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    I am so SMRT

    Check out this sweet shirt we found at the new Simpsons store at Universal Studios.  Its been reported that a new Simpsons roller coaster is taking over the space of the Back to the Future ride.  They did sell Duff, but it wasn’t beer but an energy drink, and they didn’t sell any buzz cola or krusty brand cereal either.

    We happened to go to Universal Studios just to use our 2fer tickets that we got back in August since it expires at the end of the month.  It was a pretty easy time getting around since there weren’t that many people there.  The weather was super dry because of the santa ana winds, and you could see the smoke from the aqua dulce fire. There goes the chance of an early snow season.

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    Kids at Play

    Shane’s been inviting jonathan and i to come down to the city lights skate park on the weekends to have our own private session.  With only a few more weeks until baby Noah pops out we decided to call up a few people and headed out to Santa Ana. The reaction of Jonathan, Marc, and Ben were priceless when they saw the reality of how big a half pipe is.  They honestly were getting scared, but man’d up and hit the park with some serious balls. Martin, Kabir, Jessica, and even Joy from SF came out to do some skating.

    I made sure to bring my helmet because i had no idea what kind of trouble i was going to get myself into.  We all brought a little bit of protection but it still wasn’t enough as everyone ended up with their own battle wound.  I personally didn’t do anything too crazy, but did manage to have some fun on the half pipe.  Jonathan and Marc took the park with authority, but sadly the park responded by throwing Jonathan to the ground multiple times, and boinking marc in the balls once.

    We spent a good four hours out on the course, and everyone was dead tired. We rolled out of there and went down a couple streets to Burrell’s BBQ. One of those secret places that you really need to visit to appreciate. We scarfed down some ribs, cornbread, and a bunch of side orders from baked beans, to collard greens.

    I’ll have some photos, and a video up soon enough.