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    Aaaaaaa Loooooo Haaaaaaw!


    I find playing on the internet relaxing, so don’t think too much of me blogging while on vacation.  Joy and I arrived yesterday to some nice humid weather and a light sprinkle.  We spent most of our day/night getting familiar with the “Thebus” since thats how we’re going to be traveling most of our trip.

    It sucks that i got sick all over again, and i’m sure i’m bugging everyone around me when im coughing while on the bus, or at the beach.  At least its not contagious, no around me has gotten sick because it as far as i know.

    Still lots to eat, and see, and i’ll have more pictures up later.

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    Puka Bar pre party


    Thanks to everyone that came out to Long Beach last night for my early Birthday Party.  If you didn’t know i’m heading west to Hawaii for a little vacation.  I think everyone that arrived was a little confused about the location, but i just wanted a place that was in between LA and OC.  It turned out well, and the place was really cool in my personal opinion.  I got very good reviews on the mixed drinks, which i can confirm they were very strongly made.  Too bad the DJ wasn’t there this night, because it probably would’ve made it just a bit better.

    This morning it felt like i got hit with a truck.  I have no idea what happened, but i had one of those hangovers that lasted until the late afternoon.  I couldn’t keep anything down until the late afternoon.  I wont go into details but it wasn’t pretty. Thankfully i feel better now, and i’ll have a couple extra days to recover before my trip later this week.

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    Cartman said it best …


    “Hey woman, get in the kitchen and make me a chicken pot pie!”

    Last weekend we were at the market and saw one of those mini cook magazines you see at the checkout stand with some mini chicken pot pies, so what better way to make use of our ramekins that we used for french onion soup, but to make some pie!  Thanks to my sister who left me a few rolls of pie crust on her move up north we had basically all the ingredients we needed.  It was a very simple recipe that basically consisted of chicken, peas, carrots, salt, pepper, chicken stock and flour.

    I don’t have the recipe on me this time because Joy was the one that found the recipe online somewhere, but it turned out quite delicious.  The crust was nice and golden crispy and the innards were boiling hot that scolded my tongue each  time i took a bite.  The smaller size made it seem like we ate nothing at all, but we did each end up eating two apiece.

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    Free chiropractor’s visit

    Uni BBall 1, originally uploaded by incRIDE.

    I decided to bring my camera out to the gym last night to try to hand on some super low light, fast action photography. I ended up with about 4 decent shots, and a free spinal alignment. I took a blind turn straight into a brick wall, and literally heard every bone of my spine give a nice crack. I really thought i was going to be in a lot of pain this morning, but thankfully feel completely fine.

    I’m going to need to invest in a 50mm lens if i’m going to be doing anymore indoor action shots.

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    Early 36th, early night


    Amazingly this picture was taken at about 9:30pm. Brian literally was done in about an hour and half, and we didn’t see it coming. Noel seemed hell bent to get Brian and himself trashed beyond belief and i think he did a good job at it. I got there at 8, and by 9 Brian was slurring, and bumping into things, and changing shirts because he kept spilling drinks on himself. I didn’t even have time to get a real buzz on by the time he was passed out in bed. Noel was out cold a few minutes after Brian, and we had a little fun with him at his own expense, but we were all pretty sober so its only natural to screw around with the person passed out.

    I’m not sure what happened but before we knew it we were out of there before 11, heading over to Alberto’s for some California burritos for a night cap at Curtis and Jocelyn’s house. Happy birthday Brian, hope you didn’t pee i the hamper again.

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    K-town disappointment


    So when ever there’s a festival going on, i might not understand what they’re saying, but i know i’ll be getting some good food.  Boy were we wrong.  We made it a little adventure to go to a Korean Festival going on in K-town, so we hopped on the Metro down to Wilshire and Normandie.  The bus ride was quite interesting because the Metro Rapid has a TV showing the news, and has a live msn map showing where you are as you travel.

    When we got off we walk about three block south to a huge gathering of Korean businesses at Seoul International Park.  The smell in the air smelled great, but when we got there it didn’t seem like there was much to choose from.  Everyone seemed to be selling the same food, and at $10 a plate it was not like it was cheap or anything. We eventually settled on some Korean sushi, and some meat on a stick.  The food was pretty bleh, because it just seemed massed produced and sitting out for hours.  Too bad, now i had a hankering for some good Korean food.

