to anyone that does need to see a dentist out in orange county, because he is pretty slick at what he does.

    I was initially quite embarrassed to see family about my teeth because first, i never really liked seeing the dentist, and second, i know i don’t floss as much as i need to. Its hard to hate the dentist when its family. Thankfully i can now just blame my genes since my sister had a cavity the same day, and also my parents don’t have a spotless record either.

    Smile Solutions Dentistry
    17542 Irvine Blvd, Suite D
    Tustin, CA 92780|

    Tell him Johnny sent you.

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    Online Wars


    This morning i happened to log onto the online play of guitar hero, and got my ass royally handed to me.  Mr. or Mrs. Samus Fox actually scored 100% versus me on one of the three songs i played against them.   I really need a bigger TV if i’m going to be playing anymore people online, and i don’t know if it was something mental but it felt like there was a lag when playing compared to playing the solo campaign.  I guess i know what i’ll be playing for the rest of the holiday.

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    Rock and rolls


    The holidays are rolling in and out like a storm, so Shane and I had a little get together for some food and friends. Well thats what it was suppose to do, until the Guitar Hero came out and everyone wanted a turn. Joy and I cooked up a standing rib roast, along with some potatoes, corn, and lots of fried egg rolls. Cooking started at 10:30am, and went on through until the late afternoon when people finally started showing up. We actually sat down all together like grown ups and feasted on the food, and finished off with LOTS of desserts. We had what i call a double pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a Boston cream pie. All were quite good, and we were completely overindulged by the end of the night.

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    Will work for food


    Saturday i put in a little overtime by helping out Robin doing some photography for Howie’s Game Shack’s grand opening in the Westminster mall. I rented a 50mm lens, as well as a flash for the event which i get to kill two birds with one stone since Shane and I are having a little holiday potluck at my house, so i get to use the equipment then too, but i digress. I showed up around noon, and got a list of things to shoot, but mainly i got to focus on my specialty of lifestyle shooting. Thankfully the geeks were quite happy to get there picture taken so that made things easier. The lighting was really low inside, and there weren’t many things to bounce the flash off of, but i think i did a pretty good getting shots without blinding people too badly. Although after the first couple hours the excitement was pretty much gone, and everyone was into their gaming. I really do like the 50mm 1.4, but its still a little hard to focus, but that might be because its a rental, but its really tempting me to buy one.

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    One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Teqlualira


    Work might not have been able to pull itself together to put on a Holiday Party, but at least the nice people at the X Games invited us out to their little shindig at Air Conditioned (Lincoln). We tried to go right after work at 7 but the party didn’t start till 9:30, so we went to main street for some burgers and beer. We drank about 4 beers then Jonathan dropped us off so we could hang out with Crystal and Danny. We went to the bar ordered up some shots of patron, and when we handed them money, the nice bar tendered told us it was an open bar. OMG, WTF, were in the eyes of Marc and I as we did the slam dunk dance all night long. Chrissie, Marc, and i were seriously the kids of the place as we didn’t dress up, and were the only ones dancing 10 feet from anyone by ourselves. The night was filled with shots and beers with everyone we knew, and boy did i pay the price this morning. Poor Marc didn’t even make it in this morning, but i felt better when i got an email from Crystal at noon saying she wasn’t even in the office yet. I’m just getting too old for this stuff, my body just doesn’t bounce back fast enough. Thankfully Al Noor at lunch somehow managed to settle my stomach for the rest of the day.

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    Happily Holidays from WORK


    If this doesn’t win us an award, nothing will.

    I would like to present you the annual Eat.Sleep.Work., Inc. Holiday Card. We had many ideas from posing with our bikes, photoshop’ping ourselves ala dick in a box, but finally just came up with our jr. high year book pictures. I hope that everyone is enjoying their December so far, and everyone stays warm where ever you are.

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    A Points Game


     So once upon a time seven years ago Roland worked at TGIF where they have a points program that gave you 10 points per dollar spent.  I gave my card to one of Roland’s coworkers who swiped my card once every night for about a month where i racked up some 35,000 points.  So i redeemed some throughout that year, but basically forgot since then.  Tonight i logged on to my account and realized that i had almost 10,000 points left. So with the remainder of the points i signed up to receive five magazines from Fast Company, Esquire to Elle for Joy.  Free stuff is great.

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    Short, Fat, and Red all over


    When December rolls around its a very festive time around town, and its hard not to get into the spirit of Decemberily. Every year as a kid my parents would buy a Christmas tree, and my sister and I would decorate it, and every December 25th we would wake up super early and find presents underneath it. Joyous times indeed. The thing is I don’t know what possessed my parents to get a Christmas tree considering that they’re completely Buddhist, and I don’t even know how they even knew what to do.

    Its been years since i’ve had a tree ever since my sister moved out of my parents house, and i basically became cynical of the consumer aspect of Christmas that i just plain skipped it in years past. Up until this year i really didn’t care about it, but for some reason last week before Joy’s holiday party we were walking through Target in Tustin, walked into the garden center with the overwhelming smell of pine. Instantly Joy and I looked at each other knowing that we were going to get a tree this year.

    Now that i’m all grown’d up it was time for me to pick out a tree of my very own. Today after having dinner with David in Alhambra we headed to Target in Pasadena and rummaged through all the 3-4 Noble Firs we finally found the gem that would sit in our living room for the next three weeks. We brought it home, and I trimmed it and put it on its stand while Joy baked snickerdoodles. We both cleaned up and decorating it with red and white ornaments, and finished it with red lights that my sister left at my parent’s house. I hope Robot Santa doesn’t come and kill me now.

    tree1.jpg tree3.jpg tree4.jpg

    Thanks to David for the pictures @ Target.