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    Señor Fat Fat returns


    I’m sad to announce that Señor Fat Fat has reappeared.  I thought that he’d gone away forever but after this weekend he’s back.  Thanksgiving plans got shifted when my mom got the flu and was stuck in bed resting it off.  So Joy and I headed over to the Lao’s for some turkey, and all the fixings.  Friday we went to Joy’s cousins house for much more turkey, and all the fixings.  Saturday my mom got well enough to cook some of her famous BBQ chicken, korean BBQ beef, and cheesecake.  The famous peanut joke came around again when my mom packed Joy a bottle of peanut sauce and warned her to watch out for me eating it all, of course the whole family joined in for a good laugh.  Sunday Joy took some of the left over beef, and made some really tasty Kimchi Fried Rice, and topped off the weekend by making some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

    Seriously, i’m going back to the two beer diet.

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    More like a Dark Gray Friday

    mio_c220-thumb.jpgI haven’t done a Black Friday for some years now, ever since the groupies were getting up earlier and earlier. I don’t mind getting up at 7 or even 6, but any earlier than that is just too much for me. Ben actually called me last night to see if i wanted to go to the Citadel for some midnight shopping, but after getting quite a dose of tryptophan for dinner i was in no shape to fight the crowds. The thing was before going to sleep last night Joy and I did see that there were going to be some pretty good deals for a couple things that we could really use.

    We didn’t really have a plan, but just woke up and decided to head down to Circuit City on 4th street just to check things out. I wasn’t too surprised that the store wasn’t that busy. Sure there were plenty of people there, but everyone was just roaming around at their own pace. We took our time and picked up a nifty portable GPS unit for $99, Super Mario Galaxy for $35, and a 2GB SD Card for $7.99. It was a very enjoyable day of shopping for a Black Friday.

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    Thanksgiving Breasts

    Yes its that time of year again when as a voting public have to the oh so difficult task of choosing the new Miss Double D-ecember. I would like to personally support Miss Tawny from Buena Park. She by far had the best answers for the Q&A section such as:

    4) If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
    The power to bitch slap dumb people no matter where I am.

    Now that has to be the most original super power that i’ve ever heard, and may have to quote in future instances. The candidates are very diverse, so make sure you look long and hard to everything that they have to say and show.

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    The weight of a million calories

    I’ve definitely got my winter coat going even before Thanksgiving. This whole past week has been a whirlwind of eating and drinking, and not much else. The only thing that i know to show people when they come to Los Angeles, is where i like to eat. Forget Hollywood, Melrose, or any other tourist traps, i’m all about showing whats good to chow down on.

    In one very short week i took Toshi to eat Italian (C&O), Breakfast (SM Farmer’s Market), BBQ (Barn Burner), Thai (Thai Taste), American (Yardhouse), Indian/Pakistani (Al Noor), Korean BBQ (Manna), Burgers (In N Out), and finally the Fried Goodness (Café Orleans), Chinese (Ten Ten), and Coffee(Starbucks) to finish it off. Thankfully Curtis took him out to Albertos for some Mexican which i would have gladly taken him, but thankfully didn’t.

    It doesn’t help that this week is Thanksgiving and i’ve got at least two dinners to go to, but i’ll try to do my best not to explode when my mom cooks up some of her Thai BBQ Chicken. Wish me luck this weekend.

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    Welcome to Santa Monica

    I guess Santa Monica has a way of pulling people in the same way it did me.  First it starts out with just being by the beach, then you visit 3rd Street Promenade, then the farmers market, and by then you’re swearing to move there.  My old friend Toshiaki from elementary school, who i haven’t seen since 1996  came to the same conclusion in less than 24 hours.  Toshi moved back to Japan in the 5th or 6th grade and thanks to the internet i think i finally have a way to keep in touch with him, considering the only way before was the snail mail or the telephone.

    The day/night started by me having to go pick him up from the LAX, but the funny thing was that i had no idea what he looked like, and the best memory i have of him was back in 4th grade when he still had a southern accent.  Thankfully it was pretty easy to pull up to the curb side waiting and spot him out.  We went to grab dinner at C&O for some tasty pork, and pasta, then went to 3rd Street Promenade to do a little walking, and finally ended the night at Arsenal for some beers.

    In the morning with woke up and headed to the Sunday Farmers Market for some breakfast, and went to ZJ Boarding House before heading off to our 20 year, 4th grade reunion.  My how times have changed, but at the same time hasn’t.  We all looked the same, act the same, just put on a little weight, and got married and had kid, … ok so maybe somethings did change.  Good times all in all.

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    Rock Star … Artist … or Athlete??

    The text message that i’ve been waiting for all day yesterday finally arrived at 12:36 announcing the arrival of Noah Evan Wang (N.E.W.!?). The actual birth time was three hours earlier but with all the cleaning measuring and everything else it took a little longer for the message to get out. He’s got Janelle’s nose, and Jonathan’s eyes for sure. Supposedly he’s got a super grip, so much so they couldn’t even pry it open, and he instantly clutched onto his blanket (no waffle blankie anymore). I figured he must have been holding on for dear life for the past 9 months as Janelle flipped, spun, and stayed inverted in her pole dancing classes, and birthing yoga classes. He’ll probably end up as Jonathan’s worst fears … a Jock.

    p.s. everyone is doing fine … 11/08/2007 @ 9:45pm-ish, 7lbs, hairy.

