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    Curt-ass gets married


    This is the story of how two kids of the same age, and same neighborhood can go in two separately different ways. I somehow met Curtis sometime after my parents moved us from Norwalk to Cerritos. I can’t recall the first meeting, but i’m sure it had to do with our parents first. We even played little league together for AYSO for my only year of organized baseball. Anyhow we would hang out, play outside, basketball, GI Joes, bike riding, you know the normal boy things. I have a vivid memory of us playing GI Joes and I dropped his Tomahawk and boy did he get pissed, granted I probably would have too.

    All through elementary things were the same, up until we graduated and had to move on to Jr. High. I was all set to go to Faye Ross Jr. High, but there used to be a bad reputation of that where the “gangs” went to school. Curtis’ parents very aware of this got him enrolled at Carmenita Jr. High, and so it went. From Faye Ross, i continued on the normal district path and on to Gahr High School, and he from Carmenita to Cerritos High School. We would still hang out every now and then, but nothing like before. From high school i followed up by attending CSULB, while Curtis went to UCI.

    Tomorrow Curtis is having everyone drive down to San Diego for his marriage to his college girlfriend Jocelyn who actually somehow knows my cousin in-law Debbie. Everyone from the neighborhood should be there, and it’ll be a super fun event, but somehow i feel detached to the whole thing, even though i’ve known him for a good 22 years.

  • Chapters

    There’s something screwy going on


    Well if you ever see my site go back to the default theme, its because my site is a lil broken, but i don’t know where.  In the upcoming weeks, i’ll have sit down and try to figure it out, or just redesign it from the ground up … again.   I found some nifty tools, so maybe i can do something really nifty.  Until then i’ll just have to keep making sure to keep bandaging my site together.