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    Welcome to the Phlegm Stage

    Ever since last Sunday when i got an allergy attack because of Tiffany’s cat i’ve been getting progressively sicker.  I’ve been trying my best to curb it before it got really bad before monday’s race.  I’ve been drinking gallons of water, and even made some of my mom’s cucumber and pork soup, and this morning i coughed up this lovely wad of mucus that thankfully shot down the sink before i could get a really good look at it.  I can’t really tell what i have, because overall i feel fine, but my innards are a mess because i have a somewhat difficult time breathing normally, and my body aches a little, but i can’t tell if thats from the bmx riding.  Hopefully the rest will clear up by sunday so that i don’t die out on the course on monday.

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    (Almost) End of Summer BBQ


    Sadly the “summer” is almost to a close, and i don’t think i went to one bbq the whole time! So i took it upon myself to invite myself over to Ben and Tiffany’s place in Mar Vista for a quick little bbq. Joy and I bought some meat, prepared it Korean short rib style and cut up some juicy watermelon to bring over. We fired up the grill, and drank sangria and enjoyed the funky weather for a sunday afternoon.

    After it got dark we fired up the wii, and introduced everyone else to the fun of playing sports indoors!

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    Beard Papa’s got nothing on me

    After countless (3) times i’ve tried to make cream puffs by myself, Joy along with her handy dandy hand mixer got my puffs to rise. I stood next to my mom while she made them and even then i couldn’t replicate it by myself, either the batter ended up to think and made biscuits, or too watery where i tried to make funnel cake with them.  Until this weekend!

    They were light, crispy and soft in the middle.  After the last egg was mixed into the batter, i had a very good feeling about it when we started to spoon it onto the cooking sheet.  After about twenty minutes of constantly checking on them we pulled them out to discover how great they came out.  We filled them with jello vanilla pudding (which tiffany got very mad for not making our own), and sprinkled powdered sugar on top for a finishing touch.  We even brought them to Joy’s friend’s birthday party where it looked liked everyone enjoyed them.

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    A Step Up


    Nine miles in under two hours. Not bad for just a week before the Disney Half Marathon event. Just another four miles in an hour and a half and we get to say that we finished a half marathon. Although our time probably could have been a little shorter because after the first mile we stopped by the farmers market, then ran to the beach and walked along the venice boardwalk, and at the end the blister on the bottom of my foot developed so we kind of walked the last two miles back home. Not bad considering that the most we’ve run before saturday was back in June with David.

    The course looks to be pretty fun for the first 5 miles, then the next 4 seems pretty boring, and the last 4 seem to be not too bad.  I just hope that there aren’t too many hills because those sap all the energy from my legs.  On a more random note, i found out while doing my fantasy football draft that my friend from high school is also going to be running.

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    Running out of Time


    This week i had planned to run at least 4 miles. I really did, it was in my calendar and everything. I failed twice due to work. To make matters worse Joy had planned to run it with me, and waited for me both days. Both times i had to cancel because projects were being pushed to be finished so running got canceled and i felt really bad for Joy, and my legs. The second night i decided to take Joy out to Lawry’s to have some yummy prime rib to make up for the let down. It happened to be also a month special that for $99 two people could dine on their own prime rib, lobster tail, dessert, and share a full bottle of wine. That made us both very happy, and very round.

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    First Wii Injury


    After dinner last night, Joy and I decided to play a round of wii sport instead of going the gym.  Unfortunately while we were in the tennis round of working out i decided to cross an imaginary line and smacked joy square on her upper arm.  I think she got a bruise and thank fully we can laugh about it, but i’m going to need to spread ourselves out a little bit.

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    Play with Mii!


    After months of searching, i finally have my wii! My sister was at Costco up in San Francisco when they brought out a whole pallet of them so she was kind enough to grab me one. She drove down yesterday and kind of blew my whole wii party, but all the same. We setup my mii character and were off and running playing Mario Party 8. Its still early but, damn its a fun system to play with. The controls are a little funny, but i think you get used to it. There’s no getting lazy with how you hold the controllers, and you do work up a great sweat.

    Its going to be even better when i get two more controllers and a 12 pack of beer.

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    Week O’ Comedy


    In some weird set of circumstances i went to two comedy shows this week.  Tuesday i went to see Ty Barnett perform at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club to shoot some pictures for him.  It was actually a pretty funny show, because there was a mini competition for a spot for some contest being held in Vegas later this month.  Ty wasn’t participating but the other comdians were quite funny.  I still don’t quite like the two drink minimum rule, because janelle was pregnant and had to order sparkling water, and Barbara (Ty’s GF) ordered food, and still had to buy two drinks.  I feel like if i’m forced to buy drinks i should have the option to not tip then. Maybe its just a way to make the comedians funnier, who knows.

    Last night Chrissie had her chance in the spot light as her improve comedy class did a show (to get more people to sign up for classes) to show off what they’ve learned.  I’ll have to give it up to her, because being up there in the spot light  i’m sure can really affect your thinking, especially when you’re trying to work with other people on a improve skit.  My advice for improve is to just go at it with so much intensity, and every taboo subject you know its going to be funny.