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    I Am a Rock God … at medium


    The most use out of the Wii so far. I luckily ordered Guitar Hero III for the Wii hours before it sold out on Amazon, so i didn’t have to pay for tax or shipping, score! We opened it up, and for the first couple days it was like having a new car. You really don’t want to play with it because its all new and shiny, and once you get a little mud on it, you’re roaring down the highway. Thats what happened last night as i’m almost through the Medium level of the game, and Joy is well on her way of completing the Easy Level.

    It really must be much easier to play the songs that you know, because as the stages progressed and i got to the Killers, and Weezer i completed them at around 95%, yet the songs earlier i had trouble getting to 90% because i didn’t know them. Now i’m just waiting to get to the Smashing Pumpkins Cherub Rock, and i’ll be ready for Hard finally.

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    Kevin Smith meet Koa

    I figured this would be appropriate time to talk a little about my internet habits if like anyone cares. There are a few pet peeves if anyone knows me i am quite adamant about. The two strongest has to be my hatred of myspace, and dumb celebrities. Myspace has to be the bane of anyone with any sense of design. If you can get the site to even load up, your presented with what you would get up if you let a dog eat ten different cans of paint and gave him an hour to crap it out the back side on a nice white carpet. Actually it might be better because you wouldn’t have some music being forced to be loaded along with 40,000 pictures of 100,000 people you don’t actually know.

    The latter are dumb celebrities, actually most celebrities, not just the dumb ones. I honestly could give a sh!t about what any pretty girl or boy who happened to sleep with the right guy, or happened to be born from a well off family would have to say or sell, but don’t get me wrong, i love reading crap sites like wwtdd, or dontlinkthis just to brighton up my day, but really i hate paparazzi, and the kids that want to grow up to be another uneducated waste of space.

    Sorry i had to precursor my fondness of two things that i find to be the exact opposite of the two yet exactly the same. I recently joined facebook just a few months ago after much resistance on my part because i feared yet another social networking black hole, but was surprisingly overjoyed with a sensible sense of design, and networking interactivity amongst your contacts. Sure 80% of the things you do on there is still a huge waste of time, but the little things like scrabulous, and graffiti wall (like the picture of koa my sister drew for me) make it just that much worth it to log on and see whats going on.

    Then i happened to go onto the only celebrity blog that ever makes me not want to gouge my eye balls out, and kick them down the sewer, Mr. Kevin Smith. Sure most of his blogs are about what TV series he’s watching or what movie premiere he’s attending, but at least he seems pretty real with whats going on in his life. His latest post happened to state that he joined facebook, and in the most classic of ways announces … “This is me. Poke a bitch.” Too funny.

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    Off to the races

    Congratulations to Curtis for coming in first at the annual COC Tournament of Champions.  This year we held it at the Ontario Mills K1Speed indoor track, so that we could get everyone in to participate.  Brock hooked it up by getting us the Le Mans package for twenty bucks less, and it was a really good time.  The place is pretty cool, with two indoor tracks, ten cars at a time, with time trials, and a final race off.  The competition was rough, and i got spun out a few times, t-boned, and seemed to get stuck behind Jocelyn in every race. In the end i couldn’t keep the car from spinning out on the final race, and for the first time didn’t finish into the money position.

    Afterwards the only problem was that my body was ruined afterwards with all the muscles surrounding my spinal column being completely in pain.  I have to give it up to Nascar drivers for being able to maintain their cars at high speeds for 500 miles. Next year i hope it gets back onto the golf course so that i can be pretty sure that i’ll walk away with a nice bottle of alcohol.

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    WeHo, i barely know you

    What better way to spending Halloween on the westside than spending it with all your gay best friends. Without any better plan Joy, Ben, Tiff and I decided to head out to West Hollywood for some good old fashion drag queen fun. Ben always ready to impress on Halloween night got decked out in his Optimus Prime outfit and was the belle of the ball for a straight guy.

    The place was just as i expected, except for the strange number of older chinese people in the crowd. Other than the 80% crowd that were very happy, gay, half naked men, there were some pretty interesting costumes. Much less of the slutty girls, but still a good amount of female skin was shown. Its seriously something that can’t be described by the countless photos on flickr, so if you can you should head out there once in your life.

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    RE: Happy Birthday Papa Wang


    Birthday Number 2!

    Jonathan got to have a double birthday since baby Noah decided to sleep in for a few more weeks, and not burst out of Janelle’s tummy before his real birthday.

    Buca Di Beppo was on the menu this night, with quite a different set of friends.  Andrea and Ricky drove up from the south bay while Bergt and Wendy came out just few miles to meet up for dinner.

    Lots of pasta, lots of beer, and even a few shots were taken for a very impromptu birthday party.  He even got a birthday donut in the morning from Marc.