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    All dressed up and no where to go

    So after a year long of growing my hair out, this is what the finale looks like. All it took to go from Chimmy to Chimfro (credit to berna) was a little brushing and a little OSiS hairspray. Everyone thats seen it so far has been surprised and impressed. A lot of people thinks its a wig, and when they find out its my real hair they get quite fascinated by it. The problem was that Saturday night we were suppose to go out to a Hollywood club to have some fun, but the plans fell through, and Joy and I ended up going to Bank Heist in NoHo where DJ Beezer was spinning. The place had some people dressed up but in no ways a rage-r. At least we got in for free and didn’t have to drive all the way to Hollywood i guess.

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    One Thousand and Counting

    Last week i reached a pretty big mile stone by getting my 1000th from istockphoto.com.  That marks about $445 in earnings in just over three years.  Not bad for just a hobby, but it still hasn’t reached the price of my DSLR! We’ll see if i can reach that in the next three years.  I hope to have 100 uploads, and get another 100 download photo by next year,

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    I am so SMRT

    Check out this sweet shirt we found at the new Simpsons store at Universal Studios.  Its been reported that a new Simpsons roller coaster is taking over the space of the Back to the Future ride.  They did sell Duff, but it wasn’t beer but an energy drink, and they didn’t sell any buzz cola or krusty brand cereal either.

    We happened to go to Universal Studios just to use our 2fer tickets that we got back in August since it expires at the end of the month.  It was a pretty easy time getting around since there weren’t that many people there.  The weather was super dry because of the santa ana winds, and you could see the smoke from the aqua dulce fire. There goes the chance of an early snow season.

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    Kids at Play

    Shane’s been inviting jonathan and i to come down to the city lights skate park on the weekends to have our own private session.  With only a few more weeks until baby Noah pops out we decided to call up a few people and headed out to Santa Ana. The reaction of Jonathan, Marc, and Ben were priceless when they saw the reality of how big a half pipe is.  They honestly were getting scared, but man’d up and hit the park with some serious balls. Martin, Kabir, Jessica, and even Joy from SF came out to do some skating.

    I made sure to bring my helmet because i had no idea what kind of trouble i was going to get myself into.  We all brought a little bit of protection but it still wasn’t enough as everyone ended up with their own battle wound.  I personally didn’t do anything too crazy, but did manage to have some fun on the half pipe.  Jonathan and Marc took the park with authority, but sadly the park responded by throwing Jonathan to the ground multiple times, and boinking marc in the balls once.

    We spent a good four hours out on the course, and everyone was dead tired. We rolled out of there and went down a couple streets to Burrell’s BBQ. One of those secret places that you really need to visit to appreciate. We scarfed down some ribs, cornbread, and a bunch of side orders from baked beans, to collard greens.

    I’ll have some photos, and a video up soon enough.

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    Afraid of Salt

    Ok i have to admit that i’m afraid of salt.  Not in the way that i run away when i see a pretzel, but in the fact that when i’m cooking that a pinch of salt for a vat of soup is about as much as i put in.  I do a lot of cooking on the fly so when i’m seasoning things i tend to under season.  Its not like i don’t have the spices but i can never convince myself that the amount i should put in, is the right about.  I think i have the image of food.tv chef’s just doing pinches of this and that, and not a two tablespoons.

    Thankfully Joy’s been doing most of the cooking and she doesn’t have a fear of salt.  Its a don’t ask don’t tell relationship because everything is so tasty, but if i knew how much she’s putting in it would probably affect me mentally.

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    Welcome to the family

    The weekend finally came to a conclusion last night, and i really wish i had more time with everyone in town. For Janelle’s baby shower berna and brenna flew in from the eastcoast, and my sister just so happened to be in town as well. I somehow managed to fit in a baby shower, a birthday, two weddings, and a retirement party for my uncle in less than 48 hours. My wallet wasn’t the only thing to take a hit, because i was soooo tired by the time i hit the pillow sunday night.