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    Living Against the Inevitable


    So its been about a year since i joined my little basketball league out at University High. Its been a very welcomed routine in my non-routine sort of life. Its good to know every Monday night @ 8:00pm i can get at least ten good games of basketball in. The people that play are as diverse in lifestyle, and career as in their playing style. Strangely enough there are like 4 graphic designers out of the twelve of us. The rest includes a couple guys that work at the UCLA medical center, a lawyer, programmer, textile company owner, musician, and a few others i don’t know. Conversations never get very deep, all very surface level topics, because its all about the game.

    Games are fast, competitive, and a great workout. The court is on the smaller side so we play 4 on 4 full court, so players can’t take a play off or else they’ll get burned. We have a even share of big guys, quick guys, shooters, post players, and the in between guys. Games are rarely a blow out, and often are won purely by hustle. The only problem is that we ALWAYS need an extra person because someone tends to get hurt. Sometimes we don’t have a substitute and have to play the entire two hours straight.

    This weekend i found out the Big Jeff tore his Achilles playing basketball last week, and is now in need of surgery. Everyone has a story of this person had a heart attack, this person broke their ankle, always trying to caution me about playing. Its as if i’m playing with a loaded gun its seems to me sometimes. I’ve thankfully haven’t had a major injury yet but i’m getting really scared. I think i’ve realized that i have to give up the game that i love to play. This could actually be a life and death decision, but man does it suck. How do you just stop doing something that in itself is very harmless, but in the real world seems as bad as an actual contact sport.

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    Paint by Numbers


    2:00pm: Leave for San Diego from Cerritos

    Roland and I got very worried when his parents called and said they were just at del mar, and they left three hours earlier!  We got a little worried so we took the toll road and avoided some traffic

    5:00pm: Arrive at the Westin

    I got a little worried when we go in to register I see Curtis’ parents in the lobby taking pictures, and everyone else already dressed.  Not to fear as we had a half hour to get ready.

    5:30pm: The Wedding

    Just like old times with the neighborhood again.  I guess i’ve been out of the loop because i just found out that Corinna and Brock are expecting a baby in December.  Where have i been?

    6:00pm: The Reception

    Open bar.  I actually started drinking back in the room, so i was already at a head start.  I can’t believe i missed most of the appetizers being floated around the crowd because i was starving by the time dinner was served.

    7:00pm: The Dinner

    Open bar CLOSED? Good thing we brought a bottle of Jack with us to the party.  Honestly the best steak i’ve ever had at a wedding.  It was the first time i’ve ever gotten a steak cooked medium, and was nice and pink inside.  At this point i’m getting past the point of buzzed.

    8:00pm: Speeches, Cake, and Slideshow

    The party is in full effect, Veronica even caught the bouque.  I’m pretty much wasted at this point just talking to everyone, and drinking more.  I think my exact words were, “This is so fun, i’m sooooo going to puke tonight.” (Thankfully i didn’t).  Steve even got worried enough to call me the next day to see if i was alright, which i was.

    10:00pm: After Party

     This is when things start to get fuzzy.  After the wedding ends, Curtis and Jocelyn invite everyone back up to their suite for the after party.  So i go back up to the room and change into my shorts, and tshirts, and start to hang out.  Then an hour later Roland and I decide to head to the Yardhouse, and back again.  At midnight i was done, and headed back to the room for sleep.

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    Curt-ass gets married


    This is the story of how two kids of the same age, and same neighborhood can go in two separately different ways. I somehow met Curtis sometime after my parents moved us from Norwalk to Cerritos. I can’t recall the first meeting, but i’m sure it had to do with our parents first. We even played little league together for AYSO for my only year of organized baseball. Anyhow we would hang out, play outside, basketball, GI Joes, bike riding, you know the normal boy things. I have a vivid memory of us playing GI Joes and I dropped his Tomahawk and boy did he get pissed, granted I probably would have too.

    All through elementary things were the same, up until we graduated and had to move on to Jr. High. I was all set to go to Faye Ross Jr. High, but there used to be a bad reputation of that where the “gangs” went to school. Curtis’ parents very aware of this got him enrolled at Carmenita Jr. High, and so it went. From Faye Ross, i continued on the normal district path and on to Gahr High School, and he from Carmenita to Cerritos High School. We would still hang out every now and then, but nothing like before. From high school i followed up by attending CSULB, while Curtis went to UCI.

    Tomorrow Curtis is having everyone drive down to San Diego for his marriage to his college girlfriend Jocelyn who actually somehow knows my cousin in-law Debbie. Everyone from the neighborhood should be there, and it’ll be a super fun event, but somehow i feel detached to the whole thing, even though i’ve known him for a good 22 years.

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    There’s something screwy going on


    Well if you ever see my site go back to the default theme, its because my site is a lil broken, but i don’t know where.  In the upcoming weeks, i’ll have sit down and try to figure it out, or just redesign it from the ground up … again.   I found some nifty tools, so maybe i can do something really nifty.  Until then i’ll just have to keep making sure to keep bandaging my site together.