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    Hello Old Friend


    I thought by growing up and getting older i wouldn’t have to see my old arch nemesis red cough syrup. I hated it so much as a kid, and would literally run from my mom when she tried to force it down my throat. I always needed a glass of coke to get rid of the taste in my mouth.

    I got sick three weeks ago from a littler cat allergy, and now i have this nagging cough i tried to get rid of by drinking lots of water, Gatorade and Tylenol, but alas i had a nagging cough that always ruined my sleep. I finally broke down and went to the drug store on Sunday to pick up a bottle of the red stuff. Here i am almost 28 years old, and had to reacquaint with my old friend red cough syrup. I do have to say its working, and the taste is the same, but at least its palatable now. (Thanks to my friend Jack Daniels it doesn’t taste as bad as it use to).

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    Inner Iron Chef

    Another weekend, another attempt of finding the inner cooks inside. This weekend’s adventure took us in the realm of making soup. French Onion Soup to be exact, melty Gruyeres cheese and all. Its always interesting cutting recipes in half, but into quarters is even more difficult at times. Too bad most recipes are meant for six to eight people, and thats just not reasonable for the two of us here. I think we did our best of cutting the recipe down and still keeping the integrity of the flavors. The biggest problem i have with all these recipes are the hours of attention that you have to keep a close eye on everything. Its a far cry from the Mama Celeste pizzas that only take about five minutes to cook up.

    French Onion Soup

    1/2 cup unsalted butter
    4 onions, sliced
    2 garlic cloves, chopped
    2 bay leaves
    2 fresh thyme sprigs
    Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
    1 cup red wine, about 1/2 bottle
    3 heaping tablespoons all-purpose flour
    2 quarts beef broth
    1 baguette, sliced
    1/2 pound grated Gruyere

    Sunday we also made another batch of cream puffs, so that we could make our own filling this time since everyone gave us a disappointed head shake when we used the jello pudding mix. I think the consistancy was a little off, but all the flavors were there so i’ll take it as a accomplishment since Joy’s cousins didn’t seem to think anything was off, and are waiting for the next batch already.

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    Disney Halfathon Accomplished!


    00:31:24 @ 5K, Pace 10:06.

    01:07:11 @ 10k, Pace 10:48.

    01:47:08 @ 15K, Pace 11:29.

    02:33:20 @ Finish, Pace 11:41.

    Finally my body is recovered enough to do a little recap of the weekend’s events.Joy and I stayed over my parents’ house on Sunday night so that we wouldn’t have to drive so far since we had to be at the race course by 5:00am. For once in my life i could really appreciate central air conditioning. Anyhow when we woke up the humidity was already up there, and the heat was already turned on outside.We arrived to the park and step outside the parking structure to a sea of people, an estimated 10,000 runners, and who knows how many spectators. The race started promptly at 6:00am with fireworks in the sky, and mickey mouse waving to you as you crossed the starting line.

    The first 5k were really enjoyable as we got to run inside california adventures, and disneyland which flew by quite quickly.  Once you left the park it was a whole other story.  The sun was just shining into your eyes, and the course route took you through the streets of anaheim. Not until you hit mile eight or so you got to the Pond, then to anaheim stadium where you got to see yourself on the jumbo tron as you ran by the cameraman.

    The last leg of the run brought us back to california adventures and into downtown disney for the home stretch. There were a bunch of people cheering as you neared the finish line and crossing the end was a joy i’ve never felt before.  We received our shiny new medals, and a solar blanket after we got our time chips clipped off our shoes, and made our way back to the general meeting area.

    I got a blister at about mile four, and my body compensated and in the end made my right hip, and left knee hurt.  Even with the pain every timer we passed i was actually very surprised to see us so far ahead of schedule.  My legs were ready to give out on me as i finished two and a half hours of running and walking, but i made it.  As a treat we went to Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen for a tasty Beignet.  This may be my first and last halfathon that i do, but it was sure worth it.

    drace1.jpg drace2.jpg drace3.jpg drace4.jpg