I Am a Rock God … at medium


The most use out of the Wii so far. I luckily ordered Guitar Hero III for the Wii hours before it sold out on Amazon, so i didn’t have to pay for tax or shipping, score! We opened it up, and for the first couple days it was like having a new car. You really don’t want to play with it because its all new and shiny, and once you get a little mud on it, you’re roaring down the highway. Thats what happened last night as i’m almost through the Medium level of the game, and Joy is well on her way of completing the Easy Level.

It really must be much easier to play the songs that you know, because as the stages progressed and i got to the Killers, and Weezer i completed them at around 95%, yet the songs earlier i had trouble getting to 90% because i didn’t know them. Now i’m just waiting to get to the Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock, and i’ll be ready for Hard finally.

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