    Saturday morning kicked off by a very nice baby shower for baby Noah. Papa Wang was still recovering from the night before but hung in tough the entire afternoon. Janelle had some games, and gave out some gift cards to the winners. Joy and I moved on from the shower to her friend’s birthday party which happened to be in Alhambra which was a plus for us since the wedding at night was in Monterey Park. Where we ending up going for Jeff and Tina’s (i had other people take pictures this weekend) wedding reception and feasted upon a ten course meal. The friends were the their typical selves, and they both looked very happy together. Good luck to them.

    Sunday we were suppose to meet up with Berna and the gang for brunch, but I had to go south to see my sister and give her my birthday present to her. We hung out until my Uncle retirement party where we stayed for about 30 minutes before heading to Robin and Teresa’s wedding. Another 9 course meal awaited us, served with bottles and bottles of wine. It was a very fun event, with the Star Wars themed slide show, and the good food served which i would have to say was better than the previous’ nights dinner. I know Robin and Teresa will be together for a very long time, or until Robin explodes from eating too much of Teresa’s food.

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    The start of a big, busy weekend

    To say that this weekend is busy, is an understatement.  Jonathan celebrated his birthday a few weeks early to unsure that he beat baby Noah from bursting from Janelle’s tummy. He puked so it was a good start to the weekend.  Hopefully he’ll wear the pads that i bought him so that he’ll decrease the amount of blood he loses on a daily basis.

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    Letting it all Hung out

    I think everyone by now knows that the only show that i truly follow is Top Chef. I’m glad to see that Hung won season 3 even at times i thought he was a jackass. The producers of the show probably made him out to be the antagonist of the show, but not as bad  as Marcel or Stephan from past seasons. Even with his brash personality, and elitism, he proved he had the right to be, and he proved it throughout the competition. All the chefs seemed better than last season, but i think season 1 is still the best one. I just don’t see them creating extraordinary dishes as season 1 did, but i don’t know if its because of the competition or just the matter of skill. I just hope the producers just let the chefs cook.

    Not that it really matters but it was cool that the little asian guy stepped up and took down all the other chefs. He just reminds me of Chef B over at Mozza working his own magic. I always wonder how he would do on Top Chef, but i think it would be below him to do it. Maybe i’ll just enter him myself.

    Till season 4, i’ll be watching reruns.

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    Why yes, i do need a butter dish

    I was at ikea yesterday walking around the kitchen area and passed by a butter dish and surprising found that in deed i needed a butter dish. I’ve been pretty much a tub’o butter person my whole life, but now that Joy and I are doing a bit more cooking we’re using the good butter, and do actually have butter just sitting in our fridge in the wrapper.

    I guess i found it especially amusing after reading a list of “25 Signs You Have Grown Up” earlier that day.  It also happened that i was in Long Beach looking at Condos which also scares me a bit.  My dad was actually reasoning why i should go ahead and buy a place now.  I know this is just the beginning, but i’ve already thought about looking for another apartment so that i could save a few hundred bucks a month.   We’ll see what i can put together in the next few months.

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    Was that really necessary?


    There’s not much parking out in Santa Monica, so for work i have to park on the street. I don’t really have a problem with it, because its not that hard to find parking. Move to this past Wednesday and as i approach my car i see something on the windshield. As i get closer i noticed my side mirror is bent in, and that the mirror is on the ground. Great, i think, at least they left a phone number one my wiper. Not like my car needs any more problems (auto door locks don’t work anymore). So I get home, and i give the number a call and what do i get but a disconnected phone number message! Really i think i’d rather get no phone number at all versus getting a bogus one. Does the person feel that at least he looked like he was a good guy and wanted to say he was sorry, at least he could’ve left a number to a mechanic to fix it, at least that would have been funny. Thank goodness that i could just pop the old mirror in place, and it just has a small crack on the corner. I really need to take care of my car.