Keep on Shooting


My camera has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past few months, but its time for everyone to bust out their digi’s once again.  There’s been a new photo contest posted for the isofosho group, be sure to have your photos taken and submitted in the new few weeks.  We’ve already gotten some entries so I don’t want to have to keep reminding you guys.

Also i FINALLY posted some more photos on for the first time in like a year, and i already got a download from one of my pictures! I’m getting really close to getting another $100, so i think im going to start whore my camera out and try to get 100 photos in my portfolio by the end of the summer.


  1. Joy

    Making money for Hawaii huh?

  2. hatsforbats

    When you going to Hawaii, I also going to, but maybe not at same time and maybe also different state.

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